Game of Thrones: Incredible Theory That May Turn Things Upside Down

The two-year wait is almost over, and although it has been hard, all this time has allowed fans to come up with amazing theories that could change the entire saga. Any ‘Game of Thrones’ follower knows that no character is safe and many of them may perish in the final season of the series. Let’s detail some interesting notions that might be correct.


The Imp is arguably the one good Lannister in the Seven Kingdoms, although Jaime has certainly changed his ways. However, he was always mistreated by his sister and father, Tywin. This theory might explain why the patriarch of the Lannister had such disdain for Tyrion, played by the amazing Peter Dinklage. It states that Tyrion is actually the Mad King’s son with Tywin’s wife.

In both the books and the series, there have been hints that this might be true, and an actual affair occurred between Aerys II and Joanna Lannister. Tywin once said, “Men’s laws give you the right to bear my name and display my colors since I cannot prove that you are not my son.” Those words might have been said in anger because Joanna died giving birth to Tyrion, but there is always some truth in harsh comments.

The series also showed some interesting moments with the dragons such as the episode where Tyrion let Rhaegal and Viserion free from their chains, and they did not harm him. Of course, dragons have been described as extremely smart creatures, and they could have been grateful for being free. However, the explanation that Tyrion might have some Targaryen blood is much more interesting.

In the books, Tyrion would dream of dragons, and in one, he killed his father and brother with dragons flying all around. At one point, Jon Snow said that he had a dwarf friend who also dreamed of dragons. Those prophetic-like dreams happen to every Targaryen, and it indicates that these creatures will appear in their lives.


The show revealed the long-suspected truth about Jon Snow in the finale of the season. Jon is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaeger Targaryen, the Mad King’s son and Daenerys older brother. In the last episode of season seven, they revealed that they had actually gotten married which means that Jon is not a bastard at all.

However, there is still some doubt about him being a dragon rider. Daenerys cannot be harmed by fire, but Jon has been hurt by fire as they showed in the episode where he protected the Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont, from the White Walker with a lantern. Some say that this scene proves that he is not a Targaryen, but Viserys was one, and he could not withstand heat.

Jon cannot take fire, but he might be able to withstand cold. Some notions say that he might be able to ride the undead Viserion instead of one of the other dragons. After all, he fell into an ice-cold lake and then rode a horse for miles all wet. Most people would have died of frostbite. If Viserion can actually breather fiery ice then maybe they might take it from the Night King, and fight together.


One important part of the show that is the basis for this theory is that Targaryens love incest. They have been marrying brothers and sisters for ages to keep the bloodlines pure. The Mad King was in love with Joanna, and perhaps his side of their genes might have led to their creepy love. Another detail that leads some fans to believe in this theory is that both twins are not as smart as Tywin Lannister.

He was always ahead of his enemies, and the only time he seemed truly surprised was when Tyrion killed him. However, his kids are not the brightest. Cersei is one of the meanest creatures ever, but she is too impulsive. Jaime just wanted to become a swordsman. Another clue is that Aerys II went crazy, and Cersei can almost be referred to as the Mad Queen.

It seems that she lost her mind after the death of Tommen, as she truly loved her children. Furthermore, the Mad King was obsessed with Wildfire, and Cersei blew the Sept of Baelor with it. Moreover, Jaime was the youngest Kings guard in history, and it might be because Aerys II knew that he was his son. That might also be the reason why Jaime killed him as he did not want others to know he was a bastard.

This theory was reinforced when Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, talked about Cersei and said that her father was the Mad King. Of course, he took to Twitter to backtrack and state that he had mistakenly said the wrong name. However, the damage was done. The sad part of about this notion is that, if correct, then Tyrion might be Tywin’s only son.

Tyrion’s intelligence is the only one that comes close to Tywin’s. He inherited the best parts of his father, and not his evil spirit. He learned by reading instead of looking for battle like his brother. Therefore, Tywin hated his only real son and heir just because he was a dwarf, and his birth resulted in Joanna’s death.

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According to Melisandre’s predictions, The Prince Who Was Promised is someone with dragon blood and who was reborn in smoke and salt. In the books, Jon’s injuries seem to smoke and his mates cry over him. While looking into the fire for him, she has only seen snow which certainly points to Jon. Furthermore, he left Ygritte to return to the Night’s Watch.

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This is like the Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa prophecy. Another notion is that Ser Davor might be Azor Ahai as he was pulled from the water after the Battle of Blackwater – ergo smoke and salt. Melisandre could have believed that it was Stannis all along because of Davos’ presence. Another idea is that Daenerys is The Prince That Was Promise because “prince” in High Valyrian does not distinguish a specific gender.

There are million other theories that could prove true in the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’. Let us know which one of these you think might be correct. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who cannot wait for season eight to start. See you next time!

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