15+ People Who Perfectly Mastered The Art Of Taking Photos

Pictures are often magical, but photography is all about lighting and another important detail: timing. The following images have managed to find the right moment and the proper perspective to create something weird, entertaining, and eye-catching. Let's take a look at what even non-professionals can do. 

26. Physics and puns are always impressive together. Things underwater always look different, and this more than a little freaky. We love this man with a sense of humor. 

25. Sometimes, perspective can create magical things. We have no idea how these two friends managed to create this picture, though. It almost looks Photoshopped. 

24. This professional-looking shot literally uses the light from the Sun to illuminate the lightbulb. It's both magical and a message about nature versus man-made objects. 

23. Pictures at the beach can be beautiful, and thanks to perspective, this woman has a pair of wings created by seashells. The movement of the waves makes you want to fly. 

22. People love getting perspectively-fun pictures with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. This is one of the most creative and well-placed photos we have ever seen. Also, the weather is perfect for an ice cream cone. 

21. The tiniest woman is drinking the biggest bottle of Gatorade ever. It's not the most creative shot, but doing fun things with your friends can create great memories. 

20. This picture gives new meaning to the phrase "Taste the rainbow". Rainbows are rare and beautiful. These campers decided to have some fun while the sky was clouded. 

19. These three friends used the perfect angles, the clarity of the water, and the fantastic blue sky to make this picture perfect. Its symmetry is surprisingly pleasant. 

18. If you liked the one above, you might discover that this one is out of this world. There is no line between ocean and sky. It truly makes you wonder about our creation. 

17. Another hilarious use of perspective with just a twinge of perfect timing. We doubt the people jumping from the helicopter knew this man was goofing around. 

16. Sometimes, we wish to capture perfect moments in a bottle to keep forever. Pictures can keep the best memories for a long time, and this cloud in a container with that beautiful scenery is gorgeous. 

15. Sometimes, an image can be used to make another one. It's hard to tell that those hands do not belong to the man in the newspaper until you see the manicure and wedding ring. 

14. This shot captured a fun scenario that could almost be used as an ad for a shoe company. Also, it could be taken as a metaphor for people stepping on others. 

13. While this picture did not use perspective or timing to capture the moment, it does trick you into believing that these two people are hanging instead of laying down. 

12. There is nothing better than seeing nature in another perspective. It's clear that skirts were designed with blooming flowers in mind. This image looks like a painting. 

11. This is a clever use of perspective. It seems that people love taking these kinds of pictures on the beach. Next time, try it with your friends!

10. Another use of perspective between a group of friends. It certainly looks like they had a lot of fun, and the scenery is pretty amazing. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun shining on the snow. 

9. They used a beautiful autumn leaf to make it seem like the woman is dancing with it in that unbelievable background. There is so much beauty in nature. 

8. The biggest fist pump in the world. It is pretty easy to figure out how they did this, but the image looks very professional, although the landscape is barren. 

7. This use of perspective is very fitting. It is also one of those images that can be taken as a commentary or a criticism on human waste. Aerosol products damage the world around us. 

6. Now, this is a tough picture to figure out. It is hard to tell if that person had a toy airplane that looks like a real one or if he was able to capture the moment while the plane flew by. That is why it is magical!

5. This picture looks unreal as it's hard to get the Sun in any photograph. It might have been altered on the computer, but it would still make a great screensaver. 

4. If you think this man has the longest beard in the world, you need to take a second look. He does have full facial hair, but his girlfriend is standing right there. 

3. This image managed to use perspective and shadow for a cool shot. It also looks like the man is a real basketball player about to make his basket. 

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2. This picture is another cool one that could be used in as background for your phone. Perspective and shadows make things look more dramatic. The contrast between black and red is fantastic. 

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1. This is a cool idea that you might try with your friends at a wedding. It is one of those pictures that can capture the best memories. It also looks like a lot of fun. 

People's ingenuity always manages to surprise us. Let us know which of these pictures was your favorite. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who want to try some of these cool image ideas during their next trip or event. See you next time!

Source: Bright Side


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