Ultimate 2019 Love Guide: Where and How Capricorns May Find Love

Our dear Capricorn! We know this year been a rough one - everyone's been feeling the merciless wrath of Mercury's retrograde. And for you, especially, the road has been pretty damn bumpy. But fear no more! 2019 is all about fiery romances, partnerships, liberation, and self-discovery. Trust us, things will get easier. And you just might find the thing - or person - you've been looking for all along. Let's take a look at the specifics.


Saturn will be in your sign all year, so it's safe to say that this year is going to be rather serious for you. If you’ve been looking to bring a little more order into your life and stabilize things, this will be the perfect opportunity. However, you need to be careful not to become too caught up in your personal dealings.

You might unintentionally begin to alienate those you love (and those who you want to love) and make them feel left out. You’re really going to have to put in the effort to make sure this doesn’t happen if you want people to understand you. Put an emphasis on bettering your communication.


You might have a lot of stress and negativity bottled up during this time, Capricorn. Because of this, you might begin to radiate bad vibes onto others, ultimately pushing them away. We know that you’re not very trusting of anything new. But, you need to learn how to give things and people chances to prove themselves first, before shutting them down.

Until December 2, 2019, Jupiter will be transiting your privacy sector, which is where this theme will come into play. Saturn will be in the foreground and Jupiter in your background until December, causing you to be more withdrawn and self-protective than usual. Keep in mind that this might limit your love life.


The Saturn transit will last until December 2020, which means that you will feel very much in your element until then. You’ll receive a much-needed surge of confidence and your performance will be at an all-time high! Be careful that you don’t become too self-sufficient, though.

From March 6th, 2019, Uranus will be transiting through your romance and creativity sector. Naturally, this is going to shake things up when it comes to your romantic feelings, dating life, and casual romantic relationships, too.

Things will become a lot less stable. Prepare for some drama, unpredictability, excitement, and edge! The lack of rules might be worrisome to you because they can definitely disrupt that stability you crave for. But, they also have a way of spicing things up in your life, too. Try to enjoy the changes! You can’t keep the same old approach when it comes to romance.

While you’ll get that burst of spontaneity and creativity during this period, be aware that this type of energy will most likely attract some unusual people and circumstances in your love life. Again, this type of energy can be fun and exciting, but you might get upset at the sheer fact of unreliability on your partner, or dating life in general.

Like we’ve mentioned before, though, this will be opening up some new doors for you. You’re going to be open to change and stepping out of your comfort zone. This will bring in radical and rebellious types of people, or situations when it comes to romance.


Evidently, you’ll be feeling much more liberated and loosening up a bit more than usual, compared to your usual serious approach to the many areas of your life. This is on both the creative and romantic levels. With Mars partially in retrograde in your sign last year, it gave you a chance to reevaluate your wants and needs, and your approach in fulfilling them.

However, this year, Mars will move directly all year (meaning no retrogrades), and the pace will be much more calm, normal, and direct. Essentially, it should be mostly free of obstacles. February 14-March 30 is an especially good time for you to enjoy your newborn confidence! Try to experiment and express yourself. And the time for dating is just as wonderful, too.


Those that are born January 11-13 will be impacted directly by the Pluto transit (this goes the same for those with a Capricorn Ascendant of 20 to 23 degrees). Although this transit will have an effect on all Capricorns one way or another. Pluto represents transformation and rebirth. It stimulates personal changes on a very deep level. As you become more in touch with your deeper needs and “dark” side, some of you might feel like the world is testing you.

Betrayals and otherwise intense experiences will help you get a deeper understanding of who you are and your deeper needs and desires. This is a time where your close and loved ones have no choice but to just be patient with you and wait for the storm out.

Your partners, especially, will feel the turbulence of your roller-coaster emotions and will have to put in the extra effort to understand you. You’ll face some challenges, no doubt, but its all for a good cause. In the end, you’ll regain control of your life.


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The North-Node is transiting your solar seventh house until mid-2020. This will put a bigger focus on rewards and benefits in relation to partnerships, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship needs. You need to understand how to become more sensitive to the needs of others and stop being afraid of the demands a partner might make on you.

In your sign and your opposing sign, you’re going to continue experiencing powerful eclipses. Eclipses have a way of bringing clarity into the world of partnerships, encouraging you to make dramatic changes and decisions. The first of this series will happen in July 2018, and the last in July 2020.


A magnetic and playful period of love is waiting for you, Capricorn! May 15-June 8, 2019 marks a wonderful time for love. Your charm is off the charts and simply irresistible. You’ll be attracting those around you - especially casual lovers. You won’t be having to put in much effort since love will be coming to you effortlessly.

You’ll have to keep in mind, though, that this period is more about play than real commitment. This period will go along with your Mars transit of the partnership sector, which will just keep bringing more flair into your romantic life!

From May 29-June 2, you’ll experience a power period, when your attraction will be boosted even more. And from May 16-July 1 2019, you’ll be experiencing some fireworks in a partnership, too, thanks to Mars being in your partnership sector. Either someone will be actively pursuing you, or vice versa!

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Mars will be in your intimacy sector from July 2-August 17, 2019, so you can count on this transition to spice things up and bring some fire and passion into your intimate world. However, some adjustments need to be made. There might be problems that you need to resolve in committed relationships that revolve around sex and money. And with Mars here, issues need to be dealt with head-on.

Yep, this prediction is definitely much better compared to what you've gone through so far. You deserve the break, so make sure you enjoy these changes - especially the passionate, love life transformation. Let loose and you just might find your missing puzzle piece. Cap or no Cap, let us know how the past years been treating you, and how 2019 has been for you so far. Comment your experiences below - we'd love to hear your stories! And make sure to check out our other related zodiac articles for some more intriguing information.

Sources: Cafe Astrology


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