15+ Times People's Driving Ways Made Us Anxious On The Road

Have you ever drove and come in contact with some crazy drivers? There is a saying that goes; "when you are driving, just assume every other driver on the road is crazy." What do you think about that? We think this is some good advice that every road user should take note of. Do you doubt that? Not to worry, we are going to be intimating you with some crazy drivers shortly.

We've got a treat for you today. You are going to laugh, get angry and learn, but it's going to be fun too. Fasten your seat belt, would you? (hahaha...pun intended) We're going to be taking you on the ride of a lifetime!

16. Read and Drive

"Yeah! I love reading and I have to drive a lot, so why not just do the two things at once?" says the woman behind the wheel. Talk of killing two birds with one stone. Why not? Well, while reading make sure you keep your eyes on the road as failure to do that will attract some punishment. That's right!

Let's Pile 'em Up

There's no space to park my car, so I'll just park on yours. Do we even have an idea of how this happened? Look at the vehicles in front and behind. Did they see this and just decided to park their cars anyway? Let's think about that, shall we, and show up in the comments to give your opinion.

Can't Afford a Tow Truck

We just have to make do with what we have. I'll just tie this here at the back, and we're good to go. No, no, no, this is not even an option. Aside from the fact that it is very dangerous to other road users, it is also very dangerous for you. Let's not get too crazy, shall we?

Too Big for That Space

Don't you get annoyed when you see people who park like this? Are their cars too big for the spaces provided? Or they do not know how to park in an orderly manner? As thoughtful as these questions are, only the guilty ones can answer them truthfully. They know what they think when they take these actions, so we'll like them to explain to us their thought processes.  

Pedestrian Crossing

Sometimes, you have to remind people to do the right thing. This person had to remind this car owner who parked his car on a pedestrian crossing the error he has made and to do the right thing. If you find yourself in a position to correct unfit drivers, please do so we can keep our roads safer.

Parallel Parking 

Parallel parking is so hard, right? It's even more difficult in Paris because we have to deal with this really annoying kind of driver that feels unsafe unless he's making someone else uncomfortable with their way of parking through the city. Check out this picture and see for yourself. 

Car Horn Doesn't Work, So What?

I'm just going to invent my own horn and blast away to let people know that I have somewhere to go and I couldn't care less for everyone's safety or wellbeing. This should be loud enough to reach anyone in a ten-kilometer radius. Or what do you think?

Strong Rope 

This is so scary it's outrageous. I'm so scared for the vehicle behind this one. Just think about what will happen if the tentative hold suddenly fails? So many innocent drivers would be affected; the result being cars smashed and people sustaining different injuries. Let us just hope the rope holds.

Final Destination

This is another example of a disaster waiting to happen. Again, any vehicle behind this one is in for a dangerous journey. It's best to just find a way to overtake and ride ahead. Keeping a safe distance from trucks which carry loads like this is the best course of action.

Destroyed Cadillac

This is actually so funny, it's borderline hilarious. We can't even imagine what happened to the original seat in this vehicle and we don't want to hurt our mind by trying to guess. It's safe to say the Cadillac car company won't be selling another car to this guy.

Bad News

Somebody is going to get very bad news when they see the bumper of their car gone. This driver is so oblivious, he has graduated from stupid to dangerous. Imagine driving around totally clueless with this hanging from your taillight. It should be a crime, really.

Furniture Rolls 

This guy can just go ahead and invent his own car company. That would be much easier, wouldn't it? That way, he can just design something that will fit his exact needs and there we go! Let's help him think of a name that fits; we'll just call it furniture rolls.

Looks can be Deceptive

This looks safe enough, doesn't it? Then again, looks can be very deceptive. A lot of things can go wrong with this; from a sudden snap of the rope used to tie his arm to the mattress to him turning too fast or too slow. This is a disaster warming up for action.

Wreck the Cars

This guy managed to wreck four sports cars all on his own. Who knew what could have gone wrong to bring about such destruction. You can take a shot at guessing in the comments section. We'll just call this game wreck the sports cars. What would you do to this guy if you own one of these cars?

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Fits like a Glove

If this person can drive themselves into a ditch, imagine the menace they will be on the road. For this person to do this, they must not be in their right minds. That is the only workable explanation in this situation. It takes one to know the other, right?

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Flying Apples

When this disaster happens, a game can be invented from it. As a game player, imagine if these baskets of apples roll off and then other cars start skidding and skipping on them. We'll name the interesting game 'Apples on a Roll'.

There you have it! We promised you a good ride, didn't we? Sometimes, you just wonder how some people end up on the road. A driver's license is supposed to give you the go-ahead to drive on roads, but when you see the way some people choose to drive, it doesn't help. Which was the worst for you? Let's know your thoughts in the comments. Do you have a friend who would find this hilarious? Then share this article with them. See you soon!

Sources: Bright Side


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