MCU Movie Ranking: From Worst To Best

There are so many movie franchises out there that are kicking everyone's butt. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a coded way of telling the world that they are here to stay. Every Marvel movie has a signature storyline that always links with all the other films, and that’s one of the best things about the franchise.

In total, 21 Marvel movies have been released, and about 10 more are in various stages of production. They never run out of storylines, right? In fact, viewers have had endless debates on which Marvel movie should be ranked number one. Well, what do you think? Read through and tell us if we got what you were thinking right.

21. IRON MAN 2

Fans of Marvel might not admit it, but 'Iron Man 2' was more like a test run. Although it was cool, it’s hard to compare it to other movies of the franchise. 'Iron Man 2' had an engaging storyline but the whole concept was a bit shaky and the villain, Ivan Vanko, was just not evil enough for the job.


We have not seen much of 'Doctor Strange', and we are really curious about the sequel. The movie threw most fans off balance at first because a link could not be established between its storyline and what Marvel stands for. Also, the concept of sorcery was introduced. Let’s just say Marvel’s fan club wanted more action and the fact that there were no familiar faces made loving the movie a bit difficult.


Can you still remember what exactly happened in the movie? Probably not. This is because it’s been a while. To be fair, the film had a lot of action, but it can’t contest with the other Marvel movies; Hulk lovers probably know this deep down as well. No diss intended. The movie lacked a captivating plot twist, and many have forgotten entirely about the so-called ‘Incredible Hulk.'


'Ant-man' was not the ideal superhero according to many. However, the concept behind it was quite entertaining. Even though it followed Marvel’s plot of good against evil, it didn’t entirely meet the requirements as it was more of a heist film. Nevertheless, it had some great scenes, especially the funny ones. It sure cracked us up.


This was literally a rerun of the first 'Ant-Man.' At first, MCU fans were excited about the introduction of "The Wasp," (great move by the way). Unfortunately, the movie was nothing spectacular. It was not super captivating. The comedy did spice things up a bit, but by now, Marvel Studio should know it takes much more than great comedy to keep their viewers interested.

16. THOR

Norse mythology lovers are die-hard fans of 'Thor,' and the first movie was a total hit. Truth be told, Hollywood’s heartthrob, Chris Hemsworth, had a lot to do with Thor’s popularity. 'Thor' had great lead actors, such as Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. But, aside from the impressive cast, the movie itself was just bland. Relax 'Thor' lovers. It wasn’t all bad; we have just seen better Marvel movies.


Which did you enjoy better, 'Thor' or 'Thor: The Dark World?' Although the second sequel started on a dull note with Freya’s death and sad Thor cleaning up the nine realms, it soon picked with Loki getting out of captivity. Talk about exciting! The movie was more exciting mainly because we all wanted to know how Thor would get back to Earth and if he would see Jane again. Even MCU superheroes are not immune to love.


We know you are wondering why the movie is number 14 even though it just came out a few days ago. Well, 'Captain Marvel' has a strange vibe to her as we are yet to know her true origin. Although she has remarkable powers and might be the strongest Avenger, more light needs to be shed on her story.

You can’t just swoop in and hope to steal our hearts completely, Captain Marvel; it doesn’t work that way with MCU fans. Her reputation will undoubtedly be boosted if she plays a significant role in 'Avengers: Endgame.' By the way, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you are really missing out.


'Avengers: Infinity War' was one of the biggest 2018 movies, but for obvious reasons, 'Black Panther' still defeats it (Wakanda Forever!). The much-awaited Avenger movie was superhero-studded with appearances from all the MCU superheroes.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to stop everyone from hating the end. Who ends a movie like that, Marvel?! Just like you, we kind of think they could have done better with the end and still kept us interested. Nevertheless, Thanos did give us a hell of a show, so we forgive the franchise.


This movie was awesome - thumbs up, Marvel! The build-up for this particular sequel of 'Captain America' was insane, and the fact that the Winter Soldier and Tony Stark's past intertwined got us hooked on some more. The only problem was that two of our favorite heroes became enemies for no good reason. Many viewers felt Tony Stark took things too far. Do you agree?


Is this the most fun-filled Marvel movie? Yes to that! Marvel's Spider-Man was more than just about Spider-man. It was about entertaining the fans. Spider-man fans thought they had seen it all until 'Homecoming' was released in grand style. The fact that Tony Stark had a lot to do with the character also got us more interested.


Now we are in the top 10 categories! Star-Lord fans, it’s your turn! Yes, it’s true; we just mentioned that 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' was fun-filled, but 'Guardians of the Galaxy' took humor to another level. The cast was terrific, the storyline made us think outside the box, and Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot just were the stars of the show.


By the third sequel, most people already had the full gist of what Iron-man was all about. The storyline did entertain viewers as it featured the failing background of villains who always turn out to be a joke. Also, the movie once more proved that being a plutocrat isn't all about being rich, but also taking responsibilities. You might disagree with this, but that’s fine.


If you didn’t laugh and shed happy laughter tears while watching 'Thor: Ragnarok,' you need to go back and revisit the movie. The height of hilariousness with respect to the being of Thor was just off the charts! Let’s not also forget the magical display of power and unity between the brothers to defeat their sister. What an unusual twist in family values!


At this stage, the plans of Thanos were almost crystal clear, and we have Ultron and the infinity stones to thank for that. With so many heroes in one place and newly recruiting heroes, this movie displayed an exceptional level of teamwork and conspiracies along with a heart for humanity. What more could we ask for?


Many obviously feel 'Black Panther' deserves the number one spot, and you are all right. However, let’s just be happy for the many Oscars the movie won for Marvel. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge the exceptional computer Generated Imagery (CGI) displayed in this movie. Marvel Universe seemed to have outdone itself with the technology, even with the very common storyline, the action remained mind-blowing. This is one of the best Marvel movies of all time.


'Winter Soldier' obviously beat 'Civil War' because it was the first time the world was seeing Bucky Barnes again. The timely and effective usage of his "coming back from the dead plot" was beautiful. Also, the fantastic twists and turns of emotions played by the actors was also an added cherry.

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'Volume one' ranked in as number 10, and its second sequel did even better. This time, 'Volume 2' was hilarious even when unintentional, but that wasn’t all that was to it. The second sequel was a reinforcement of the fact that there is no limit to cinematic landscape while building on its characters. Sadly, rumor has it that we might have to wait longer before 'Volume 3' is released. Stay strong, Star-Lord Fans.


Although we did put 'Iron- Man 2' as the least ranked, 'Iron-Man' itself was an intriguing movie. It was the first time we all met Billionaire Tony Stark, and most of us didn’t expect him to be a genius. We all loved seeing Tony in his naughty playboy state. Also, he was an inspiration for plutocrats who aim to do good and be relevant beyond their bank accounts — a perfect balance of brains and action.

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The first official Avengers movie was fantastic! It was the first time so many heroes were all fighting for the same cause, so it’s no surprise it’s our number two. Once you can get past the first rough 20 minutes, you can tell why MCU never gives up on chasing its success. The movie also has one of the best conversion of comic characters to movie characters. Perfectly played roles filled with beautifully balanced actors suited for the part.


Are you surprised? Don’t be! If you are 'The First Avenger,' then you deserve the number one spot. This film gave a foundation to the 'Avengers,' and we are grateful for that. It had a perfect background story as it shed more light on what was to come and gave a better knowledge of why Captain America is who he is to Marvel fans. Of course, we know you are probably thinking about tiny Steve Rogers. How cute was he back then?

So, how did we do? Did we get your thoughts right? Although 'Captain America: The First Avenger' took the crown, remember that every Marvel movie is someone’s number one. This article could raise a lot of interesting arguments so, don’t forget to share with your Marvel fan club and let us know your thoughts.


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