Pisces in Love: 2019 Is Going To Change It All

Pisces is in for an interesting year as Saturn has moved out of challenging relationships and this brings about a helpful influence that helps take unnecessary pressure off so every emotion can be expressed naturally. This means the year is most likely going to be very empowering and being about more stability as seen last year, thereby adding more stimulation because of the influence of Uranus, which is now consistently more supportive than it was in 2018. 

This phenomenon is drawing others to you as they see you come out of your shell and shine forth your light more naturally. Now, people are drawn to you seeking guidance, asking meaningful questions and looking for the answers to their burning questions; these things are happening because they find you reliable and interesting. Below are some of the things that will be prominent for you this year:


Doors of opportunity will constantly be opened to you to connect with others either online, physically or through learning efforts. You will notice this happening from the 6th of March and upwards. Do not close yourself to these opportunities as it can be a time for opening yourself up to new interests, new communications and also opening up new connection channels. Uranus is the brain behind this trend and you should be ready to experience this for seven more years!


For the year 2019, quick-moving Mercury rules the relationship sector and travels the entire zodiac in that vein. This retrograde period of Mercury may allow for some slow points in the relationship and sometimes your partner might seem indecisive, hesitant or more difficult to understand.

You will notice these trends between March 5th to 28th, July 7th to 31st and October 31st to November 20th. The feelings might be more intense from March 5th to 28th because it becomes personal since the Mercury retrograde cycle occurs entirely in Pisces, therefore, you may feel a lot more misunderstood within these three weeks. 

When Mercury is in your sign, your partner sees you in an especially positive light and tends to have your best interests at heart and put your needs as a priority. This occurs from February 10 to April 16, but as noted above, Mercury is retrograde for some of this time (from March 5-28). This may be a bit confusing as it seems someone is on your side and at the same time distant and unapproachable.  


An eclipse set that began in July 2018 and that will continue until July 2020 and end up affecting your romantic relationships, friendships, and dating life. The year 2019 is a powerful year which brings opportunities for learning about your romantic and friendship needs as the nodal axis transits your creative and social sectors.

The need to be appreciated by others, as well as the need for togetherness, comes into play. A love affair may begin or end under this influence, new beginnings related to friendships are started, romance rekindled and creative partnerships formed.

You will also learn to take more risks, and you will end up developing the courage to strike out on your own and form creative paths that will be very significant to your journey. You will open yourself to dealing with people in a more personal, involved and loving manner which will help you own your feelings. This will be a great time to rediscover your long-lost romantic feelings, give your love life a complete overhaul and get more in touch with your romantic feelings.  


Mid-August to mid-September 2019 is particularly active for partnerships with a strong showing of planets in your solar seventh house. You also have the White Moon, Selena, in your partnership sector from mid-March to mid-October, presenting a wonderful time to make improvements in your relationship or for attracting a new, strong partnership.

There will be a lot of intensity in your friendships this year, but key improvements are more overt when Jupiter transits your solar eleventh house from December 2019 to December 2020. It can eventually turn out to be a productive, resourceful, and meaningful time for connecting with friends, networks, and groups and strengthening those ties.


Having been intimate with some of the characteristic happenings you will experience in 2019, it is also important to note some key periods that will be especially important for them. This will help you stay calm in the moments as they happen and also help you understand what is happening at specific periods. Below are some of these key periods to note which can make all the difference in your experiences.  


Venus transits your romance sector and this makes you develop easy and natural charm which is playful, lighthearted and a period that attracts love. Your level of attraction is particularly high at this time and love pursues you rather than you searching for it. This is not the time for serious commitments though; your nature is playful and your allure powerful.

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For this period, Mars is in your partnership sector and this can result in a time of fireworks in a partnership. You may not always feel that the ball is in your court during this period, however. You can be more ardent in your pursuit of a person or a relationship, or someone could be ardently pursuing you! There is a lot happening in your relationships at this time.

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Mars in your intimacy sector and this can help fire up your emotional life, your passions, and intimacies. There may be some adjustments to make, some problems which have not been resolved before, problems which revolve around money and sex can easily be talked about and resolved. During this period, Pisces must face conflicts head-on because Mars is now a part of the equation. 

2019 promises to be an interesting year all around. You are sure to have fun, meet new people, forge new relationships and take your happiness into your own hands. What do you think of these predictions? Is it shaping up that way for you? Do let us know your experiences in the comments. Until next time!

Sources: Cafe Astrology 


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