Health Condition in the 'Dog The Bounty Hunter Family: What We Know So Far

Beth Chapman, wife of Duane Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter), has been battling cancer for almost two years now. However, instead of letting it negatively impact her, she has chosen to handle it well. Beth still works, parties and plays like always and regularly posts about her life on social media. Her free spirit and optimistic approach to life inspire her many fans all over the world. Here is how the awesome Beth has pulled through her rollercoaster journey.

Discovery and disappearance

Beth was first diagnosed with throat cancer in September 2017. She started having severe trouble breathing, and upon visiting the hospital, doctors confirmed it was cancer. It was such a heartbreaking experience for her and her family. She tried a series of options to better her health - she did everything she could to manage it. Eventually, she underwent surgery that lasted for about 13 hours. The result of the operation was the removal of the tumor in her throat. The news of the success of the surgery was a big relief for Dog and his wife, as her breathing was restored.

The comeback

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The Beat goes on !

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In November 2018, Beth was rushed into the hospital for emergency surgery. During the operation, it was discovered that she had a relapse, and her cancer had come back after she'd been in remission for just about one year. Beth and her husband only have chemotherapy as their resort to manage the situation. She also uses some alternative treatments to aid her health condition.

Bad Gone Worse

The worst is that doctors have declared this current situation to be incurable. That's basically a death sentence, and the family was severely hit with the devastating news. The chemotherapy and alternative treatments she uses are only to lengthen her days. If that isn't heartbreaking enough, doctors conducted a biopsy on her and noticed that the cancer has spread. Along with her throat, her lungs are suffering too. That's a lot to handle for any human being.

51st birthday celebration

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Number 5 is alive 🤣

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Despite her bad condition and the family going through trying times, Beth has managed to remain in high spirits. This is someone who would not allow anything, not even cancer, to dampen her mood. On October 29, 2018, Beth turned 51 and celebrated it in the most hilarious of ways. She shared a funny picture of something creative she had done. It was a picture of a pumpkin giving birth. It was very realistic and had all the features of a maternity ward.

Dog's Most Wanted

Cancer does slow many down, but not this one. Her work hasn't suffered one bit because of her sickness. Currently, she is shooting 'Dog's Most Wanted' with her husband. It's a new reality TV series that should hit our screens real soon. She shared a picture on Instagram that supported this. The inspiring selfie was captioned, "#dogwgna history in the making #dogsmostwanted #cancersucks #stayhumblepray #itsonlyhair."

Great grandbaby

Beth had posted a picture of her smiling self carrying her newly born great-grandson earlier this year. Her first great-grandson, Asher, was welcomed into the family on January 26, and she's stopping at nothing to show her immense happiness. Asher's father is her 23-year-old grandson, Dakota Chapman. His presence is another blessing to the 13-year-old marriage of Dog and Beth.

Strong Woman

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If one were to describe this free-spirited reality TV star in one word, it would be 'strong.' She speaks her mind without holding back out of fear. When a radio station, Power 140.3, had made fun of her, she called them out and pointed out that they were wrong. On Twitter, she expressed her anger and displeasure at the constant attacks meted against her and her family by the Hawaii-based radio station. She showed she takes nonsense from no one. In turn, her fans stood behind her and rallied great support for her against Power FM. Let's hope they learned their lesson.

Puppy Pizza Party

The fact that Beth Chapman loves to party is an undeniable fact. She loves her puppies so much that she treated them to a pizza party full of all the fanfare. She had shared a picture on Instagram of Duke, her bulldog of a Chihuahua mix, sniffing the pizza. She captioned the photo with, “Pups and pizza night ???? lol, I have to make them their own, duke just waits for his pizza he just lays by the oven”. Beth loves dogs, and the party must have brought back painful memories of their dog which died after a painful surgery in January. It had been a difficult moment for her and her husband, Dog.

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Catching Fugitives

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Back at it ! He said she said #dogandbeth

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Dog and Beth derive special pleasure in catching breakers of the law who become fugitives - and that hasn't stopped with Beth's cancer. After being declared wanted for rape and sexual battery of a minor, 39-year-old Jinel Sexton went into hiding. Beth and Dog went after him, and the couple finally apprehended him in Louisiana. It was so relieving to see Sexton in handcuffs, as Beth posted pictures on social media after his arrest. Dog and Beth once again showed they aren't called bounty hunters for nothing.

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Dog's Support

Ever since Beth had been diagnosed with cancer, Dog "the Bounty Hunter" has proved himself to be the best of lovers. He had once said about Beth's cancer, “I cry all the time. I think I’m in a bad dream and I need to wake up. People keep saying to me, ‘Dog, are you OK?’ But I’m not the one who’s sick.” We feel so sorry for him. Dog has consistently shown his loyalty and support for Beth in these trying times. In the past year, he is often seen on social media requesting fans to pray for them. Once, he had shared a photo of himself and some friends, heads bowed, praying concerning Beth's cancer.

Beth might be going through what is arguably the most difficult of times right now, but she continues to inspire her fans around the world with her beautiful spirit. That amazing inspiration has gotten to us also. Whether you're a fan or not, showing some support for the Chapman family would go a long way to comfort the family at the moment. You could join Dog and offer some prayer for his wife or better still share this article with your friends and let us know your thoughts about Beth and her family.

Sources: Inquisitr, Direkt Lajme

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