The Endgame Facts That Have Already Been Leaked Before The Movie Premiere

Marvel might be looking to have us wowed, but little do they know that the trailer has let the cat out of the bag. We are just a month away from the release of the most anticipated movie in 2019, 'Avengers: Endgame.'

Rumors have been flying as to what the secret plot of the movie will be and sources have revealed that the movie might be a bit over 2 hours long. Some are looking out for weapon upgrades, gear or costume redesign or changes, but Marvel is not saying anything about it. When asked about the toy leaks, 'Avengers' co-director, Joe Russo, dismissed them as unimportant and false.

The steady flow of leaks from the toy industry reveals what's likely to happen in the final shake-up of 'Avengers: Endgame.' However, one thing that gives the custom change secret away is the toy leak. The leak has been spreading all over the Internet and the media circus is also in on it too.

A close look at leaked photos might have revealed that billionaire playboy, Tony Stark survived, although, at the beginning of the trailer, he looked like a goner. Out of water and no food to live on, with his life support system threatening to shut down any minute, one might have concluded that Tony is toast. But, a glance at the BTS photos shows us that he is alive and healthy to go back in time with Ant-man. Captain America too must have had a wardrobe reshuffling as the helmet he used gives credence to the time travel theory.

On the spoiler list, the Hawkeye family is not left out. In the new trailer, we see a scene with Clint and his daughter practicing archery on his ranch. As rumors have circulated about the Young Avengers showing up in the MCU’s Phase 4, it would seem that this is our first look at Kate Bishop. Kate Bishop takes up the Hawkeye moniker in the comics and has a pretty loyal fanbase.

While she is not related to Barton in the comics, Marvel could change that for the movies making his daughter the future Young Avenger. So, does this scene take place after the snap? Did Barton’s daughter survive the snap whilst his wife and son did not? And, with her survival, is Clint teaching her his skills to help her survive the new world? All of these are questions that will be answered when the movie gets released next month.

Another version of the leaks says The Avengers start rebuilding the world. Steve and Rhodey return to the military, while Black Widow will use SHIELD resources to help with the crises out there. Apparently, she’s very shaken about everything and she misses a lot of shots while practicing — the current trailers show that she pulls herself together though.

Meanwhile, Banner and Tony are working on bringing back the people who were turned to dust, while Thor and Carol go back to space. Thor wants to find the surviving Asgardians, while Carol leaves to continue her duties. This is when Scott Lang shows up after escaping from the Quantum Realm and he explains what has just happened to him.

He used his ant's communicator to get out of the Quantum Realm, where he was stranded at the end of 'Ant-Man and the Wasp.' He returns with Quantum Energy from the Realm and explains that he saw his daughter in a parallel universe, although she didn’t recognize him. That’s when Tony decides to explore Quantum tech, and Scott unshrinks Hank Pym’s lab inside the Avengers compound.

Tony develops suits for the Quantum Realm that are built using the same nanotechnology as Iron Man’s suit. Apparently, those watches that we saw on the hands of several Avengers in leaked 'Endgame' set photos are what houses the white suits that we just saw in the second trailer.

Banner has now found a way to work things out with Hulk, and the resulting entity might be Professor Hulk. Rhodey gets an upgraded costume as well and is developing a secret weapon with Banner. This presumably takes place in the more distant future following the events of 'Infinity War.'

Natasha goes to find Hawkeye and ends up in Japan where a female apprentice has joined him. That’s apparently the scene from the trailers, as well as a nod that Kate Bishop might see an introduction in 'Endgame.' Thor discovers that Asgard is now part of Hel and that his sister Hella is reigning over everything.

Thanos has been watching the Avengers all this time and is aware that Thor and Carol aren’t with the others. That’s why he attacks Earth, looking to prevent them from going to the Quantum Realm to jump back in time.

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Scott tells the Avengers during the ensuing fight, which might be the fight we saw pieces of in the second 'Endgame' trailer, that someone has to defend the Quantum Tunnel to make sure they can return from the Quantum Realm.

This is the fight where we see Rhodes rock the new Hulkbuster costume, fending off Thanos and his upgraded Outriders. Thor and Captain Marvel, contacted by Tony, rush to Earth with new allies. Thor brings Hella’s undead army and the Asgardians (Valkyrie included) to the fight, while Carol comes with Nova Corps forces.

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This is where the first "dead" Avenger reappears, and here’s a new version of Vision based on what Shuri saved from the old one. It’s Rhodey and Vision who fight the Outriders and Thanos while the others run to the Quantum Realm.

It is safe to note that a lot of sources claim that professor Hulk will be pivotal to the victory of the Avengers as he will deliver the final blow that will give them the victory. Will this be how it plays or will it be someone else taking the glory? Well, let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for the last scenes.

These are some of the few information we've had on the upcoming movie that seems to be the best thing to ever come out of Marvel so far and has proved itself to be worth the watch. The anticipation of the fans are sky rocking and we sure hope Marvel has packaged a movie worth the wait. What do you think about the spoilers so far? Do you think the movie will be worth the wait or would it be another crock? Let us know what you think by commenting below. See you next time. 

Sources: YouTube/Looper, BGR, ScreenGeek 


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