10 Things People Often Ignore About Beth Chapman But Their Role In Her Life Is Crucial

Many of us are actually celebrity know-it-alls as we are always up to date with what's happening in the lives of our favorite stars. Some even go as far as knowing their favorite meal and color. However, as much as we know some celebrities, there are others we know close to nothing about. Beth Chapman is one of the latter. Although most people are familiar with the name Beth Chapman, the majority don’t know the reality television star beyond her role in ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter.’

However, all that soon changed when Beth’s cancer diagnosis came to light. Her illness brought her into the spotlight, but Beth handled attention with grace and courage. Rather than have people feel sorry for her, Beth chose to be an inspiration to others, and this is one of the reasons why we love her. Read on to find out the other reasons why Beth is a special woman.

10. Revolutionary Beth

Now let's calm down, it's not like she tried to overthrow a government or start a rebel faction. Beth only tried to provoke the boycott of a radio station, for undeniable reasons. The radio station was making light of her cancer plight by encouraging listeners to call in and tell their worst stories about the Chapman family. Although the Chapmans have had a rough past like any other reality television family, that was not the time to kick her down. Using their secrets to increase listeners’ rates was low of the station.

9. Cancer vs. Beth

It is no news that Beth has been battling cancer for about two years. The mother-of-four was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017 but underwent a 13-hour surgery to remove a Stage 2 tumor. The operation was successful, and Beth was in remission for a year until bad news struck late last year again. Initially, she and her husband believed they would beat cancer again, but doctors seem to think otherwise as they referred to her condition as incurable. Nevertheless, Beth doesn’t allow her health to bring her down as she continues to be a beacon to others.

8. Great-grand nana Beth

Yes, Beth Chapman is a great-grandmother, something pretty shocking right. Although the 51-year-old star looks younger than usual, Duane’s wife is a proud great-grandmother. Her 23-year old grandson welcomed a baby in January, changing Beth’s status from grand-nana to great-grand-nana Beth. Despite the struggles of her illness, Beth continues to deliver on her great-grandmother duties. The proud great-grandmum even took to her Instagram to share the great news with her fans. Beth looked happy and fulfilled as she held on to her great-grandson while in the hospital.  

7. Beth Chapman isn’t her birth name

It’s almost impossible to believe that Beth isn’t her birth name as it fits her bounty hunter personality perfectly. Unfortunately, Beth doesn’t have a tough real named as her full name is Alice Elizabeth Smith. At least, we now know where the name Beth came from. It is not sure why she settled for Beth rather than Alice; however, Beth sounds more confident and stronger. Do you agree?

6. Moderated followership

One would think that with the resurgence of her cancer, Beth's followers on social media platforms would have exploded to a dangerous level. Surprisingly, she has a few hundred thousand followers who seem more than enough as they never stop offering their prayers and kind words to Beth. She enjoys updating them on her health progress and they never get tired of it.

5. Multi-talented Beth

Not only is Beth an actress, a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a bounty hunter, and great-grandmother; she is also a producer. The talented woman has been working both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras for a while now. Also, she and Duane have featured in a few different shows that ended up providing them a stable career.  

4. A bounty queen

Beth is not the wife of a bounty hunter for nothing as she helps her husband of 13 years to run the bail bond office. Also, she assists in bringing in his bounties as seen on the show severally. Luckily, her ailment isn’t strong enough to stop her from doing the things she loves, especially bounty hunting. Recently, the bounty hunters went on an expedition to apprehend a fugitive facing a child sex charge. Proud of their effort, Beth showed off her bounty prowess with a photo of herself staring at the criminal who was handcuffed.

3. Tragedy to wedding bells

Although Duane and Beth have a wonderful love story, it wasn’t all positive from the start. Duane’s 23-year old daughter, Barbara Katy Chapman, died in a car accident on May 19, 2006,  a day before their wedding ceremony. One would say that marriage immediately after such a tragedy was unheard of, but the fact that plans for the nuptials had been ongoing made it impossible to be canceled. The wedding took place because Duane knew that he needed Beth’s support the most at such a hard time.

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2. Youngest bonds mistress

Beth entered the bail bonds business at quite a very young age. At age 29, she was the youngest lady to join the business in Colorado. Her record was eventually broken by her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who entered into the business at 19. Regardless, Beth deserves to be celebrated as she created a path for Lyssa to follow.

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1. Hair-free and strong

One of the greatest fears of women when it comes to cancer is that of chemotherapy and the hair loss prospect. The fear of this leads many to wear wigs and cover up their hair. However, Beth is not that kind of woman as she believes her hair would grow again and doesn’t fuss about it. She remains as confident and beautiful as ever. Her hair does not define her beauty. What a woman!

With all these reasons, it is hard not to love Beth Chapman the way we do. Our prayers remain with her family as they pass through this tough phase. Nevertheless, if you are a huge fan of the Bounty hunter series make sure you read our articles below for more information.

Source: TVOM, Msn, Inquistr.

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