Pisces In March: Horoscope Predicts Changes In Love and Career That Better Be Not Ignored

Pisces falls from February 19 to March 20, the people under this Zodiac sign have been celebrating their birthdays for a while. The Sun is coursing through your way for a while, and many things are bound to come this Spring. It’s time to plan your goals this season because Jupiter is spending a year in your ambitious house. Let’s find out what is else in store for Pisces this month.


It’s the moment to take some time and design what you want out of life this March. Several new moons will start a cycle that will end in the full moon of September 14. You need to think about where you’ll be at that time. It can be a vacation, completing a project or even achieving one of your goals. It’s all about working hard, and the moon will help.

However, take time to process what your true intentions are because there is always a chance that your investment might fail. From March 5 to 28, Mercury is in retrograde in Pisces. This is the planet of communication and technology, and you might not be able to get your point across correctly. While being eager is the right attitude, going no stop could impair your plans.

Furthermore, do not be hasty with your looks at this time. You might be thinking about a change, but Mercury is in your first house of appearances. Therefore, you could end up with a horrible haircut or a bad outfit that cannot be returned. It’s also time to back up your important files and pictures stored in your many electronic gadgets. Just in case.

Every conversation this month might be filled with great new thoughts. Mars is in Taurus and your expressive house until March 31st, and therefore, you have to take advantage and socialize with fellow minds. However, Mars could also make you challenging, and Mercury retrograde could also turn a friendly debate into an outright fight.

From March 6, Uranus goes on a seven-year trip through Taurus, which means that your third house of friendly connections, actions, and thoughts will receive a boost. Uranus could help improve your writing, teaching, and any such related ventures. You could also become a prominent figure in your community by befriending local politicians.

If you have been feeling bored, that stops now. Mars and Uranus will come with invitations to many events this month. Additionally, they might inspire you to take a trip on your bike or going somewhere with snow. You will definitely be glad that Uranus is out of Aries, which has affected your finances since March 2011.

You might have faced problems finding a steady job or might have had problems in your career, but no more. It’s definitely the time to start that idea in your head that has been building up. On the other hand, you could also find that focusing on your current profession is the best course of action. Sticking to a routine could be beneficial as well.

On March 20, the Sun leaves your sign for Aries, which will affect your pragmatic and industrious second house. Making your dreams come true is the best you can do at this time. You will stop wasting time in frivolousness and get back to working towards your plans. Furthermore, Aries might also inspire you to clean up your house and your life.

Two back-to-back full moons will also make an appearance in Libra, and your deep-thinking eighth house of unification, caring, and projects. This means that a relationship and/or a financial venture will develop in some way. You could decide to commit to that special someone or get a new income. The full moon also falls on your eighth house of ownership, and therefore a real estate investment might pay develop

However, it’s best to wait until Mercury retrograde ends its cycle on March 28 before making these important decisions. Another full moon will arrive on April 19, and therefore, there is time to think about it carefully. That is not all that March 20 brings to the table, though. Mars and Pluto are in your people houses.

You will become magnetic and convincing to your peers and friends. You might be able to form connections with key people and get your goals moving in a beneficial way. It’s important to take a look at those around you and ask yourself if they will help you get your goals moving or detract from them. You might have fun with some friends, but not everyone is business-partner material.


From March 1st to 26th, Venus is in Aquarius, which means that romance is in the air and your twelfth house of love. You might be tempted to fall head-first into a new relationship because of the passion and excitement of it. However, you need to be careful about people with bad intentions and those that might want to make you fail at your ventures.

Furthermore, you might not see commitment in love due to Mars being in Taurus and your third house of “seeing what’s out there”. You will be more interested in getting to know several love interests than choosing just one. That does not mean you are playing with others’ feelings, but rather, taking things casually for the time. However, Mars and Venus could make you give away weird vibes.

Things might be a little troublesome on March 21 because both love planets will pull you in opposing directions. Do not make important choices during this time as anything that matters must be thought through with a clear head. You can seek the guidance of a close confidant so that you will make the wisest decision.

Things should feel much lighter by March 26, when Venus enters Pisces and creates a better angle with Mars. Unfortunately, that will only last for a week. On March 31, Mars goes into Gemini and your homemaker chambers, which will fill your mind with burdens. These could change at any moment due to the duality of the Twin sign.


March is normally the best month for your personal economics, and March 6 new moon boosts up your confidence. Consequently, you will be shooting straight until March 20, completing your projects and achieving your dreams. There is a slight problem due to Mercury in retrograde, however. As mentioned earlier, your ideas might not be understood by others.

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But that cannot discourage you from moving forward. You just have to step back and think again about your strategy. Waiting until April to reveal it could also be the best choice. Because Uranus is in Taurus for the next seven years, it will be hard to keep your thoughts to yourself. However, do not show your cards before analyzing the situation.

Make a note of them somewhere private. Think and rethink about everything. Change courses, and start again if you need to. The Libra full moon of March 20 will shine on your eighth house of funds and salary. You might find that your finances are not as good as you imagine. Look for ways to save money, and earn extra income on the side.

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March 13 is the Sun-Jupiter square, meaning that you cannot let obstacles detract from your plans. Pisces have the top of the mountain on their sights at all times. The Sun is mixing with your co-ruler, and being afraid of new things is natural, but someone has to do it. Your close ones will cheer you on. Take the risk, and the results will be wondrous.

Love Days: 15, 19

Money Days: 26, 8

Luck Days: 23, 6

Off Days: 17, 21

There are many important things to take note of for Pisces this month. Let’s do it! Let us know if things are turning out your way. If you liked this article, share it with your Pisces friends who need a little Astrological guidance this month. See you next time!

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