Ned Stark Had It All Planned Out And We Are Just Poor Fools ('GoT' Theory)

‘Game of Thrones’ is a fantastical show, and while there are some realistic aspects, others are obviously fictional. However, anything can happen in a series that features people rising from the dead. This next theory might sound too crazy to believe, but fans actually think that there is a lot of merit to it. Somehow, Ned Stark could have faked his death. Wait a minute. What? Let’s find out more!


The leader of House Stark quickly became a fan-favorite character during the first season of the show. Those people that never read the books couldn’t have imagined that he would truly be killed, but then again, they did not truly understand the phrase “Valar Morghulis”. After Robert Baratheon died, and Ned tried to reveal that Joffrey was not really his son, he was imprisoned.

Most prisoners are taken to the black cells where they await their future. He was in there long enough to receive visitors, and Sansa begged Joffrey for mercy. By now, viewers should know that anyone truly good and honorable gets killed easily in ‘Game of Thrones’. All Ned wanted was to have the real heir on the throne, but he never craved it for himself.

He was sentenced to death by beheading, and it was not behind the scenes or implied. Ned was taken to a stage for the people of King’s Landing to witness the execution. Therefore, it seems completely insane to think that he could have made it out of that situation. Joffrey even showed Sansa his head along with that of her Septa.

The answer is in the birds. Fans of the novels know that all Starks, and not just Bran, have warging abilities. This theory suggests that Ned might have warged into one of the birds that flew overhead at the exact moment his head was taken by the King’s orders. One of the reasons this notion came up is that he muttered to himself just before the sword swung.

The moment was intense. Joffrey declared that there would be no mercy, and Sansa started yelling, Cersei tried to convince her son to change his mind, and Arya was watching from the crowd. Ned looks up and noticed her. Joren took her away because he knew that the Lannister would hold her hostage as they did with Sansa.

At that moment, Ned is confident that, at least, Arya will be somewhat safe, and he bowed to accept his sentence. It is very likely that he prayed to the old Gods of the Forest, which he is bound to serve just like all the Northerners. While this theory is extremely interesting, it’s not likely at all. First of all, the show made it clear that only Bran had warging talent.

Unless Ned knew something, and they never alluded to it, which is doubtful. On the other hand, he would have to have transferred his soul into the bird itself because his physical body really died. That would mean that he needed to find another human body to transfer into or remain a bird for the rest of his life. In any case, Ned as a bird would be useless.


Of course, the bird theory is not the only one regarding Ned Stark possibly being alive. An important person was also in the black cells at the time of his imprisonment: Jaqen H’ghar. This notion claims that Jaqen swapped Ned with someone else with his face-changing abilities. Looking back at what fans know about this character, it’s clear that Jaqen was in the cells on purpose.

Everything those assassins do to serve the many-faced God is premeditated. Of course, there is a problem with this idea. The servants prepare the faces of newly-dead people. This means that placing the face of Ned Stark on someone else was not possible. However, there is a scene where Jaqen has to take poison because Arya killed someone she wasn’t supposed to.

Then, she started taking faces away from the body, and at one point, it revealed her own. But, Arya was not dead at the time. The issue with these scenarios is hard to explain, but it's important to take into account. On another note, if Jaqen truly helped Ned Stark escape, it would be fantastic to discover that Ned was the one who taught Arya everything.

It would somewhat explain why he was so interested in Arya since the beginning, other than the fact that she liberated him. The servants of the many-faced God are not known for their paternal instincts. It could also be connected to what Ned told Arya about her sword: “If you are going to own a sword, you better know how to use it.”

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Jaqen also wanted to teach Arya how to be “no one” in order to become an assassin. He was harsh on her, going so far as to take her sight. But in the end, when Arya killed the Waif and declared that she was “Arya Stark of Winterfell”, Jaqen looked like a proud father. In the end, Ned and Jaqen’s motives have several parallels.

On the other hand, how would Ned know to ask a faceless man for help? The answer could be Arya’s dancing teacher, Syrio Forel. He was known as one of the First Sword of Braavos, and Ned could have picked him randomly. However, Syrio could have told Ned about the faceless men of his homeland. This notion certainly holds truer than the first one.

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Furthermore, it also proves that fans of the show want to see Ned return in any capacity. The idea of him thwarting Joffrey and the Lannisters is intriguing, especially because he was such an honorable man. Luckily, those that love him got a little pleasure when Littlefinger was killed as he was vitally responsible for Ned’s death and basically the fight between the Lions and the Wolves.

Even if he is truly dead, Ned made a great impression on all the viewers, and it would be amazing to see him back. Let us know what you think about both theories. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who would also enjoy seeing a “dead” character return. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/The Last Harpy


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