21 Clear Facts That Explain Why Aries Is The Best Sign To Be

With Pisces season coming to an end, we’re welcoming the fiery, feisty Aries instead! Aries sometimes don’t get the best reputation in the zodiac. They’re known to be stubborn, blunt, and possess a pretty short fuse. But there’s a lot more to this sign than meets the eye, and maybe aren’t even aware of their soft side … Let’s look into the most common characteristics you probably didn’t know about.

21. Aries make great leaders and they aren’t afraid to take charge

This zodiac sign possesses all the crucial characteristics needed to be a leader. They have a talent in taking control of a situation and leading their team to victory. Naturally, because of their natural born leadership skills, they flourish in careers that allow them to exercise their power.

20. When faced with danger, Aries are absolutely fearless

Instead of crumbling and falling apart under pressure, Aries tackles their problems head-on - and they do so with tons of courage. They have incredible strength and resilience and can bounce back quickly when things get rough. We might even say that they’re the bravest sign in the zodiac.

19. Aries are known to be spontaneous, therefore they’re hard to predict

You can count on them to always keep you entertained and on your times. This is the one zodiac sign that definitely won’t let things become boring or stale. They’re constantly trying to find new ways of mixing things up.

18. Aries are fiercely rebellious and do things their own way

This zodiac sign is highly independent, so you can count on them to follow their own lead. You definitely won’t see them following the rest of the pack. Not only that, but this sign is extremely rebellious too.

17. Aries are blunt and don’t have time for nonsense

This can be one of the reasons why the sign gets a bad rap. Don’t count on Aries to baby your feelings - they’re very direct with people and their honesty can sometimes come off as borderline rude. However, the plus side is that you always know where you stand with them, and you can be confident that they won’t go behind your back.

16. Aries are fiercely loyal

Once you’ve earned their loyalty, they’ll have your back forever and you can always count on them. You won’t have to worry about this sign running once things get rough - they’ll stick by your side through thick and thin.

15. Aries are highly opinionated and make their voice heard

Ask their opinion on any topic, and they’ll definitely have an answer ready for you. Aries are very outspoken, opinionated and they’re not afraid to voice their thoughts. They won’t let anyone try to silence them.

14. Aries can either be super sweet or your worst nightmare

They’re not usually considered to be the conflictive types or ones to start arguments for no reason. If you treat an Aries well, they’ll return the same kind of treatment and respect to you. If you betray them, though, then it’s a different story. They’ll change their tune in an instant and will make sure that you get a taste of your own medicine.

13. Aries are very competitive and they won’t back down without a fight

This sign is notoriously known for being competitive. They’ll always put a fight and you’ll never see them back down in competition. If you’re willing to challenge an Aries, you better make sure you bring your all because this sign seriously doesn’t give up.

12. Although they can be blunt, Aries are actually really sensitive

Yes, they’re fiercely brave, strong and independent - but, when it comes to matters of the heart, this sign is super sensitive. They’re very passionate and emotional so when they get their heart broken, they become overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and rage. It can take a while for them to fully recover and move on from a relationship.

11. Aries are really impatient and they hate to be kept waiting

This sign can be exceedingly impatient. They can go from 0 to 100 if they feel like somebody is holding them back or slowing them down, thanks to their extremely restless personality. They’re constantly on the go and need someone who can keep up with their pace.

10. Aries are super fun to hang out with

They’re energetic and enthusiastic and have a way of applying this energy to everything they do. Hanging out with them is a blast because of this - as we mentioned before, this sign doesn’t ever keep things boring.

9. Aries hates repetitive and boring routines

Well, this one doesn’t come as a surprise at all. They possess so much energy that they’re simply unable to deal with dull routines and monotone tasks. Aries hates repeating the same thing every single day - they need variety in their schedule, so they’re super careful about being sucked into a routine.

8. Aries have a bad temper and they’re unable to hide their anger

This is definitely one of the other things the sign is stereotypically known for her. Aries has a short fuse - they can explode out of nowhere and turn into a ranting, raving maniac in a matter of second. And everyone around them will feel their wrath! However, they thankfully get over thinks just as quickly as they get angry.

7. Aries are hell-bent on being successful

With a personality this big, you can count on the sign having ambitions and dreams that are just as immense. Aries are ‘go-getters’ and they won’t stop until they get what they want. If they put their mind to something, they’ll get up and accomplish it themselves. They’re not ones to sit around and wait until someone does it for them. And they won’t let anything get in their way.

6. Aries aren’t afraid to take chances

This is where their independence and bravery comes in. Because Aries are so fearless, they won’t hesitate to take risks in life that could help them get to the top. In times when other signs might fall apart and run away in fear, taking the ‘safe route’, Aries’ boldness tells them to risk it all instead.

5. Aries are optimists and don’t dwell on their losses

They don’t see a point in sitting around and dwelling on past mistakes and losses. Aries realizes that this is a natural part of life, and they get back up and move on. Instead, they celebrate their wins and continue focusing on achieving their goals.

4. Aries get irritated with negative people and complainers

Aries can’t stand negative people who complain and criticize everything. Aries has lots of ideas they like to express, and they need someone with the same ‘can do’ attitude that will support them. They don't surround themselves with people who are constantly trying to bring them down.

3. Aries are inspirational to those who are around them

Their unstoppable drive, optimism, and fearless spirit are super motivational to people who need that little push and beam of light. Aries’ ambition is contagious, and they try their best to inspire their friends to break out of the mediocre routines in life.

2. When it comes to love, Aries are ‘all or nothing’

Like we’ve mentioned before, this signs loyalty is unbreakable once they’ve committed to you. And the same goes for their relationships. Once they’ve fallen in love, they fall hard - and you can count on them to be your ‘ride or die.’ They’re passionate and devoted and will make sure to keep things exciting in love.

1. Aries can be exceptionally caring and very generous

Of course, we already know that Aries can be impulsive with a short-fuse. But they have a soft side too, and sensitive hearts. Many people don’t realize that they’ll do just about anything when it comes to their loved ones and making them happy.

After going through this list, we can definitely say that the fiery Aries is a handful. But we do love the fearlessness, boldness, and courage that this sign possesses! Every zodiac has its negative traits, but there are many positives that come along with them too. And it’s all about finding that harmonious balance and mix that suits you. What do you guys think about this sign? Are you happy that Aries season has finally come around? Let us know in the comments below! And make sure to check out our related articles for more interesting stuff.

Sources: ZodiacFire

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