Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scenes Carry An Important Message About 'Avengers: Endgame'

The 2019 superhero film 'Captain Marvel' had its world premiere in February, and was theatrically released over the weekend. The film whose release we anticipated did not only answer many of our questions (like how Nick Fury lost one of his eyes), but it also gave us hints on what to expect in the upcoming movie 'Avengers: End Game'.

MCU isn't new to providing mid and post-credit scenes that are either humorous or show a teaser for one of Marvel Studios' future films. So, do not head out early after seeing Captain Marvel - the movie has two post-credit scenes after it ends. The first scene has a significant connection to the upcoming 'Avengers: Endgame', while the second is mainly a throwaway scene meant to make you laugh. In case you missed both scenes, we have you covered. Take note that there are major spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Captain Marvel yet!


Remember the post-credit scene in Avengers: Infinity Wars, where Nick Fury and Maria Hill (who we last saw in 'Age Of Ultron'), were notified of the attack on Wakanda while driving? As they proceeded to get more information, a car crashed in front of them, and there was no one driving it.

Seconds later, Hill disappeared, and while Fury began to fade away, he managed to send a signal through a seemingly old communication device. When the camera zoomed in, a star-shaped logo appeared as confirmation that his signal was received. This was a call to Captain Marvel for help.


The star-shaped logo is affiliated with one of Avengers most powerful superheroes, Captain Marvel. It all makes perfect sense to think that Fury sent a message to Captain Marvel, to alert her that Earth needs help. Well, the end-credit scenes of Captain Marvel show that we were right about our assumptions.


In the 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer, we saw Captain America, Black Widow, The Hulk, and War Machine hanging out in what appears to be the same space as seen in 'Captain Marvel’s post-credit scenes. The scene hints at what will happen early in the Avengers’ movie. 

While the team is still processing how many people were missing after the end of 'Infinity War,' Captain Marvel shows up in a slightly updated suit. This implies that she might have a more prominent role to play in the upcoming movie. However, Hawkeye and Ant-Man were not seen in this scene even though we saw them in the 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer.


It is quite evident that we will see Captain Marvel a lot more than we thought in 'Avengers: Endgame.' However, this brings up the question - when was she last seen on Earth? At the end of 'Captain Marvel,' she left Earth to help the Skrulls find their home in the universe. Does that mean she has been gone since 1995? It doesn't seem like it, because it's hard to believe that she would have allowed all the other destructions and attacks to happen on Earth without interfering.


A scene from the recent 'Endgame' Super Bowl teaser trailer shows the Avengers walking in a straight line, and it seems to confirm the fact that Captain Marvel might be featured early on in the movie. INSIDER pointed out the fact that there's a sizeable space between War Machine and Ant-Man, which could mean the space was left for Captain Marvel. If Black Widow was able to reach out to Hawkeye in time, he could be the one missing in the picture, too. However, the bigger surprise would be seeing Captain Marvel there.


We know of the Dark Lord's (Thanos) super strength; however, Captain Marvel is powerful as well. She absorbed an entire energy core that gave her the ability to fly, and emit photon blasters from her hands. In the' Captain Marvel' movie, an alien species (the Kree) were searching for a light speed engine that Dr. Wendy Lawson, a character played by Annette Bening, was working on. Surprisingly, that was the same energy core Captain Marvel absorbed. Hopefully, Captain Marvel will be able to kill the Mad Titan with all that power.

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The paparazzi set photos of the 'Avengers: Endgame' scenes revealed more clues about the time-traveling plot of the movie; it showed Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man on a destroyed street in New York following Loki's attack similar to that shown at the end of the first Avengers movie in 2012.

Now, we all know that Ant-Man did not link up with the team until 'Captain America: Civil War' in 2016. So there was no way he could be there unless there is an alternate timeline plot. We assumed previously that the Quantum Realm, that was introduced in the Ant-Man movies, would help send the Avengers back in time to try and undo what Thanos did.

However, it seems their best option might be to work with Captain Marvel's superpowers or perhaps, the team will combine the Quantum Realm technology with that of the light speed engine which Lawson was working on, to time-travel to the past.


In Nick Fury's office, Goose, the cat Fury adopted during the end of the movie, jumps on the table. He starts coughing and finally spits up the Tesseract onto Fury's desk, which he had swallowed earlier in the film. The Tesseract contains the blue Infinity stone (the space stone), which Thanos eventually gets a hold of in his mission to rid the world of half its population.

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We can confidently affirm that this scene has nothing to do with the upcoming Avengers’ movie; it only shows how S.H.I.E.L.D ended up with the stone in the ‘90s. Of course, we know what happened to the stone afterward. Loki later stole the Tesseract and launched a failed attack (Alien Fight) on New York City.

Thor kept the Tesseract in Asgard, and when his planet was destroyed, Loki managed to keep it safe. Thanos later retrieved it from him, in 'Avengers: Infinity Wars', and the stone helped him in his quest to wipe out half of the galaxy. 

If you have seen the movie, 'Captain Marvel,' did you take note of these details? Or do you need a second look to find out this kind of secrets on Marvel's movies? Do your friends a favor and make sure to share this article, and our other articles about the MCU, with them - particularly those who are in dire need of spoilers for the movie.


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