Dog The Bounty Hunter Cast Net Worth: Unexpected Runner-up

Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman is the head of the family of the famous TV show, 'Dog, the Bounty Hunter'. The show originated when Chapman made international news by capturing Andrew Luster, a criminal who fled the United States in the middle of his trial. 

At that time, bounty hunter Chapman took it upon himself to capture the criminal and he finally succeeded in 2003. He was assisted by his "hunt team" which consisted of two of his sons, Leland and Tim Chapman. That was the very beginning of a family business that lasted several years. 

Chapman and his family captured the attention of the American public as a result of their success in apprehending the criminal who had avoided capture for a number of years. As a result of the attention the family was getting, they were featured in different interviews and finally were signed on for a reality TV show for A&E in 2004. It had eight good seasons before it was finally canceled in 2012. 

The show captured Chapman and his team as they locate and arrest people who have broken the terms of their bail agreements. The show revolved around the Chapman team which consisted of Duane and Beth Chapman, Leland Chapman, Duane Lee Chapman II, and Lyssa Chapman, as they all worked together in their quest to retrieve bond paying defaulters to justice.

Seven years later, a family conflict arose, which resulted in the some of the cast quitting the show. In January 2012, both brothers, Leland and Duane Lee, confirmed they were no longer going to be a part of the show. Leland now operates his own bail bond company in Alabama called "Bounty Hunter Tactical Supply Co." He lives there with his wife, Jamie P. Chapman, whom he married in 2016. Meanwhile, Duane Lee moved to Florida and also began operating his own bail bond company in Jacksonville. The brothers have since reconciled with their family. 

In April 2013, Duane "Dog" Chapman's new television show, 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt', debuted on CMT. The show features Dog, Beth, and Leland traveling across the country giving bail bondsmen business advice and assisting them with bounties. The pilot episode featured Leland and Dog working together for the first time since the split in 2012. 

Each week, the Chapmans will arrive in a different city to work with local bondsman offices and their team of bounty hunters. Upon arrival, the Chapmans will bring their years of experience to every aspect of the business, from the writing of bonds to the implementation of tactical tracking and hi-tech device training.

When Beth Chapman was diagnosed with throat cancer in early 2017, Duane decided to share her story with fans. The result was an A&E Special series named 'Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives,' which was premiered on November 27, 2017. Duane documented her doctor's visit, how Beth and Duane shared the diagnosis with their family, the difficult 13-hour surgery and coping with all the demands of her health after the surgery. 

Dog and Beth are an iconic television duo and the most celebrated bounty hunters in the business today. In addition to eight successful seasons of their hit reality series, 'Dog the Bounty Hunter', Dog Chapman is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book 'You Can Run But You Can’t Hide' and his follow-up memoir 'Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given'. They also had a fair run with other shows and even now are starting a new WGN America series in 2019 titled 'Dog's Most Wanted'. 

As a result of their stint on television over the years, they have acquired some wealth that makes their position and life a bit easier and helps them deal with all the problems they'd been having with Beth's disease. Let's take a look at each member of the famous family and their individual net-worth.


Tim Chapman surprisingly comes in second after the big dog. He earned the alias "Youngblood" after many years of taking down bail jumpers. Tim Chapman has a net worth of $3 million, even though he is retired right now. Moreover, he actually has no blood ties with the family even though he bears the same last name.


Tim Storey was one of the few main cast members who doesn’t share the name Chapman. His experience as a life coach was invaluable during the show's eight-year run. He performed the wedding ceremony between Duane and Beth and was also the voice of reason between conflicting characters within the show. Presently, his net-worth is unknown, although some sources state that it could be around $400,000. But what we do know is that he mostly makes his money through his motivational speeches and inspirational books, as well as appearing on famous talk shows like 'The Oprah Winfrey show'.

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Currently 31 years old, Lyssa Chapman has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Unlike the rest of the hunting party, she earns her fortunes by being an entrepreneur and business lady. Lyssa manages Hawaii’s premier tanning salon called "No Tan Lines LLP". She also used the money she got off her time with A&E to start the "Home of the Better Body Bed with Red Light Technology". Like her stepmom, Lyssa finds joy in giving back to society. 


Taking up after the big dog is the spitting image of his father Duane Jr. The 45 years old's net worth is unknown and currently under review. Unlike the rest of the crew, he became a regular on the show during its 2nd season. However, little is know about his finances and his established net worth varies according to different sources. 

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Leland Chapman is not doing bad at all. Known for tackling down runners with his black belt martial arts moves, Leland Chapman follows his father’s fortune closely by garnering a net worth of approximately $2 million. Leland's money is not all from his time on reality television. Leland had a tough childhood and he learned to channel his excess energy productively. He grew up into a champion by becoming a professional kickboxer and MMA fighter. This is where his income comes from. 


Beth Chapman is following closely behind Leland with a net worth of $2 million too. The 51-year-old made her millions by becoming an executive TV producer, as well as playing the roles that were demanded of her. Sadly, her fight with throat cancer has been an ongoing battle. The TV star is a staunch member of the "Make a Wish Foundation" and gladly gives back to society.


Coming in first is the patriarch of the family. 66-year-old Duane Chapman has a net worth of approximately $6 million. After many years as a reality TV star, we've got to hand it to him. He didn't make all his money from just shows though - he has two books that also added to his fortune. The "Dog" is obviously doing well. 

Needless to say, the Chapman family has had a good run with reality TV. Even though they are not in the league of the Kardashians, they are still doing pretty well, right? Let us know what you think about them in the comments. See ya!

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