How Prince William and Kate Middleton's Breakup Made Them The Couple They Are Now

No one can deny that Prince William and Duchess Kate have had a fairytale story together. They met each other almost a decade ago, fell in love, and got engaged back in 2010. Following their engagement, they tied the knot in an out-of-this-world wedding. Now they have a beautiful family with three lovely children and seem to be more enamored than ever.

However, their love story hasn't always been a bed of roses although they appeared to be perfect for each other in every single way. The truth is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke up for a short time while they were together, but it seems they honor the saying that goes, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Find out what happened with them and the reasons for their split in this article! 


It is hard to imagine the British monarchy without one of its golden couples, Will and Kate, and their offspring. In fact, it is way harder to picture the Prince with a woman that is not Kate Middleton, even if it was Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the female that the Queen wanted for his grandson. 

But it is safe to assume that William and Kate were meant to be. And it all started not with online dating like it happens these days but as a typical romance from the old school: at the university. Both Kate Middleton and the heir to the British throne attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

The two were introduced while living at St Salvador’s Hall dormitory, but there was no chemistry between them. It was a year after that moment that Cupido did his thing. According to Cosmopolitan, Kate participated as a model in a charity fashion show, wearing a revealing see-through dress to walk down the runway. 

The source unveiled that William fell for her as he thought Kate looked very hot. Shortly after, the lovebirds became more than just friends. By 2004, they were already an item, and their relationship was public knowledge. They were spotted skiing together and sharing a house with two friends while attending college. 


Although their relationship seemed to be growing stronger after they graduated from the university, attending events and matches together and sharing time with the royal family, the year 2007 proved that there was more than meets the eye. 

After having been dating for almost four years, the young couple decided to call it quits. According to Her, the world couldn't see much of them after the 2006 Christmas break, and the Prince even left London to become part of a new army regiment just a day before his girlfriend's birthday on January 9. 


Since then, cracks began to appear in their relationship as the distance made it hard to spend time together. Notwithstanding, the real reason for their breakup was much deeper than that. As CheatSheet explained, the Prince broke up with Kate over the phone following increasing doubts about their future as a couple.

"I can’t… It just isn’t going to work. It isn’t fair to you," William allegedly claimed. Apparently, Kate did not want to finish the relationship, and there have been many speculations regarding the real causes of the split. Royal insiders stated that the couple fell in love at a very young age.

Therefore, they were not prepared for the great load of pressure they would face. CheatSheet reported that people started calling Middleton "the Next People’s Princess," comparing her to the late Princess Diana. And although the attention seemed positive, it was putting a lot of strain on the lovebirds. 

Moreover, Kate couldn't leave her house without a swarm of paparazzi following her to get a picture of William's girlfriend. Actually, shortly before the breakup, the Prince's press secretary publicly stated that Prince William was very unhappy with the harassment of his girlfriend, and added:

"He wants more than anything for it to stop. Miss Middleton should, like any other private individual, be able to go about her everyday business without this kind of intrusion. The situation is proving unbearable for all those concerned."


However, the hardship of those months seems to have worked for the best as the couple understood some valuable lessons. As for Middleton, she once said in a TV interview that she wasn't delighted about the breakup at the time, but that the experience made her a stronger person. According to CheatSheet, she added: 

"You find out things about yourself that maybe you hadn’t realized. I think you can get quite consumed by a relationship when you are younger, and I really valued that time for me as well, although I didn’t think it at the time."


Now the one-million-dollar question is: what was the catalyst that brought them closer again? There is a short and funny answer, but there's also a long one. As for the former, there was a little bit of plain jealousy. Following the split, Middleton started enjoying her single life.

She started going to London clubs, visiting countries like Ireland to let the party animal inside her come out, and spending time with a handsome heir to a shipping fortune in the UK, Henry Ropner. This guy, shockingly enough, was William's best friend. That is what we call ultimate revenge! 

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William did not lag behind because he was also spotted canoodling with other females. Nevertheless, they only need a couple of months to find out that they didn't want to live without each other, and that is how we get to the long answer.

They were openly seeing others while they were on a break, but they also kept in contact throughout that time. And that period apart helped them realize that no one person could measure up the other because it is said that the heart wants what it wants.


The long and cute reason why that brief wake-up call truly helped was that Will and Kate realized that they didn't want to see each other with someone else. Absence made their hearts grow fonder as well. For some people, it is impossible to go back with an ex, but Kate and William proved there are always exceptions. 

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Three years after that moment, the couple announced their engagement, and only a few months later in April 2011, Kate Middleton was walking down the aisle to marry her real-life Prince and become the Duchess of Cambridge we all love and admire today. 

And the rest is just history. Although no one can tell what the future holds for these two lovebirds, it seems that their bond will continue to be as strong as it has been, and perhaps sooner than later, we will get to see this enamored couple as the King and Queen of England. 

Considering Will and Kate's case, do you think that some time off with your couple is beneficial just like in these royals' case? Share your thoughts in the comment section, and keep on reading other interesting articles that we have for you. Until next time! 

Source: Her, CheatSheet, Cosmopolitan, CheatSheetCheatSheet, Express


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