The Story Behind Frogmore Cottage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s New Home

Since the world found out that the Meghan and Harry were to change their official royal residence, everyone desires more knowledge about the now-famous Frogmore Cottage. And it turns out that the house has a very particular yet creepy past. If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not believe in ghosts, they might be about to change their minds.

Why? Simply because many scary stories surround the royal facility, and that is without mentioning its poor condition. So why would the newlyweds opt for such a building as their new love nest? We have all the answers in the following article. You won't believe your eyes when reading the shocking background Frogmore Cottage had under wraps. Let's get started!


Since Meghan and Harry got married, and even before that, they have been living in Nottingham Cottage. Following their engagement, the lovebirds started to live together there, and Harry proposed in the beautiful abode as well. It seems that they were happy in their apartment in Kensington Palace, but that was before the family started growing.

Frogmore is located in Windsor's grounds about 30 miles west of London, which could help the future parents keep the royal baby out of the public gaze. With a child on the way, staying at the palace wasn't an option for them. Moreover, the lovebirds have a lot of fond memories about the property. 

Frogmore is very near St. George's Chapel where the two tied the knot back in May. Also, the Royal Highnesses' private wedding reception and engagement photo shoot were held at the cottage as well. Besides, it had been empty for a while, and it was cheaper to adapt it to their needs than doing so at their apartment in Kensington Palace.


Perhaps, Harry and Meg should contact Joanna from 'Fixer Upper' because their future residence needs an extreme makeover. Veteran royal biographer Ingrid Seward told People that Frogmore was pretty "dilapidated," so the Sussexes will undoubtedly need to roll up their sleeves to repair their new mansion.

First of all, the landscape looks very unattended, with undergrowth covering the facilities. Secondly, the interior space was previously divided into staff quarters, so the couple needs to convert it into one living space with the rooms they need. People also added that the old architecture might need lengthy and considerable refurbishment. 


With the new royal baby arriving at any moment, it is a bit alarming that the new residence is not ready yet. But the good news is that the relocation now has a date. According to Elle, the spouses are moving this very month! So that means that they must be giving the final touches to the building. 

Although no official pictures have been released, we have an idea of the features for the remodeled building and how much it cost. According to US Weekly, the revamp process required the whopping amount of $3.8 million, which includes merging the five current apartments into one single space and the installation of a green energy unit. Elle gave some other details: 

"The renovations reportedly include two conservatory extensions, extensive landscaping, permission for a bedroom to be built above a studio on the property, and several new fireplaces. All traditional floorboards, window frames, and doors will remain."

As for the decoration, the parents-to-be are getting the help of Vicky Charles, one of Soho House’s top designer. It is very likely Meghan will carry her decor preferences to her new home. As you might know, her Toronto house had warm spaces with neutral colors such as gray, cream, and white.  


Apart from the stunning views of Windsor Castle in Berkshire, the property also has a gorgeous lake. Perhaps, that is why it has been a famous royal hideaway for more than 300 years and will soon be changed into a family house. King Charles' architect, Hugh May, built it in the 1680s, but Queen Charlotte purchased it in 1792.

Since 1937, nobody has inhabited the mansion, or at least that is what was thought. Although Frogmore Cottage is secluded and far away from any intrusive eyes, it may actually be more lively than what people believe. 

Frighteningly enough, Frogmore estate includes, apart from the cottage, mausoleums, graveyards and, of course, ghosts. By Marie Claire's report, part of the couple's adjustment process could be getting to know some afterlife neighbors because it is said spirits have lived in the royal building for hundreds of years. 


Just to give you an idea, let us talk about some of the spooky buildings the estate has. First, there's the Royal Mausoleum that holds the remains of the late Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The corpses of King Edward VIII; his wife, American divorcée Wallis Simpson; and Victoria's mother are buried in a private cemetery nearby.

To top it all off, there's also a small chapel that houses the bodies of Princess Margaret and nothing less than ten kings dating back to 1492. It seems that Meg, Harry, and the new baby Sussex will never be alone. Can you imagine the ghostly family gatherings they can have there? 

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And if you haven't freaked out yet with that knowledge, we get to the possibility that Windsor Castle, located only a mile and a half away from Frogmore Cottage, is haunted. According to PureWow, there have been sightings of King Henry VIII pacing the halls of the castle.

His beheaded wife, Anne Boleyn, has also been spotted previously as well as their daughter Elizabeth I. As for the latter, Visit Britain reported the many members of the royal family had seen her ghost, including the very Queen and her sister Margaret. The source gave some spooky details: 

"Often seen in the library, her footsteps can be heard on the bare floorboards before her striking presence appears... Windsor is perhaps the most haunted of all the royal residences, with as many as 25 ghosts reported."

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If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex worry about spiritual connections, they might have to burn sage prior to their relocation or call a medium. Maybe, they could also have a seance to tell the late royals they're friends, not foes. Besides, we can totally picture Meghan waving incense around the house, while Harry rolls his eyes. 

Little did we know that Frogmore Cottage had such a peculiar past, but it seems that despite everything, Meghan and Harry are eagerly waiting to move there. Would you live in such a house? Tell us your opinion in the comment section, and don't forget to read other of our articles about the British Royal Family. 

Source: People, Marie Claire, US Weekly, Elle, PureWow, Visit Britain, Marie Claire


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