Dragon Ball: Goku’s Family Tree Breakdown

In the beginning, there was absolutely no mention of Goku’s family. There was only Grandpa Gohan, but it was later revealed that he had no blood relation to Goku. As the series went on, some family members were revealed that most of our readers might not even remember. Keep on reading to find out about the people in Goku’s family tree.


For the longest time, Goku thought that he was related to the people of Earth, but that is not the case. His lineage started with Bardock, who is known as one of the first Saiyans. He has 100% Saiyan blood and is the father of Goku and Raditz. He was introduced to the franchise in a TV special in 1990 called ‘Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku’.

He had a wife named Gine, the mother of his children, who is also a first-generation Saiyan with 100% Saiyan blood. She and her husband lived around the time of Freeza’s rule, but they fell in love when she was part of Bardock’s Planet Elite Force. He ended up saving her several times, which led to their romance. Gine’s gentle disposition made her unsuitable for fighting.

She started working at the meat market on Planet Vegeta. Gine gave birth to Raditz, and then Kakarot, who was renamed Goku. Raditz was one of the only surviving Saiyans after their planet was destroyed. He was the antagonist of the ‘Raditz Saga’, as he wanted Goku to join him in order to conquer more planets.

Goku was sent to Earth and landed in the mountains of China, where he was found by Gohan who adopted and changed his name from Kakarot to Son Goku. Goku thought Gohan was his blood relative until Raditz found him and revealed the truth. However, he would be related to another Gohan in the future.


Regarding the people of Earth, there is Ox-King, a 100% Earthling and the father of Chichi. He trained with Grandpa Gohan once, and with Master Roshi at the Turtle School. There is not a lot of information regarding Ox-King’s wife, although she was mentioned a couple of times. Sadly, the only look of her in the entire series is a painting from the episode ‘Dress in Flames’.

In the drawing, she sits on her husband’s hand and holds baby Chichi. However, it’s later mentioned that she died the year she gave birth to Chichi. Famously, Goku married Chichi, and for the first time in ‘Dragon Ball’ lore, Saiyan blood was diluted. The couple has a baby, who they named Gohan and is 50% Saiyan and 50% Earthling.

He had a different childhood than his father, Goku. He had a loving family and a stable home. Gohan was also intelligent, but unlike Goku, he didn’t like to fight. In fact, he was scared more than most children. Goku gave him the four-star Dragon Ball and placed it in his hat in honor of Grandpa Gohan.

Gohan will spread his blood through Earth. By the end of the series, it’s revealed that Goku and Chichi had another son named Goten. There is not much mention of Goten’s future family or if he had any children at all. Gohan is the one that procreated. He married Videl, whose father is Hercule also known as Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan’s wife, Miguel, was never seen in the series, and she is also dead.

They had a kid named Pan, Goku’s granddaughter. Pan is a fourth generation Saiyan with 25% Saiyan blood and 75% Earthling blood. Pan actually helped her grandfather before being born. Goku needed the power of five pure-hearted Saiyans to become Super Saiyan God and face Beerus, the God of Destruction. Therefore, her powers might be diluted, but she was still awesome.

After Pan, the lineage gets a bit confusing. By the end of ‘Dragon Ball GT’, Pan is an old lady who is watching her grandson, Goku Jr., fight in The World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku Jr. is only 6.25% Saiyan and the last descendant of Goku. Unfortunately, Pan’s spouse or even her child, who would be Goku Jr.’s parent, is never mentioned.

Goku Jr. also appeared in ‘Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy’. Despite how little blood he has, Goku Jr. can achieve Super Saiyan just like his opponent during the tournament, Vegeta Jr. It was revealed that he was not as strong as Goku at that age because Goku Jr. did not possess the passion to train as his ancestor.

Unless ‘Dragon Ball Super’ finds a way to connect to this, it’s very likely that Goku Jr.s’ parents will remain a mystery forever. Therefore, Goku’s known-lineage does not span for many generations, but it surely goes beyond. The problem is that they have no revealed who Bardock’s ancestors were. However, one of the best parts of this anime saga is the characters grow up.

There is a real development that not only focuses on the battling and the Super Saiyan transformations but also they show a level of realism, which has undoubtedly helped fans relate to the characters all these decades. The protagonists become parents, eventually passing down the line and the last of the Saiyan blood.

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There is also a fan debate about the origins of Turles. Some people believe that he is Goku’s older brother, mainly due to his similar appearance. Turles is a Saiyan pirate who was once part of the Frieza Force Saiyan Army, but he went rogue and decided to travel the galaxy to conquer planets. He had a group of other renegades called the Turles Crusher Corps.

He is the antagonist of ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Tree Of Might’, and it is easy to think that he might be related to Goku. Some fans even debate that he is Goku’s twin brother. His goals seemed very similar to Raditz’s plans. However, other people argue that they are not siblings because of Saiyan’s relations. Bardock and Gine’s romance was different from other Saiyans.

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In fact, most people got together for the purposes of reproduction, and then both parties went separate ways. Since Bardock’s lineage is unknown, there is a chance that he might have had a sibling, who could be Turles’ father or mother. Therefore, they could be related, but not that closely. Otherwise, it’s likely that it would have been mentioned.

His similar looks were just a plot device. It’s interesting how the story created a whole universe with several generations, unlike other anime. Let us know what you think about Goku’s lineage. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who started watching ‘Dragon Ball’ as kids. See you next time!

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