'US' Ending Breakdown: Explanation

The Movie Titled 'Us' is a horror flick that will blow your mind away. From the motives to the nerve-wracking plot twist and scenes that will have adrenaline pumping through your veins, this movie is truly worth the ratings it has garnered so far and it seems like critics have nothing on it yet.

The movie features Lupita Nyogo’o as the main actor who played the role of Adelaide, Winston Duke who played the role of her husband, and Sahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex playing the roles of her kids. It will be worthy to note that Lupita Nyogo’o played the character of Adelaide and Red simultaneously. The movie was directed by Jordan Peele, the brilliant director of 'Get Out.'

The story is centered in America and is based on quite a number of past events and movies too. It prominently featured a number of things like the number 11 and the color red too,  some old movies that contributed to the story includes 'The Shining' and 'C.H.U.D.' Join us on this journey as we review the Movie 'Us.'

The story starts with the Wilson family's trip to their vacation home in Santa Cruz beach. Adelaide, who is the matriarch of the family, settled in with her husband and two kids when they got to their destination. Not long after settling down, she started having bad feelings and had premonitions that bad things are about to happen. She tries to explain to her husband about the series of events that has been happening since they got there but he just doesn't seem to get it.

The truth, however, reveals itself and proved her premonitions true when a replica of Wilson's family showed up at exactly at 11:11 pm in their driveway, Mr. Wilson goes out with a bat to find out who it was but was terrified when he saw another version of himself and his family wearing a red overall, sporting a glove in one hand and wearing sandals. The uninvited guests are clones referred to in the movie as the “TETHERED”.

Mr. Wilson was bewildered by the sight before him as he turned around and made a run for the door, locking it behind him, absolutely terrified and perplexed. The Tethered eventually found a way into the house and the Wilson's were forced to cower in a chair,  curled up beside each other as Mr. Wilson asks the inevitable question; “What are you people?”

Red, the only member of the clones clan who can speak English, however, replied in a husky choked voice. The movie depicts the Tethered as an abandoned government project to create clones of humans but was left in a tunnel after the program got scrapped.

They lived in the tunnel and had no contact whatsoever with the human world and no one knew about their existence. Their isolation from the real world made them lack human empathy and emotions. The only motive they had was to kill their replicas and take over their lives.

The interesting story, however, takes a turn as Adelaide remembered an incident that occurred 30 years ago.  She wandered into a boardwalk funhouse while eating a red apple and wearing a thriller shirt. While wandering in the poorly lighted building,  she came in contact with a reflection of herself which strangled her and on getting out, she realized that she had lost her voice and was unable to talk.

Adelaide eventually learned how to express herself through dancing, and later overcame her speech problem and was able to talk properly. She tried to talk to her husband and tells him she does not feel like herself but he just didn't get her drift at that moment.

The Tethered kept trying to attack the Wilsons as they had a near-death experience on different occasions. The plot got crazier when Adelaide realized that she was actually a clone and Red was the real person she thought herself to be.

After the confrontation in the Fun Board house, she remembered switching clothes with Adelaide and taking her place in the real world. Her mother once said she wanted her little girl back obviously knowing that the Adelaide she had at home who was speechless was not her little girl.

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Red, filled with anger, bile and bitterness due to being deprived of the joy of living amongst humans went all out to make Adelaide pay for the pains she has caused her and memories of her life in the midst of humans happened to be an important part of the story.

Red was a symbolic color in the movie as it means liberty and depicts her as she helped the Tethered rise out of their cocoon in the darkness into the light to take their place amongst humans. It is safe to say she started the revolution to kill "clones" and join hands across America.

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Jason, Adelaide’s son got kidnapped by Red after her Tethered family was killed. Adelaide went in search of her son and eventually came face to face with her demon and adversary holding a gold scissors and a pair of Tethered paper cuts which also depicts the scissors cuts paper game.

Jason became suspicious of his mother because he heard the conversation between Adelaide and Red when they had a face-off which resulted in the death of Red, but he refused to talk about it with his mother. Adelaide assured her son that everything will be okay and return to normal but Jason covers his face with his werewolf mask in response, knowing fully that things will never be the same again.

Things, which looked odd and had people questioning, includes how have they survived so long in the tunnels and remained anonymous to humans living above them, what do they eat and where did their red overall and thriller gloves come from?

All in all, the movie lived up to its expectations and if you are the type that looks around while seeing a movie, you might want to stop that during the last 20 minutes of this particular movie so you don't miss the plot twist. The Movie will get you on your toes and keep you there, and just like Jordan Peele said:

“This is a popcorn movie”.

Have you seen the movie? Which was the best part for you? And overall, what do you think the movie symbolizes? Do you think it was overkill or was it right on point? We'll love you to share your thoughts in the comments. 

Sources: YouTube/Looper


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