5 Things Implying Real Madrid Is About To Make Neymar World's Most Expansive Player

He's won two La Liga titles, three Copa del Rey trophies, and the 2015 UEFA Champions League. He was ranked in the top five players on the planet, scoring a jaw-dropping total of 105 goals in 186 games in all competitions. Neymar was at the top of his game, and it seemed like nothing could bring down.

Alas, things changed after 2017 when the player decided to make the switch and move to Paris Saint-Germain. It's been less than two years, and rumors have already started circling that Neymar is looking to make the switch once again. Let's get down to the bottom of why this is happening.

5. Numerous reports have stated that PSG has been under pressure to comply with financial-fair-play regulations.

According to the Times, PSG is “under pressure” to “adhere to UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations.” These regulations were put in place in order to prevent something that’s called “financial doping.” This terminology refers to the financial gain a soccer club has made by injecting huge amounts of cash through commercial deals, gate receipts, or player sales.

Basically, its money that they didn’t raise themselves. Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, has accused PSG of such actions. Mbappé and Neymar were signed to PSG for about $500 million - this caused UEFA to open an investigation, in order to check whether the club’s dealing is following regulations.

In regards to Neymar specifically, transferring the soccer player could result in a $261 million transfer fee - this would save PSG about $41 million a year in wages. By doing so, PSG won’t have to worry about obeying regulations. When questioned about the ordeal, PSG did not respond.

4. The soccer club isn’t as dependent on Neymar anymore, thanks to Kylian Mbappé’s sudden rise.

Although he's young, Mbappe's growth looks promising. At only the age of 20, Kylian has become the second-best performer in Ligue 1 this season. In fact, the player's striking efficiency is superior to Neymar's, with one goal scored every 56 minutes, whilst Neymar follows second with an average of one goal every 59 minutes.

And in 2018, he won the FIFA World Cup with France when he was only a teenager. From this point on, Mbappe's performance is only going to improve with each season, as he's most likely six or seven years away from his athletic prime.

The player has demonstrated more than once, too, that PSG can do without Neymar; after being away at rehab for a reoccurring foot injury, Mbappe has had to step in and scored seven times and provided one assist.  The soccer player's performance is jaw-dropping, and his form has been compared to legends such as Thierry Henry, Brian Laudrup, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He's helped PSG remain dominant in Ligue 1, and helped his team beat Manchester United through his skills. Evidently, the soccer club would survive without Neymar's presence, especially with rumors on the rise that the player is unhappy in PSG.

3. Neymar's reportedly unhappy in Paris, as his childhood dream was to play for Real Madrid instead.

Journalist Diego Torres wrote a report about Neymar's supposed disappointment with his club and living situation in Paris. The journalist wrote last year in the daily Spanish newspaper, El País, that Neymar doesn't enjoy the Parisian weather, feels isolated from his teammates, and doesn't spend much time with his team, but rather, with his entourage.

Furthermore, it looks like Neymar might be regretting his decision to switch; Italy's soccer website CalcioMercato confirmed the suspicion, by reporting that he "seems to be regretting his world-record switch," that "the environment and the defensive approach to the game" in Ligue 1 were disappointing to him, and that he was infuriated when PSG fans booed him in January.

Playing for Real Madrid, and realizing his childhood dream, might be the solution to this problem. When he was a teenager, in 2005, he trialed for the soccer club. He spent 19 days at Madrid, watching the games and amazing performances at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

During that time, he also took photos with some of the team's top players - such as Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, and Roberto Carlos. The soccer player told ESPN in an interview during that time, that, "The Real Madrid dream is a reality," according to Goal.com. 

2. Neymar and his father (who is also his agent) haven't explicitly denied a summer switch.

When questioned about the subject, both Neymar and his father have been pretty vague in their responses. They haven't outright denied the possibility of a transfer. Earlier this year, Neymar told Globo TV (a Brazilian news network), that "everyone that is followed by Real Madrid would feel attracted to play there" and that he was "happy in Paris," but added that "no one knows the future."

His father adopted the same type of attitude, responding with cryptic answers, too. In an interview with the French program "Téléfoot," the agent said that his son "feels very happy in Paris," that his "present is in Paris," but "it's hard to talk about the future because in football it can change at any time."

It sounds like some changes might be taking place pretty soon. Neymar added in the same interview with Globo TV, that, "Madrid is a very big club. Any player with quality would like to wear their shirt," he told Globo TV, according to CBS Sports. However, fans were left confused when he added, "For God's sake, I'm not saying I'm going to play for Real Madrid. Calm down. I'm not saying that."

Considering what the player said earlier, it really does sound like there is something in the developments. Although he tried refuting the possibility of playing for Real Madrid, it seems to us like he's just trying not to blow his cover and keep any changes on the down low.

1. Real has been failing as a team and Neymar might be the exact elevation that they need.

It's no secret that Real Madrid has always been at the top and ruled the world of soccer. With Zidane on the touchline, and Ronaldo on the pitch, the club was unstoppable and together, they kept winning the UEFA Champions League. However, Real's been going through a pretty rough patch as of late. With Zidane gone and Ronaldo's transfer, the soccer club isn't what it used to be.

This is evident with one of their recent games; they were destroyed in the Round of 16, losing 4-1 to Ajax on the night, and 5-3 on aggregate. To this day, it's considered Real's worst European run in a decade. Not to mention the club is falling behind its rivals, taking third place in La Liga (5 points behind Atlético Madrid).

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It's clear that Real Madrid needs to take action, and fast, in order to save their team. By looking at the disappointing performance and stats, we can assume that change will be coming soon. Multiple sources, such as The Independent, Sky Sports, and Goal.com have all reported about Neymar possibly transferring in the past nine months. And the soccer club has been vocal about their desire to take on the soccer star, making public pitches to Neymar.

In 2017, Real Madrid's president, Florentino Pérez, attempted to win over the athlete with a player-of-the-year ceremony, adding that it would be easier for him to achieve No. 1 status if he were to transfer to Madrid. Reuters reported that Pérez stated in an interview with a Spanish radio station, that, "Madrid is a club that gives a big player everything they need to do so. Everyone knows I wanted to sign him."

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Soccer experts worldwide have made calculated and logical predictions, believing that we'll most likely see this change happening soon. And who are we to argue with the professionals! What do you guys think - is it all simply rumors that the media is blowing out of proportion, or is there enough basis to believe that Neymar might be saying goodbye to PSG for good? Let us know what you think! And make sure to check out some of our related articles to stay updated on the latest news.

Sources: Business InsiderTimes, WhoScored, El Pais, CalcioMercato, Telefoot, Goal, CBS Sports, The Independent, Sky SportsReuters


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