New Recruite For Avengers And 10 Other Things To Know About MCU New Trailer

'The Avengers: Endgame's' trailer is out, and fans can't stop talking about it. Marvel’s ability to give suspense is unrivaled, and guesses and permutations have been ongoing to determine what possibly happened in the movie. Here, we provide a list of some subtle signs you may have missed. No spoilers, we promise. We don't want to ruin the fun. But find out new appearances in the movie, a possibility of time travel and also a feasible way Thanos is defeated.


At the beginning of the trailer, we see Tony Stark and Nebula in a dangerous condition in space and lonely. Tony was running out of Oxygen and out of help. He tried sending a message to Pepper Potts in case he couldn't make it back to the earth. Thankfully, they both made it back to earth. Both Tony and Nebula feature in one of the closing scenes with other Avengers. They were all wearing the high tech Quantum Realm suits. Tony is no longer in danger, and we expect to see him in action as the Avengers combat Thanos.


Black Widow almost always changes her hair color in every MCU movie. The last time, in 'Infinity War,' she had gone full blonde. Then, it was understandable because she was a fugitive and trying to be unrecognizable. When the trailer begins, she is seen in the same blonde hair packed in a small bob. Then we see different styles and colors all through the trailer. At some point, she dons her blond hair in long braids. And later it becomes red.


What is most noticeable in Black Widow’s hair is how it becomes red towards the end. Before her shifting hairstyles, Black Widow had been a redhead, and this is a going back to her roots. Analysts suggest one thing: time travel. The idea of time travel makes sense as many other events in the trailer point to the same fact. The Avengers may have resorted to going back in time, undoing Thanos's destruction and clamping down the monster once and for all.


The team composed of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, with Ant-Man, probably, must have thought time travel is their only option. We already mentioned that Black Widow's red hair suggest that. It is believed that the time shift maybe five years or more. That's because even Tony's hair suggests the same thing. It's not too hard to notice grey strands of hair on Tony's head which means some time must have passed.


Captain Marvel makes an appearance in the 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer. Analysts and critics have been trying to figure out what exactly her contribution would be. However, whatever she does, we should expect that it is done in partnership with Thor. Both seemed to have kicked off a friendly relationship in the trailer, and we can only imagine what happens as a result.


Rocket Raccoon is known for his trademark Groot pose when shooting: hang and fire. He needs a partner for this and seems to have found one in Rhodey. In the trailer, we see Rocket Raccoon and Rhodey being paired up. This news may not move some as it does others, but it counts as something. We'll know when we see the movie.


No one knows what happened to Hawkeye’s family. Thanos's snap had probably caused their vanishing. Remember that Hawkeye (Clint Barton) had taken a bow from being a superhero. He intends to spend more time with his family. Caring, huh? Many imaginations have gone wild since seeing him make an appearance at the end. He had a weird haircut anyway.

More intriguing is the appearance of Kate Bishop, and people who have seen the comics know that Kate Bishop is Hawkeye's daughter and she had taken over the mantle as the Hawkeye from her father. Whether the same thing would happen in the movies too, we don't yet know.  Anyway, Bishop has good marksmanship and is a worthy successor of Hawkeye. But some questions remain? Will Barton give it up for Bishop? Or is Barton meant to die in 'Endgame'?


The array of Avengers towards the end wearing Quantum Realm suits is perhaps the biggest hint at time travel. Many have suggested that the Quantum Realm suits would help them travel back in time to defeat Thanos. Anything goes in the furious attempt to defeat Thanos and undo his mindless snap. What exactly are the high tech suits meant for? April 26 doesn't seem so far away.


It is known already that Thor and Captain Marvel strike a partnership in the movie. But what brings more curiosity is how they are missing from the array of Avengers wearing quantum suits. Do they even have theirs?

About Thor, this is not the first time he'd be on a separate mission from others. He was in a different battle in 'Age of Ultron' and 'Infinity War' before he came in to join the other Avengers once the movie was in an advanced stage. Well, the MCU might be setting Thor and Captain Marvel up to stage a huge upset later in the film. After all, they are arguably the strongest of the Avengers. And who knows the limit of what their combined attack would be like?

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There is a scene from the Super Bowl teaser in the trailer. It could be yet another hint of the Avengers playing with time. The Super Bowl teaser clip looks very familiar and also seems to have been edited explicitly for the trailer. It's somewhat dark, but the Avengers white quantum suits are noticeably missing. Coupled with Black Widow still sporting her blonde Bob, we can only guess it happens earlier in the movie. Well, there are some things we'd never know until the film is out. So wait patiently.


Once again, Captain America's costume has undergone a significant change. He appears in the poster in a new armor that seems to be reminiscent of the comics, and that may be true. It probably really is the snail mail armor in the comics. Well, whether it is or not, the new armor looks cool.

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Do you still remember Benedict Wong? He's the one who plays Wong in Doctor Strange. It seems he had survived Thanos’ snap too as his name is part of the list of cast for Endgame. It’s not so easy to determine who survived the snap and who didn't, but we can guess some names.

Apart from Benedict Wong, other possible names are Jon Favreau and Gwyneth Paltrow. In that case, we should expect that Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts survived too. The duo appeared in the trailer of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' so they must be in the MCU somewhere. Whether these appearances are flashbacks or actual pointers to their survival, no one can say. We hope for the best.

'Avengers: Endgame' leaves every MCU fan salivating already. Even non-MCU fans can already feel the heat. Nevertheless, one thing we can be sure of is that, whatever happens, this last 'Avengers' would be nothing short of amazing. Gosh! Can April 26 come already? By the way, if you've not seen the trailer, you should hurry now to stream or download it, and we will like to know your thoughts on this article and let your friends share in your sweet experience by sharing this article with them.

Sources: Insider, CBR

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