15+ Useful Everyday Things With A Hidden Purpose Behind

In a world that is going faster and evolving every second, it is advantageous to make human's lives easier with handy and user-friendly tools. However, there are things we use daily with specific details in their designs that are often overlooked. 

Those features might seem purely aesthetic, but the truth is that they serve some quite interesting and useful purposes people tend to ignore or never thought of. To illustrate better what we are talking about, check out the following list of items. You might be shocked to find out the real intention of some things!

40. Jeans' fifth pocket

Yes, we are talking about the tiny opening on a side. Most likely, you use it for putting your coins, cash or even for tucking away a lip balm. But that compartment was initially thought up for pocket watches. During the mid-1800s, these items were costly yet delicate, so a space to keep them safe was necessary. 

39. Jeans' metal rivets

If you thought they were just to make a fashion statement, let us tell you it goes beyond that. The first users of denim jeans were miners, farmers, and ranchers, so the rivets were added at the seams and other areas to prevent the pants from ripping apart and thus give them extra life. 

38. The hole in pen caps

One mystery is about to be solved! The opening in most pens is to actually avoid risks of suffocations, particularly with the little ones in the family. If this item gets stuck in a kid's throat, the hole could permit the flow of air into the lungs. Those manufacturers thought about everything!

37. The metal tab on a measuring tape

Most people use the metal strip to hold the tool in place, but it turns out it has more practical purposes. You can also hook over a nail head and to make markings. Besides, you could also take advantage of the tab's serrated edge on one side to press smoothly and mark your measurements. 

36. The rough-hewn edges on coins

In the past, coins were made of different metals and in different weights that determined their values. Therefore, to avoid confusions between the various types, minters began to use the ridge edges on precious metal coins only, so that people could identify them quickly. 

35. The tab's hole in soda cans

This one is easy, right? The large perforation is to place your finger and open the can quickly, right? Well, not exactly! Actually, the gap is to serve as a place-holder for your straw. You only spin it around over the opening, and you can start enjoying your drink. 

34. The small fabric squares accompanying our clothing

When you buy a new shirt or pants, it usually comes with a button and some fabric inside a Ziploc bag. The reason seems obvious: the former is in case an original one falls off, and the latter could work as a patch in case of a hole. However, manufacturers' real reason was to use the items to test cleaning products beforehand so that you don't ruin your new piece! Mindblowing!

 33. The loops in the frames of grocery carts

Maybe not even your baggers don't know this, but the reason behind the metal loops is to hang bags with light or delicate items such as bread. Nobody likes smashed groceries, so start using that part of the frame next time you go to the supermarket! 

32. The half-belt on jackets

Again, this is not a fashion statement! The half-belt was initially made for service-people who used coats that doubled as blankets. Therefore, this part of the piece of clothing could gather the extra material in order for them to walk freely.  

31. The arrow on your gas pump indicator

Have you ever parked your car on the opposite side of the gas tank at a station? We have all been there! So, to avoid this embarrassment again, check the arrow next to the pump as it shows the side where your fuel tank is. Problem solved!

30. The holes on the sides of your Converse shoes

Airflow? Fashion statement? No! Those gaps on your favorite footwear are also for lacing. Converse shoes were originally designed for basketball players, so the two openings permitted the customization of the fit, keeping laces from unraveling. 

29. Notebook Margins

Most schools use the border of paper as a guide for sentences numbers and even for note-taking, but they're actually to protect your writing from rats. In the good old days, rodents were common in houses and their favorite snack was paper. So, manufacturers left those wide blank spaces around the borders for mice to chew through that part first and thus protect the information. 

28. Paper condiment cups 

Those containers seem to be pretty small for the amount of ketchup you need for your fries. But take a look at the creases. If you unfold paper cups, they turn into paper platters that can hold much more sauce. Pretty clever, right?

27. Takeout containers for Chinese food

As with the condiment paper cups, Chinese boxes for delivery can also be unfolded to become cardboard platters. Hence, next time you go to an Asian restaurant, don't ask for paper plates! They are already built-in in your container! 

26. The pom-pom in winter caps

This one has to be a cool feature solely! However, the answer is negative, again. One of the uses of the fluffy ball on top of your beanie was sewn to prevent the seams from coming apart. But we know; pom-poms are functional and incredibly cute!

25. The Pocket In Girl’s Panties

Did you know that small compartment actually has a name? It is called the panty gusset, and the extra piece of fabric is merely for hygiene. However, it became a pocket because producers did not want to spend money and time on a few more stitches to shut it completely. 

24. The caps of utility knives

We bet that once the blade of your utility knife needs replacement, you go and use your hands to break the scored razor beneath it, right? To avoid the dangers of cuts that action can cause, use the cap of your tool because that is what it was designed for. Pull it off the frame so you can get a sharper blade quickly and safely. 

23. Beer bottlenecks

Have you ever wonder why the upper part of bottles is long and shaped in that way? That design intended to encourage people to hold the drink at that area instead of the lower section where body heat can warm up your cold and refreshing brew before you finish it.

22. The hole in lollipop sticks' top

No, the gap was not for you to have fun whistling as a kid. It is actually to prevent the candy from falling off. When the hot and melted liquid is poured, part of it seeps into the hole, and then harders. This gives more gripping to the sweet and avoided drops.

21. Plastic lids for disposable cups

Apart from keeping the liquid inside the cup, the lid serves other purposes. You can use it as a coaster, for instance. A cap' size fits perfectly the base of your container, and it has ridges because manufacturers had this function in mind. 

20. Letter arrangement on keyboards

If you were wondering why the letters were organized the way they are on a keyboard instead of the alphabetical order, we have the answer for you. The first keyboards were designed for typewriters who were very fast, but their speed caused the key arms of the machine to get stuck. Therefore, producers ordered the letters randomly to slow typists down and keep machines running.  

19. The hole in pots and pans' handles

Surprisingly, they are not for hanging your utensils. In fact, the holes serve as holders of your stirring spoons. Using them in such a way, their ends hang over the pot, which reduces the mess around the stove. 

18. The hole in pasta scoops

The gap in the middle bottom of your utensil looks pretty weird, right? But it is convenient indeed. It can help you determine how much dry pasta you need for a serving. No more food overdoing for you! 

17. Detachable headrests

We get the part of making this piece of the car adjustable, but movable? Why? Merely for Survival reasons! If you pull the headrest, you'll find long metal bars that you can use to smash out your windows should you get trapped inside the vehicle. 

16. Ridges on audio jacks

Maybe you had in mind that the threads were for a tighter fit. But they are for protecting the sound while it is transmitted thanks to the insulating material audio jacks are made of. The bands also indicate the type of device they can be plugged in. 

15. Airplane window's holes

If you travel a lot by plane, perhaps you have noticed those gaps. And they have two purposes. The first one is to prevent windows from fogging up with passengers' warm breath. Secondly, it avoids excessive pressure building inside the aircraft since it allows the flow of air.

14. The black dot between the flash and the lens of an iPhone

That tiny dot must have a use, right? And it does! Would you believe if we told you it is a microphone? Apple thought about everything! The third mic provides better sound quality when recording videos. 

13. Packets with silica gel

This product is used to preserve the freshness of some products, but how? Silica gel is desiccant, which is merely a material that sucks moisture out of the environment. Therefore, it avoids humidity in enclosed spaces. Start using silica!

12. Rubber bumps in the grooves of your tire tread 

Maybe you rely on the penny head trick to check your tire tread, but it'd be easier if you used those small little-raised edges because that's what they are for. If the rubber bumps are even with the borders, it means you have to go to the store and get some new shoes for your car. 

11. The lines on solo cups

These containers are synonymous with parties and drinks, and their lines can actually help you with something during your wild nights: alcohol measurement. The bottom line is the equivalent of 1 oz, which is the recommended quantity for hard liquor. The second one is 5 oz, which is a good dose of wine, and the last one, 12 oz, is perfect for beer. 

10. Erasers with two shades

Maybe you were told that the grey part of a two-toned eraser was for removing pen ink. If so, you were fooled! The truth is that this end, which could also be red or blue, is to remove pencil and graphite markings on papers that are sensitive to friction. With this type of paper, you cannot use a regular rub. 

9. Holes at the top of sneakers

This one is not hard to get because those gaps are also for shoelaces, not complicated at all! The thing is that people usually misuse them or don't use them at all. These openings were designed to customize support in various ways when running.

8. Bobby pin's curves

Most females assume the wavy side of these clips is there for fashion, but its real purpose is different. It helps give more gripping to the pin in the hair when the curves are placed below a bulk of hair. That means that the rough surface goes down! 

7. Aquafresh toothpaste's stripes

The different colors (white, blue, and red) of this brand are not to represent patriotism but to distinguish the functions of toothpaste. The white stripe has a cleaning action. The blue one freshes your mouth, and the red one helps with plaque control. Although the colors don't affect the functions, they are proven sellers for companies!

6. The McFlurry spoon and its square hole

Maybe you've been using it as a straw when your dessert melts, but you'd never guess its real intention. It works as an attachment to the machine that mixes the ice-cream with the toppings in the same way a drill spins a screw. Then, they give you the tool because it also has a spoon on the other end. I'm loving it!

5. Jerrycans' triple handle

If you love camping, you probably have this container. But one of its peculiar features is its triple-barred handle across the top. Why three? They are meant to distribute the gasoline evenly when carrying the jerrycan. If you are holding it by yourself, use the middle handle. But if there are two people, they can grab a handle on either side. 

4. Wooden hangers for coats

Are they just a fancier version of the plastic or wire ones? Not exactly! The wooden hangers repel bugs and moth while leaving a refreshing scent. They are made of cedar wood that has these properties. So start using them for your jackets or coats, mainly if they are made of wool. 

3. The second hole on your gas can

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Why having two gaps with caps in your container? You'll be surprised to find out that the smaller should be uncapped before you pour the liquid to avoid glugging. We bet you haven't done so! 

2. The plastic inner layer of soda bottle caps

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In those layers, you can find your reward codes and free prizes, right? Although this is true, they also do something else. The plastic liner traps the carbon dioxide of your drink to keep it fizzy. Otherwise, you would not enjoy the refreshing benefits that the gas brings to your pop beverage. 

1. The bumps on the "F" and "J" keys of your keyboard

Go ahead and check those two letters on your computer's keyboard and notice a small lump in each. Why are they there? Those two letters are known as "home keys," which means they're the places where your index fingers can rest. The bulges help your fingers find the home position without taking your eyes off the screen. 

Little did we know that all the features of those everyday tools were so handy. Did you know them? Tell us in the comment section! But if your knowledge was enlighted with this article, don't forget to share it with friends and family so that they also get this valuable information. Until next time! 

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