Is Everybody Getting Fooled About Meghan Markle's Baby Boy?

Remember last year's glamorous royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? It was the talk of the world for months. The entire world was literally smitten by those two and we remember shedding a few tears ourselves.

Their love story will make anyone want to fall in love and find their prince charming. Meghan definitely found hers, and while we were still basking in the euphoria of an epic fairytale of a Prince falling in love with a commoner, we got another announcement that sent the world on its ears! The Duke and Duchess were expecting their first baby!

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their baby this spring and we can’t wait to see this cutie. As the delivery date draws closer, we are all anxious to know the sex of the baby. Here’s the tricky part. Our royal couple says they are yet to find out the gender of the baby. However, some sources claim that the royal family is having a son. But wait - don’t get too excited. Some other sources who claim to be fans of the royal family say they’ve done the math and it’s definitely going to be a girl. Yes, it is a tricky one.

I'm sure you've been wondering (like the rest of the world) about the most famous pregnancy right now. These questions might be going through your minds: Which gender is it going to be? Is it a baby boy or a baby girl or maybe both? Are we getting fooled about Meghan having a boy? 

Gosh! Okay, let’s not get all feisty here. Let’s all be patient and give them some time to make up their minds. While they are at it, we made an attempt to solve the puzzle for those who are too impatient. Here is some information we have about this mysterious royal baby that is on its way.


It is absolutely normal for couples to get their hopes up and wish for a particular gender. Many couples have gone through this and Meghan and Harry are no different.

The couple was known to have previously expressed the wish for a baby girl as their first royal baby. They made this known in Australia, in response to a fan’s statement wishing them to have a baby girl. Well, if their lucky star is kind enough, they will have her.

The Duchess already has a gift specially prepared for her baby if it happens to be a daughter. This special gift is a Cartier watch engraved with her initials. You may want to read that last sentence again. Isn’t that cute? Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch as the drama unfolds.


During the Endeavour Fund Awards on February 7, 2019 in London, Meghan was reported to have said that they didn’t know the sex of the child yet. We were just about settling with that when the Duchess said,

We decided to keep it a secret.

The royal family is certainly playing a fast one on us but we love the suspense, even though it's keeping us on tenterhooks. Knowing the sex of a baby before childbirth is more of an American social culture than British, so, it does not come as a surprise that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are unwilling to share this piece of information with the public yet. In fact, it is a custom that royals do not learn the sex of babies before birth.

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In any case, that information is sealed from the ears of the masses. Although our dauntless Princess Diana broke this rule before she had both Princes, we doubt Harry would want to follow in his mother's footsteps in this case. Even his brother, Prince William, kept the gender of all his three children with Kate Middleton hidden until after their birth.


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News recently announced that Meghan had been on a secret get-away with her close friends and family to have some fun before the baby’s arrival. She and her friends met up in New York City and it’s been all party, fun and more party. Tennis champion, Serena Williams, is said to have paid all expenses for the $200,000 baby shower.

Some of Meghan’s former Suits co-stars attended the shower, and some of her famous friends too, including Amal Clooney. Sadly, her mum Doria Ragland and her good friend Priyanka Chopra were absent, but she had her longtime bestie Jessica Mulroney to keep her company.

Meghan must have been so excited at the baby shower. She went all out telling her friends and family about the baby bump, visits to the doctor, the baby kicking, the ultrasound and all. Then, it was said that the sacred words spilled from her lips; she probably got carried away due to all the excitement. 

Meghan told her friends she and Harry are having a baby boy. One of these friends we suppose couldn’t keep her mouth shut and the secret leaked. We are yet to confirm the authenticity of this news, as it is just a rumor at the moment.


Read MoreIt turns out that Meghan and Harry might not have custody of their first child

As it stands now, the entire world and most of the royal fans believe Meghan is having a girl. Even the Duke of Sussex confirmed this in his response to a student at their royal tour who predicted that the child will be a boy.

Harry laughed and replied, “Everyone is predicting it’s going to be a girl”.

We know we would all be surprised to whichever sex the baby eventually turns out to be, but, we’d eventually get over it. A baby boy is just as adorable as a baby girl. What matters most is the safe delivery of the baby regardless of gender. As long as the royal family is happy, we are happy too.

The world has been excited at this baby's coming and it seems that is what everybody seems to be talking about. What do you think the sex of the baby will be? Would you like to take a guess? Take a shot in the comments, we’d love to read your thoughts. Also, feel free to share this article if you loved all the details shared. See you!

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