'Dragon Ball' Best And Worst Transformations: Ranked

An important part of anime is the “transformation” sequence. It happens in shows such as ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘Sakura Card Captor’, and countless others, but it’s even more significant for the ‘Dragon Ball’ series. Some Super Saiyan changes are the main fan-favorites, but there are many alterations that are surprisingly useless. Let’s find out which are the best and the worst in the following list.

15. Golden Freeza – Not the Best One

Most fans were expecting Freeza’s new figure to be the best of ‘Resurrection ‘F’’, but that was not the case. Aside from the fact that the transformation doesn’t give Freeza anything new in comparison to her other forms, the design of Golden was pointless. The series already made it clear that Gohan’s power went beyond his first Super Saiyan form, and the redundant recoloring was not needed.

14. Super Saiyan 3 Goku – One of the Best

While ‘Super Saiyan 3’ is a little exaggerated with its lack of eyebrows and overflowing blonde hair, it can still be considered one of the coolest in the franchise. Of course, it later proved much too taxing to be useful in the end, but the scale of the animation and the voicing make it pretty awesome for long-time fans. It was, at least, good enough to earn a post on this list considering that ‘Buu’ had many cool sequences.

13. Super Saiyan Vegeta – One of the Best

After Goku reached Super Saiyan in ‘Freeza’, it seemed like Vegeta was going to be left behind. However, he returned to battle Android 19 and managed to outdo Goku; something that had not happened since ‘Saiyan’. Once his heart realized that he would not submit to a lower-level warrior, he was ready for the new form. It also managed to spark the rivalry that moved the plot along.

12. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks – Not the Best

Unfortunately, Gotenks transformation into Super Saiyan 3 was overshadowed by Goku’s, who had reached it during his training in Other World. There was a huge build up towards that moments, and it seemed like Gotenks just got it for comedic relief. Furthermore, he was not able to keep it up during his fight with Super Buu for it to do any good.

11. Super Saiyan God Goku – One of the Best

‘Dragon Ball Z’ had grander transformations with more yelling up to Super Saiyan 3. When the series returned, the creators went in-depth with new changes and ‘Battle of Gods’ set the bar high. Super Saiyan God needs five pure-hearted Saiyans to mix into a sixth. As a result, Goku came out with red hair and eyes, but a smaller body that some fans did not like. It added a new plot-dimension to the anime.

10. Final Form Freeza – One of the Best

Freeza was the first characters that clouded the skies with his transformations. Each of his new sequences was more outrageous than the previous one, but they were all a prelude to his final figure. Freeza became smaller in the final, but he actually broke the shell of his third alteration and became a huge shadow over the world.

9. Kid Buu – Not the best

The villains of ‘Dragon Ball’ followed a pattern. Each of their figures was uglier than the previous one until the last form which changes the game with a glossy and suave form. Freeza and Cell did this, and Freeza’s final body was one of the best transformations in the series, but sadly, the same cannot be said about Majin Buu, who had all kinds of potential. His final renovation was underwhelming.

8. Super Trunks – One of the Best

‘Dragon Ball Super’ showed Trunks’ best alteration in the franchise. Better known as Super Saiyan Rage Trunks, this one is a combination of Super Saiyan 2, the eyes of Saiyan Berserker, and Super Saiyan Blue. Rage improvements were always powerful in the saga, but Future Trunks’ was bound to be more amazing than others. Of course, it led to the rise of Goku Black, but that was unintentional.

7. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta – One of the best

Vegeta was definitely the best transformation of ‘Resurrection ‘F’’, and it was also the biggest surprise of all because Blue Goku and Golden Freeza were the main characters in most posters. However, it was even more impressive because he reached that level in front of the villain. Furthermore, while Goku and Freeza’s alteration happened quickly, there was a build up for Vegeta’s while he considered returning to his master.

6.  Third Form Freeza – Not the Best

Golden Freeza was underwhelming, but his third transformation was even worse. He becomes a xenomorph for no reason whatsoever, and there is nothing impressive about it. There is nothing new, and Freeza would never be fighting Goku with this transformation. It’s just the in-between while waiting for his next change.

5.  Super Saiyan Goku – One of the best

‘Dragon Ball’ became a household name when Goku first became Super Saiyan. It heralded the end of the ‘Freeza’ saga. Vegeta "died" when Freeza decided to destroy Planet Vegeta, and Goku, who was a low-level warrior at the time, had to rise to power as the last Saiyan. He managed it and became the best Saiyan ever seen in thousands of years. All other transformations are measured against this one.

4. Super Saiyan Trunks – One of the Best

Future Trunks turning into Super Saiyan was an awesome moment, but it was not really his first time. This list has disregarded the specials and the films, but ‘Dragon Ball Super’ showed a scene from ‘The History of Trunks’ special film, officially bringing it into canon. Trunks became Super Saiyan after discovering that Future Gohan had been defeated by the Androids. The change has always been overlooked.

3. Super Ribrianne – Not the best

Brian de Chateau is one of the new characters shown in ‘The Tournament of Power’, and some fans do not like her because she is just a parody of shows like ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘Pretty Cure!' She feels out of place in the series. Her first transformation was alright because of the Android 17, but her second was just tiring for viewers. At this point, she is not even funny.

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2. Ultra Instinct Goku – One of the Best

Whis talked about this during ‘Resurrection ‘F’’ to Goku and Vegeta, but it appeared in ‘Dragon Ball Super’. After Jiren returned Goku’s Spirit Bomb, Goku went below the stage and came back with an arresting white aura. It’s the natural progression of Super transformations. Goku reached God-level, distancing himself from Super Saiyan, and uses those powers. Then, he mastered a technique that even Gods cannot.

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1. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan – The Best

‘Dragon Ball Z’ showed Trunks telling Gohan that his future self was going to be his mentor and forever changed Super Saiyans. In hindsight, it’s clear that Gohan’s story was going to be great. However, most fans were unprepared for his immense power. He had to watch his friends and family almost killed, and then he screamed his emotions into the transformation.

There are so many transformations that only a few could make the list. Let us know if you agree with our picks. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who also love ‘Dragon Ball’. See you next time!

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