Negative traits of January borns that they prefer to keep away from others

The art of using a person’s month of birth to determine their character has been around for a very long time. Though it may seem strange and absurd to some people, this method of psychology is quite ancient and is generally referred to as Numerology. Scientists and Statistics assert that your birth month can tell you a lot about yourself and can affect your attitude, career, love life and so much more.

For people born in January, they are analytical and independent. It is quite normal for them to follow a more traditional life than others and they seem to stand out from the crowd with undeniable charisma. Usually quiet, they are cautious and good with their finances because they always think twice before spending. Despite all this, having a January born as a close friend, life-partner, colleague or boss, isn’t all rosy. Like everyone else, they have some negative traits anyone would want to stay clear of. And we are here to let you in on them all.

Huge pessimists

One main feature of those born in the first month of the year is their consistency and strictness among all months. This inflexible trait of theirs is something that every person runs away from. This ends up forming the foundation for a typical negative quality found in them. January borns are horribly pessimistic. It is quite hard for them to see the good in anything because of their strict personality.

Stubborn leaders

Because the January born spend time meticulously planning their climb to the top, power holds an extraordinary place in their hearts and minds. As positive as this might seem on the surface, the negative comes into play when they attain the peak of their leadership. It is usually discouraging to have them as leaders as they would seldom listen to the opinion of others. This could be primarily because of their perfectionist personality; very few people tend to meet up with their view of perfect.

Poor emotional intelligence

The pessimism and extreme stubbornness of the January born make them quite hard to reach. So, they tend to seem cold and strange to their employers and co-workers. Because of this, their people skills are poorly developed and they retreat into themselves. This, in turn, makes them prone to excessive bad moods. They can hardly hide how they feel, and their foul moods affect the energy around them.

Victims of depression

You might not be able to believe it, but things go from zero to 100 real quick for people born in January. With a tense working environment, the littlest bit of failure will bring a huge feeling of devastation and inadequacy. And these end up lingering for longer than usual. Therefore, they need to spend a whole lot of time healing, or else they will not be able to hold up.

Stained Reputation

Due to the constant bad moods and frequent mood swings, January borns have to the tendency of being mislabeled. No one wants the burden of dealing with an emotionally unstable individual right? It's then easier to label them. Among these characterizations are ones of potentially damaging repute such as being called "bipolar."

The sick mind has no friend

There is nothing that can be worse than a bad image. The depressed January born, although innately consistent, would become very unstable due to his damaged personality. This, in turn, makes an individual with a bipolar tendency easily segregated and isolated. It primarily begins with the individual. He or she separates consciously and subconsciously from people before others start to treat him or her in such a way as well.

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Relationship paranoia

For a January born, a relationship is always carefully thought about and considered before any decision is made. They don't enter a relationship with you just for the sake of being in one. They are with you mainly because they trust that their feelings can be safe with a person like you. This means that at the slightest signal of hesitation from your part, they will begin to act reluctant and will want out of such a relationship.

Excessive fear and anxiety

These two tend to play hand in hand when it comes to the personality of a January born. Relating with January borns requires you to be very delicate. They are so knee-deep in their fear of the future, that they can't stop thinking about it even for a second. So much anxiety is what they feel when they take a glance at themselves in the mirror.

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Severe insecurity

The January born finds it very hard to trust the motives of other people. They are constantly watching their backs because of the nagging belief that people are always out to take advantage of them. When a January born is told she is beautiful, though she sees it for herself, she would never believe it, coming from someone else.

Unintentionally hurtful

Due to the intense inability to trust anyone, those born in January might say hurtful things without deliberately meaning them. Because their strict moral rules are like a block, keeping them from expressing any emotion, they would rather keep it all in, and this, in the long run, causes a lot of misunderstanding.

You would agree that this is a whole lot to take in. However, it is not to say that those who are born in January are full of more bad traits than good ones. If properly managed, these potential negative traits can be avoided. This is a call for you to get familiar with your traits more.

You can check out other Capricorn articles to know more about your birth month and what it might say about your personality. It would surely go a long way in keeping you balanced as an individual. Help others learn too by sharing this article with them.

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