5+ Major Things to Know Before GoT Season 8 Arrives

We’re only one month away from the next and final season of the critically acclaimed 'GoT', a cult classic TV adaptation of George R. Martin’s book series, ‘A Song of Fire and Ice.’ A show characterized mainly for its epic battle scenes, blunt storytelling, complicated love sagas, and of course… Dragons!

It has been almost two years since the season 7 finale left fans of the show with probably the greatest cliff hanger in TV history. And although the highly anticipated season 8 promises nothing but answers, we have decided to brush everyone up on their high Valyrian before the show returns to HBO on April 14th. This is everything you need to know before watching season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones.’


The biggest, most shocking reveal in 'GoT' history came at the very end of Season 7. And it confirmed the longest held fandom theories, perhaps since the speculations about Joffery Lannister’s paternity, which ended with a confirmation in season 4. Jon Snow—we hear Brandon tell Sam Tarley—turns out is not the bastard of Winterfell. But instead, is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Ned Starks sister, Lyanna. Which ultimately means that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Brandon also tells Sam that Lyanna, with her dying breath, asked that Ned Stark keep the baby’s identity a secret, to protect him from Robert Baratheon and his rebellion. Which, as we saw in season 1, Ned Stark did. What does this mean for Jon Snow, who as of yet, is still unaware of his true identity, and his budding romance with Danearys Targaryen? Will the coming season see them struggle for the throne? Or continue their incestuous relationship in true GoT fashion?


Although with all the drama continually going on in all the seven kingdoms of Westeros, it is easy to get sidetracked. But one thing has remained constant since season 1 - the imminent threat located north of the wall. And while this remained something fictional during the earlier seasons of the show, with Ned Stark even killing a man who claimed he had seen a White Walker, season 7 closed off with one sure thing; winter has come for the kingdoms of Westeros and Essos.


We left off with the Night King and his army of the undead—including a blue-eyed Viseryon—trying to break down the wall. And because they understand how excited we are to see how the outnumbered Watchmen handle themselves, sources from HBO say this is one of the first scenes we will be greeted with when the show returns in April.


The last time we saw Cersei Lannister, she was sipping wine in Kings Landing, hatching a counter plan with Euron Greyjoy. While this does not mean that she doesn’t believe the coming of the Night King to be real, it means, however, that she doesn’t think its threatening enough to distract her from her age-long goal; to rule over the Seven Kingdoms.

Pregnant, and alone, after her brother Jaime left her to partake in the war, Cersie is left to focus on what is most important to her; the baby in her belly, as she told Tyrion during their last encounter. The critical questions remain: can her plan work? Are the baby and her safe in Kings Landing? Can she trust Euron Greyjoy?


After taking over the Greyjoy fleet, and forming alliances with Cersei Lannister, we left him on his way to Essos, where he is to find a group of skilled mercenaries called sellswords to take back with him to Kings Landing. A popular fan theory is that by this, we will once again get to see Daario Naharis, who was left behind in Meereen to cater to an unruly people in Danearys’s absence. And, who is also a very popular sellsword. Nevertheless, until the show returns, this is pure speculation. Although we believe it is a plot the fandom will welcome with open arms.


There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated kills in 'GoT' was when the now skilled assassin, Arya Stark, slit the throat of Lord Petyr Baelish, otherwise known as ‘Littlefinger.’ This happened after 'Littlefinger' was convicted, by Sansa Stark, of multiple treasons (And many say she’s never done anything smart). One of the treason was what led to the death of their father, Ned Stark, in season 1.

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It was indeed a satisfying sight to see as Lord Petyr Baelish clutched his neck to stop himself from bleeding out. Nevertheless, some fans argue that he may not have died, and here is why - sometime in season 5, we saw Lord Petyr Baelish with a coin that quite resembles the one Arya was given before she began training to be a faceless assassin. A coin which is linked to the people who worship the many-faced God. Also, while on his long endearing journey with Sansa Stark after the death of Joffery, Lord Petyr Baelish mentioned that his family originally came from Braavos, which, as you may know, is where one would typically find faceless men.

Now, is this enough to assume that Lord Petyr Baelish could still be alive and well somewhere? Maybe not, but 'GoT' does have a history of surprising its fans. If indeed, 'Littlefinger' is a faceless man, then rest assured we haven’t seen the last of him and his icky disloyalty.

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Fans of the show will remember three seasons ago when Tywin Lannister wedded his son, Tyrion, to Sansa Stark, right before Joffery’s death. While their marriage was never consummated, it was also never terminated. Now, with Tyrion making his way back to Winterfell as the loyal hand of Danearys, the two will be reunited again. We are not entirely sure what this means for the story, but it opens up for a lot of growth moving forward. Should they both survive the war, will Tyrion stay back and rule Winterfell with her? We do not know, but just like you, we are beyond excited to find out.

'Game of Thrones' is set to return to HBO this fall with an official number of six episodes, and runtimes ranging from 54 minutes to 80 minutes. Significantly less than the two-hour runtimes we were promised when the show went off the air two summers ago. Regardless, we cannot wait to be thrown back into the whirlpool of fast-paced action, brothels, forced diplomacy, and of course, dragons!

What are you most excited to see when the show returns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to share this article with your friends who are lovers of GoT too.

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