Fans Suspect Something After Comparing Marvel To Dragon Ball

With the current rise of admiration for the MCU recent movie, 'Captain Marvel,' there is also a rise in interest between the similarities this movie has with some other superhero moviesm outside of the MCU franchise. An inquisitive generation like the current one won't find it difficult to quickly make interesting connections, when it comes to the mind-blowing movies of the MCU - and more specifically, to anime. An interesting similarity can be made of 'Captain Marvel' and the anime series, 'Dragon Ball.'


First, the franchise to which both the movie and anime series belong to cannot be any more different. While the movie 'Captain Marvel' is rightly signed under the franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the anime, 'Dragon Ball' is a Japanese television series which is a part of the Dragon Ball media franchise. The amount of possibilities between these two is therefore unusual.


The foundational story of Carol Danvers, i.e. Captain Marvel is said to be an inversion of the 'Dragon Ball' protagonist, Goku. Goku crashed on Earth almost out of nowhere, being the last of his kind and suffering from memory loss. About the same is seen of Carol, as she suddenly crashes on Earth as a member of an alien race, the Kree, with memory loss as well before she starts to have snippets of some of her pre-existence on Earth.

The movie, 'Captain Marvel' progresses with Carol being entrusted with the responsibility of discovering her identity and becoming sure of her full ability. She also has to defend Earth and her space home from impending doom as a result of an enemy attack. It can be seen that both characters have to get to the point of some self-discovery, as well as acknowledgment and acceptance of their abilities.


Carol’s Kree-given abilities, as seen in the movie, enabled her to become covered in energy as her body emanated a blinding glow; this was quite similar to that of Goku's in 'Dragon Ball Z.' In the anime series, the characters would charge up their chi to raise their power level, making their bodies develop different colors as they rise in varying degrees of strength. However, the most mind-blowing of these similarities would be the legendary power state which is known as the Super Saiyan.

This state is inhabited by some members of the Saiyan race in the Japanese anime, and it is the form that Goku takes on in 'Dragon Ball.' The power properties of this Saiyan state include making a character’s hair become blonde and standing on-end, turning eyes green while surrounded by a yellowish hue.

They are endowed with super strength, speed, and stamina. Interestingly, all of this occurs in the Japanese anime comics. Captain Marvel appears to power up in an exact live-action replica of this process - except for her muscles puffing up and the color of her hair changing.


Besides having their plots look identical, the characters in both works of the franchise appear to be similar as well. As we established, the characteristics of Captain Marvel and Goku are quite identical, but there are other characters whose role seem to be very similar as well. It turns out that there is enough similarity to warrant a comparison between the Skrulls in 'Captain Marvel' and Piccolo in the live-action adaptation of 'Dragon ball,' i.e. 'Dragon Ball Evolution.' When the Japanese comic is considered, the Skrulls come to resemble the Namekians.


This adaptation of the Japanese anime was in 2009. It was more of a science adventure movie which was written by Ben Ramsey. The film was primarily based on the Japanese 'Dragon Ball' Manga created by Akira Toriyama. After being released in Japan and some other Asian countries, the movie received a lot of negative reviews from movie critics as well as 'Dragon Ball' fans. This was mainly because of its inconsistency with the source material.


Marvel, on the other hand, has proven that it can take on a source of comic and make it into a very successful movie. Bear in mind, that making a Japanese manga into a live-action film comes with a whole lot of challenges in terms of style, culture, and language. Making the movie itself and its maker susceptible to criticisms that might not seem to exist for Marvel’s comic adaptations. At the same time, from the 'Captain Marvel' movie, one can easily see the possibility of making 'Dragon Ball' into an excellent live-action movie. After all, Marvel owns the reputation of bringing comic stories into life to the cinema.

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Over the years, we have seen some integration and merger occur with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being a unique and successful franchise, the MCU has been the focus of other huge media outside of the shared universe. In September 2015, Marvel Studios was integrated into the Walt Disney Studios, which gave Marvel the rights to acquire the character of Spider-Man.

By December 2017, the Walt Disney Company (which Marvel Studios is now under) agreed to purchase assets from 21st Century Fox. This acquisition saw to the return of the film rights to Deadpool, X-Men and the Fantastic Four characters, and then moving on to recall the purchased distribution rights to Marvel movies by Walt Disney Company.

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We believe 'Dragon Ball' can be integrated into Marvel, and it will be interesting to see how Marvel creates a masterpiece from the integration. How do you think they could adapt the characters and their characteristics to what we already know of the MCU? Share this article with your friends and let us know your theories about 'Dragon Ball' and Marvel in the comments section.

Source: Kotaku

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