Your 'Game Of Thrones' Character Based On Zodiac Sign

The final season of ‘Game of Thrones is right around the corner, and fans cannot wait to see what happens to the remaining characters of this fantastic saga. The people of Westeros can teach us a lot about different types of personalities, which means that they can be associated with Zodiac signs. If you have ever been curious about who you would be in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, keep on reading to find out!

Aries – Daenerys Targaryen

Some people were born to be leaders no matter what path they take in life. Daenerys was just a shy, sheltered girl under the oppression of her big brother, but she managed to break free and become a fearsome ruler. This is similar to those under the Zodiac sign of Aries. Like a phoenix – or a dragon – rising from ashes, there is nothing they cannot do once they set their minds to it.

Taurus – Catelyn Stark

Motherhood is an intense subject in ‘Game of Thrones’, and Catelyn was a real wolf when it came to protecting her children. However, she also proved to have many flaws but persevered despite the pressure with a grace that can be compared to monarchy. Loyalty is also one of her greatest attributes, just like the people of Taurus. They do not hide their contempt for enemies but kept their emotions in check to reach the target.

Gemini – Sansa Stark

Despite her naiveté, Sansa has managed to survive in that horrible land full of backstabbers and schemers. She has gone through some of the worst situations on the show, but still prevailed and learned from everything. However, Sansa knows how to use her innocent looks to fool others, pretending she doesn’t understand. This is characteristic of the two-faced Gemini.

Cancer – Cersei Lannister

Just like Catelyn, Cersei is the fiercest mother, although her methods are more extreme than others. Her children and House Lannister are the only things she cares about and will do anything to protect them from the world. The people of Cancer are similar in their intense feelings for their loved ones, and no one would dare go anywhere near them.

Leo – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion was underestimated for his size and looks by his family, but everyone who got to know him would understand his leadership potential and the ability to draw the focus of a room. He finds the good side of things even in the darkest time, adding humor to anything. However, all of this would be worthless if he did not have one of the sharpest minds in Westeros. Leo is just like that; brain and humor.

Virgo - Brienne of Tarth

No one in Westeros is more honorable than Brienne of Tarth. Loyalty her middle name, and she will die to fulfill her oaths. Fighting for what is right with logic on her side is her main goal. Brienne has the height, the sword skills, and all the makings of the best warrior; so her enemies should cower before her. However, like Virgo, she thinks before drawing her weapon.

Libra - Margaery Tyrell

Just like the sigil of House Tyrell, Margaery was exactly as a rose: beautiful and delicate, but with an intelligence that stung like thorns. It was completely balanced similarly to Libra. Her desire and schemes to become Queen also came with selfless charity and more diplomacy than most real-world leaders cannot display. She might have been the kindest ruler in the land with a backbone to hold her position.

Scorpio - Arya Stark

Arya can hold a mean grudge, and she will stop at nothing to get revenge on those that harmed her family. Her determination is unbreakable, and the wounds she can inflict are as deadly as poison. Just like Scorpio, those that stand in her way will feel the wrath of the tiny Stark, and there is no pain that she won’t withstand to see her list of names complete.

Sagittarius – Jaime Lannister

Despite his reputation as the Kingslayer, Jaime is loyal to his family and loved ones even when others do not understand. He was the only one who valued Tyrion, but in his heart, he was made for battles and adventures. After taking his oath as King’s Guard, he had to renounce the role of leader of House Lannister. Just like Sagittarius, he follows his instincts in every situation.

Capricorn – Jon Snow

He was considered one of the least important characters but has risen to the main role in the series. Snow has an unbreakable will and honors his promises no matter the circumstances. He also has a fierce loyalty that has made him one of the leaders of the game. If he succeeds in destroying the Night King, he would be an amazing monarch. However, he also has a stubborn personality and a good heart like most Capricorns.

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Aquarius – Melisandre

It is hard to understand Melisandre because no one can see what she does in the fire. She was hated for the burning of Shireen, but her loyalty to the Lord of Light called for it, apparently. Her faith gives her a view of the world that can be compared to Aquarius. She redeemed herself a bit for reviving Jon Snow, but her choices are difficult to take for most. However, someone has to make sacrifices in the end.

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Pisces – Bran Stark

Bran has truly changed a lot since losing his ability to walk, becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. He was able to warg into animals most of his life, but now, it is different. His powers seem almost limitless, but they also need to be handled carefully. Apparently, with his new skills, he lost a lot of himself but also gained more wisdom. Pisces are astute and sensitive, and Bran exemplifies that Zodiac sign.

It is eerie how much of ourselves we can see in TV shows and movies. Let us know if you agree with these comparisons. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who would also like to know which character they are based on their Zodiac. See you next time!

Source: Elite Daily


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