15+ Female Celebrities Who Are Really Tall And Lots Of Us Have No Idea

The screen has always been very deceiving, and it is something that will not change quickly. Through the camera, they can modify the proportions, add many effects and even make us think that there are many people in a scene when in fact only the main actor is. When we talk about actresses, their height can be affected by many factors such as heels, the position in which they are and much more, so you'll be surprised when you know the real height of some of them. PD: The measures we use are approximate using the information we have to get our best guesses.

25. Gwendoline Christie will not be a surprise on this list, but surely you had no idea that the mighty warrior of 'Game of Thrones' could reach an impressive 6'3.

24. Blake Lively does not seem so high on the screen because of the people we usually see her with, but the reality is that she's 5'10, and when you add a pair of heels, she's taller.

23. Brooke Shields becomes like a stunning 6-foot-tall figurine that stands on the vast majority of women we can add to this list.

22. Adriana Lima is known for being one of the beautiful Victoria's Secret angels, and one of her sculptural features are her 5'10 that make her stand out from the crowd.

21. Khloé Kardashian is regularly confused with a person of a much smaller stature, but in reality, she is 5'10, which makes her stand out from her sisters, Kim and Kourtney.

20. Famke Janssen is a model converted into an icon of science fiction thanks to the number of projects she has undertaken, and she is just over 5'11, which is ... so crazy.

19. Queen Latifah is one of the coolest people in the world and is something that none of us can deny. Her Highness is close to 5'8, which is a bit surprising. 

18. Nicole Kidman is a film legend who currently has great awards such as the Oscar, Golden Globes and Emmy to her credit. Her stature is also enviable as she reaches 5'11.

17. Laura Dern is an amazing and talented 'Time's Up' activist who measures approximately 5'10. Maybe she even competes with Nicole Kidman to see who uses the highest heels.

16. Taylor Swift looked very small in our mind for some reason, but the reality is that she is 5'11 tall, which puts her above a lot of people.

15. Rihanna is not the first person that comes to mind when we think of tall celebrities, but the reality is that she measures 5'8 without the heels she always wears.

14. Uma Thurman is such a versatile woman that she is capable of becoming any character, which is impressive because she measures a surprising 5'9 and we had not noticed.

13. Jordin Sparks is a woman who can do everything, or has already done it at some point in her career, and believe it or not, the singer is astonishing 5'10 tall.

12. Tyra Banks is not a surprise on this list, but did you have any idea how tall she really is? The former supermodel and celebrity of the United States is approximately 5'10.

11. Gwyneth Paltrow brings us a hilarious fact: She is so tall (5'9) that Robert Downey Jr must wear heels during his scenes with her in 'Iron Man' to adapt to her height.

10. Maria Sharapova is a great tennis personality who has dazzled us for years with her talent. But seeing her on the court does not allow us to realize that she measures a staggering 6'2.

9. Serena Williams is our next tennis personality on this list. Certainly not as tall as Maria because she is only 5'9, but this is impressive enough.

8. Liv Tyler is another actress that surprises us, but after seeing her playing an elf on screen, we should have suspected that it is at least 5'10.

7. Charlize Theron has always seemed an imposing actress, but we did not think her height was one of her greatest attributes. The actress overflows talent within a 5'9 body.

6. Chrissy Teigen is one of those celebrities we all thought was short stature, but the reality is that the author of 'Cravings' and Twitter expert is 5'8.

5. Adele is one of those singers that we miss in many moments of our lives, and that with her 5'9 shows where she hides all that talent and beauty.

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4. Jennifer Lawrence does not seem to be too high when we see her in films like 'The Hunger Games' or 'Passengers,' but the reality is that the Oscar winner is 5'8.

3. Naomi Campbell is a beautiful legendary supermodel that many people admire for many years. But few people know that she is close to 5'10 in height.

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2. Geena Davis has been away from our radar for some time; she has been very busy with the 'Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media.' Also, she is an impressive 6 feet tall.

1. Mandy Moore is known as the actual sweetheart, and this is why she must be very tall (5'9). Otherwise, she would not have where to hide all that kindness in her.

After knowing the real height of some of the most famous models and celebrities, it is easier not to be surprised when we see them walking along the red carpet with the rest of famous people. Which of these celebrities surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section and do not forget to share this article with all your friends who are interested in stars.

Sources: DiplyWikipedia


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