20+ Special Royal Baby Traditions That Make Them So Different From Most of Us

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have their first child soon, and everyone is getting ready for the arrival of the new royal baby. The whole world is excited about the Sussex baby, and the many traditions that will follow his or her birth. Here are several things most people do not know about a royal kid.

1. The gender is kept a secret until the birth

Sonograms were invented in the 50s, but even then, the royal family has never revealed the gender of a baby before its delivery. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided not to know about the sex of their three children until they were born. During Queen Elizabeth II’s pregnancies, the palace only said that she would not attend any official events for several months.

2. They used to have home births

All four of Queen Elizabeth II’s children were born in their royal estates, and Queen Victoria did the same. Their personal doctors and midwives would go to the castles and arranged everything into a homemade delivery room.

3. Now all the births are at the Lindo Wing

Princess Royal, Anne and Princess Diana gave a modern wave to delivering babies as they chose to have them at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital. Kate Middleton did the same for her children.

4. The newborns are given unique blankets

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis wore shawls designed by G.H.Hurt & Son, which has made the blankets of many royal babies. Even Prince William wore one of their creations when he was just a baby.

5. There are many midwives and doctors

Naturally, the royal birth is a big deal, and for Princess Charlotte’s birth, there were two obstetricians, three anesthesiologists, four surgical staff members, two special care staffers, four pediatricians, and a lab technician, and of course, two midwives.

6. Thanks to royal women, anesthesia is used during births

Queen Victoria used Ether for the births of her last two kids, and thanks to her, the taboo about its usage disappeared. Other ladies started asking for "Chloroform a la Reine”. Even Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ showed when Queen Elizabeth II was given a little during Prince Charles’ birth.

7. All royal births had to be witnessed

The British home secretary was present at royal births in order to “verify” the moment. Queen Elizabeth II got rid of this practice before Prince Charles was born. If it was still mandatory today, then Sajid Javid would have to go to see the Sussex baby.

8. Fathers did not watch the birth

During Prince Charles’ birth, Prince Philip was playing squash as the patriarchs would not attend the event. However, Prince Albert threw away tradition and was present for some of Queen Victoria’s deliveries.

9. Fathers take paternity leave these days

The United Kingdom made statutory paternity leave legal in 2003, and that includes the royal family. Prince William had six weeks of paternity leave from driving an air ambulance after Princess Charlotte was born.

10. Queen Elizabeth II has to be informed first

Before the public can be notified about the arrival of a new royal baby, the Queen has to know, and then all the announcements are officially sent.

11. Buckingham Palace places an easel to announce the birth

Despite announcing everything on social media these days, the palace likes to keep the tradition of placing an easel near the gates to reveal the arrival of a new baby. It specifies the gender and the time of birth.

12. A town crier has to announce it as well

During Medieval England, town criers were the only way to get important information across, mainly because people could not read. Royals like to keep this tradition as well, but now it’s just for fun.

13. The parents must register the baby

Royals don’t get to avoid this hassle. Prince William filled out the forms after Princess Charlotte’s birth, and in his job description, he wrote “Prince of the United Kingdom”.

14. At least 3 names are chosen

While Prince William and Prince Charles have four names, in modern times they shorten it to three. George Alexander Louis, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Louis Arthur Charles are the full names of the Cambridge children. All names have a history as well, so common people can bet on their picks.

15. They do not have a last name

While they have a bunch of last names, they do not get a surname. At school, Prince George is known as George Cambridge just like Prince William sometimes uses William Wales. The male children of the Queen use Mountbatten-Windsor.

16. The children of female royals are not given titles

The Letters Patent created in 1917 says that the grandchildren born to the sons of Sovereign will have titles. Princess Anne’s children, Zara and Peter Tindall, don’t have any for this reason.

17. Daughters in the direct line of succession get them

The rule also said that the eldest son of the Prince of Wales’ eldest son would be known as His Royal Highness, but not the rest. However, the Queen changed this in 2012, and that is why all of Prince William’s kids have titles.

18. Male heirs went before the female

The Queen also changed the Succession to the Crown Act in 2013, which said that male heirs took precedence over females. Before this law, Prince Louis would have bumped his big sister, Princess Charlotte.

19. Order of precedence is also important

Aside from the order of succession, there is a hierarchy of importance, and it's determined by how close a family member is to the Queen. For women, it changes once they get married and adopt their husband’s rank.

20. They get many baby gifts

Fans of the royals give them an insane amount of gifts for the babies such as teddy bears and clothes. Prince William and Kate Middleton got a $45,000 rattle made of diamonds and sapphires after Princess Charlotte was born.

21. The Tower of London organizes a 62-gun salute

A normal salute is only 21 detonations. However for that special event, the Tower of London is a Royal Palace, so they add 20 gunshots for that, and 21 more because it is located in the City of London. The special moment lasts 10 minutes approximately.

22. Green Park shoots 41 rounds

Green Park is a Royal Park, therefore the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery sets off 41 gunshots more at midday. They do this for other important situations for London such as the Queen’s birthday and the State Opening of Parliament.

23. Important spots display special lights after the births

Many places around London light up to celebrate the birth of a royal baby like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Trafalgar Square. It was blue for Prince George and pink for Princess Charlotte.

24. The baby is shown to the public quickly

Princess Charlotte was revealed to the public 10 hours after her birth. She stands outside the Lindo Wing for the pictures, and this act was popularized by Princess Diana. Queen Elizabeth II showed her babies on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

25. The Archbishop of Canterbury is in charge of the baptism

The newborn baby is seen once again on the christening. The royal christenings have happened at several different churches, but the Archbishop of Canterbury, who the most senior in the Church of England, has to perform it.

26. There is special water for the event

The Archbishop used water from the River Jordan for the christening. It’s believed that that was where Saint John baptized Jesus.

27. There is also a unique gown for the christening

Queen Victoria had it custom made for her eldest daughters, and many royal babies have worn it from 1841 until 2008. That year, James Viscount Severn used a replica because the old one was too delicate. All the babies since then have also used the recreation.

28. The same christening bowl is used for all

Queen Victoria also had an ornate Lily Font made for her firstborn’s baptism in 1840. The chalice opens like a flower and has three cherubs at its base. The Queen children and grandchildren were christened with the goblet except for Princess Eugenie.

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29. The godparents go to the christening

The godparents are usually people from both sides of the family. Prince William had his cousin Laura Fellowes as one of Princess Charlotte’s five godparents. Prince George had seven.

30. Royal babies start touring immediately

After Prince Charles’ birth, the Queen would go on tour and leave her baby at home, but Princess Diana started taking Prince Harry with her when he was just one year old. Prince William and Kate took Prince George to Australia when he was just nine months old.

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31. Nannies have a lot of work

Kate Middleton relied on her nanny, Maria Borrallo, for taking care of her children. Royals have to go to many commitments and travels, so they desperately need people to help around. However, Princess Diana and Kate sent their kids to preschools, which was different from how Prince Charles grew up.

Let us know what you think about these royal traditions. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are betting on Harry and Meghan’s baby name and gender. See you next time!

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