20 Most Annoying People In The World

Annoying people are everywhere, and what makes it worse is that some know they are annoying but don't care. Others do care, but they can not just help themselves. These are the very most annoying people you'll meet. Imagine someone driving on fresh concrete, or shaving in a public pool. The list goes on and on, but here are twenty annoying people that will make you cringe.

20. Public transport enemies

It is difficult to figure out why anyone thinks dumping trash in public transport is a civil right. These people will drop just about anything on the floor in buses without even blinking; take a look at the photo above, come on!

19. Trespassers

Our world has rules for a reason -  to maintain order. Nonetheless, even the most basic of rules are broken regularly. One of such is overstepping barriers placed around a museum artifact. It is ridiculous anyone would insist on taking pictures with antiquity by stepping across the boundary.

18. Unmonitored Kids

Seeing kids scream and scatter things in a store immediately draws the question, where are their parents/guardians? It's just ridiculous that anyone would allow a child to make noise and pull things off shelves. Take a look at the mess this child has created. The important question is who is going to pay for all these? The store owner should certainly get paid for this mess.

17. The airplane passenger no one wants to be friends with

There's always that passenger who looks like he or she is out to make the trip hell for others. The worst of them is someone pulling out their underwear, holding it up the AC to dry it. Now that is super embarrassing. Also if she must dry her underwear, there must be a better way, or just wait till the trip was over.

16. Pollution

There are laws against pollution and littering, but many still violate them. They probably don't know how much damage they are doing the environment and the people. Fortunately, the people in that picture were caught. Good riddance.

15. Shamelessly Dirty

People should at least have the decency to clear out their trash after messing a place up. That's not so with spectators who mess up movie theatres. How are the next set of viewers suppose to see their favorite movie in this mess? The world just needs a little bit of consideration.

14. Annoyance Level: 100

The most annoying people are those who think annoying people is a joke. This biker was riding his bike and when the car got next to him, the driver accelerated the vehicle to the point that dark smoke from the exhaust came right out, and engulfed the rider. It's even more silly that the car's occupants think it's funny.

13. Multipurpose Smartphone

It's strange when people use their smartphone to carry sandwiches and even drinks because they could damage their phone. There must be some other way, but, what can we do to them?

12. Fraudulent Marketers

Traders that try to trick their buyers are the most annoying. You could buy stuff, and upon unpacking it, you see that the marketer has altered something. Why should they create such hollow in the container and deceive buys that the container in full? This is just ridiculous!

11. Shoddy Workers

Shoddy workers are in the same class as fraudulent marketers; they never get the work done right. Sometimes, they even leave your stuff worse than they had met it. When a hired cleaner leaves smears on the floor after cleaning, you are left to wonder what he or she was thinking.

10. Etiquette Abusers

Don't know much about etiquette, but shaving your legs in a public hotel pool, and into the pool even, is wrong. One is left to wonder if she even cares that she's polluting the water, especially considering the kids around.

9. Total Weirdo

Now, imagine this, the concrete had just been freshly poured on the road, and the way had been fenced and closed. Then someone drives on the same road, leaving tire marks on the still wet surface, why?

8. I Don't Care

People seat on just about any horizontal surface, as far as it's strong enough to bear their weight. When someone sits on a glass shelf at a store with products…! You're forced to ask them what's wrong.

7. Lazy Postman

It was raining when this postman came with the package. He left it out there despite there being a dry space. What would it have cost him to place the mail out of the rain?

6. Privacy Invaders

There are few things as sickening as someone invading your privacy. Some are just plain silly. An example is when someone sitting behind you in class or on a plane places their legs on your seat.

5. Weird Eaters

We have all seen that one person, maybe even a friend, who don't care how they eat but just want food in their mouth. That's the kind of mentality that would make someone eat so loud like there is a factory nearby.

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4. Stores have the most annoying people

The most annoying people are probably from stores. Sometimes carts in malls have something stuck to its handles, such as a labels or even gum. Evidently, the person who put those labels didn't think about others.

3. Why do you do it?

Carving texts, such as names and other messages, on plants is not only annoying, but it mars the aesthetics of the plants, and probably hurt the plants too. Some people go as far as carving inscriptions on cars too.

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2. Defacers

We can not leave out our friends who can't help but deface anything that looks beautiful. Monuments are monuments for a reason, they are supposed to be sacred. That means no one should draw graffiti on them, but, alas, some people can not help themselves.

1. That's not where you should park!

And here is the all too common one; people who ignore signs and markings for parking their vehicles. They disrupt order in parking spaces and make parking difficult for others.

The world should be a safe and comfortable place for all, and that means we shouldn't do silly things, especially those that deprive others of their comfort. What annoying things have you seen anyone do that were not highlighted in the article above? We will like to know about your experiences. Also please share this article with your friends so they will share their experiences too.

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