Pisces Woman: Top 9 Biggest Weaknesses That May Drag Us Down

Pisces women can be both vulnerable and strong. The important thing is for them to understand what makes them that way through astrology, and how they can react to situations. Pisces is symbolized by the fish, and there are certain characteristics, like friendliness, that come with this particular Zodiac sign. No one is perfect, and understanding the flaws can only help in the future.

However, those imperfections make the Pisces woman a wonder to behold, and in order to truly know her, everyone needs to get that every aspect of her being makes her unique. Her weaknesses, as well as her strengths, make her better in the end. If no one had any faults, life would not be that interesting. Let’s explore these details about women under the fish Zodiac sign.


Unfortunately, fear is one of the biggest weaknesses of her personality. There is a reason why dread exists, after all. It helps people avoid getting hurt and developing the fight. While every human being feels afraid at some point in their life, a Pisces woman might be too scared at times. It can also be to her detriment.

Sometimes the greatest things in life come by taking a risk and going out of your comfort zone. A Pisces woman might not be able to take these steps, which can stop her from living her life to the fullest. If people close to her understand this, they might be able to help her get out of her cocoon.


Along with the fear of many things, Pisces women often have too many things on their mind. They worry about everything, although they do not look like they do. A Pisces girl might be smiling, pretending to be cheerful, but her head is filled with thoughts about the future. She thinks about everything that could go wrong in the world.

Her friends need to get her out of her mind so that she tries to live in the present for at least a few moments a day. It’s important to remember that tormenting yourself with thoughts like this can affect your health.


While trusting people is not a terrible trait to possess, a Pisces woman can often be naïve about those around her. This behavior might attract the wrong sort; those that will take advantage of a nice girl in the end.

It’s not bad to be so open to the world and to the beings around you. However, being cautious might be a good idea in some situations. Pisces girls need to guard themselves because their sensitive natures can make them the perfect prey for bad men or scheming women.


Pisces women might often have trouble understanding new things. However, that does not mean that she is stupid – not at all – but she is somewhat stuck in her mind and her ideas of the world. Therefore, a good friend of Pisces might want to teach her lessons in the most patient way possible. Narrow-minded people cannot see the beauty beyond.


As a sensitive person, her mood can often shift with the tiniest provocation. Other people might find her strange in this matter, but that is one of her vulnerabilities. Sometimes, Pisces women might not be able to control their emotions, and sadness is one that affects her deeply when the bad things around her arise. Seeing the glass half-full is not really her style.


Just like she has a hard time learning things she does not understand, a Pisces woman often stays in her head. She does not like to see things that do not meet her expectations. A lot of the time, she might even fantasize about things going her way instead of dealing with the fact that she cannot control everything. Those around her need to be patient in this case.


Regarding her fantasies, it’s not just that she stays in her head to avoid reality, but she also hates it. You might often catch a Pisces woman daydreaming instead of facing the world around her. This might be stemmed from her fear of the future, but it’s one of her big weaknesses. However, it can also be a good thing because dreamers are often the ones who change the world for the better.

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This is another issue that stems from her crippling fear. Pisces women are sensitive and tend to get sad often, and therefore, being rejected by a friend, family members, or even a love interest is something they cannot process. She will get even more depressed as a result and might question her life. However, putting yourself out there is the only way to find happiness.

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Due to the fact that she is a dreamer and likes to stay in her head most of the time, she sometimes feels that others might not be able to understand her. Expressing the ways she sees life is difficult for Pisces girls. Opening up to others is even scarier, although she can trust others easily. However, the rejection that might come from expressing herself is often what stops her from making new friends.

Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step to bettering yourself. Let us know if you agree about the faults of Pisces women. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who know many girls that behave like this. See you next time!

Source: Relationship Rules


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