Details on Meghan Markle's Maternity Leave: What It Might Look Like

Now we know that we are going to have a Royal baby very soon. We await him or her (maybe a surprising "them") a couple of weeks from now. The Royal couple announced last year October that they were expecting a baby, and at the time of the announcement, the Duchess seemed 12 weeks gone. As of January, she was already 6 months pregnant. So the baby is expected to arrive any time in April.

Preparations are already in top gear and all that is needed to be done is being done to herald the new baby. This is one pregnancy that has always been in the news, right from the Duchess’ gorgeous looks throughout the stage and the “bump cradling” issue where she always seemed to have a hand on her bump in almost all her photographs


As at March 11th, she already had her last official engagement which was the 3-day trip to Morocco with Prince Harry, which was arranged by the Royal house, and is the second trip to the Kingdom by any member of the Royal house.

She started preparations for the maternity leave with a lovely baby shower which took place in Upscale New York and had 15 of her friends present, including co-actresses and Serena Williams. It was a great time for her to spend a little time in the city she loves and spend them with old friends before the rigors of motherhood throw them far apart.

It was expected that the maternity leave starts a month before the Royal birth since the baby is expected to arrive in the second or third week of April, so she has already proceeded on her maternity leave. This doesn't cancel out all engagements as she still keeps a couple of private engagements and sees to her charities.

She will proceed on bed rest in order to prepare her body for the safe arrival of the baby. She had a busy pregnancy as she kept up engagements up till the third trimester. As at this time, we don't have any concrete news if she will give birth at home or decide to go to the Hospital.


Tradition always remains as it is, a little variation here or there, but it almost always remains the same. When Princess Diana was pregnant with Williams first and then Harry, she took eight months and six months off official duties respectively. Kate Middleton also followed the same path, she took less than 2 month’s leave after the birth of Prince George, with Princess Charlotte, she had five months off and took six months with Prince Louis.

Meghan’s leave is expected to last long after the birth of the child, with official records showing their first official outing to be on October 12th, at the One Young World Summit which is a whopping six months after birth. This doesn’t rule out occasional appearances here or there, but she will be out on major events for at least 6 months.

This can be attributed to the fact that the duo has decided on not having a nanny for their baby. This means the Duchess will spend time raising the child with the help of her mum, who they have already invited over. She already has a room being decorated for her in Frogmore Cottage that is on refurbishment.

Work is still going on at Frogmore cottage even though the remodeling is taking longer than we expected, which may stretch far beyond the birth of the child. The cottage had five units before so a great deal of work is needed to turn it into a single family house.

The Sussexes have also taken out time to design and decorate the nursery room for the child. The room is painted gray and white and the paint is infused with eucalyptus. The Duchess also has a yoga studio setup for her. She started practicing yoga due to the influence of her mum, Doria Ragland, who was once a yoga instructor. The Duchess practices yoga twice a week.


William and Kate always went with the normal six months for mum and 2 weeks for dads’ arrangement. There are also options for shared leave, this is a case where both parents each take turns to go on leave. It could be up to 50 weeks. It happens that the mother takes one week off, goes to work and the father takes over for the next week. Well, this looks like it can only happen in unofficial working places.

It won’t be a new thing if the Prince decides to take leave for the new child. His brother William already set the pace. In the past, after the birth of his newborn, he has been caught napping at events which he attributed to taking care of the new baby.

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Prince Louis was christened two and a half months after birth. It is not set when the Sussex baby will be christened but we expect anything in that time frame. We are still waiting for news on who's going to be the baby’s godfather. It doesn’t seem like the couple has picked out a name already as the sex of the baby is still shrouded in mystery.

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There have also been speculations as to the surname the baby will bear and it is also unlikely that the couple will follow tradition in naming their babies. Albert and Victoria seemed to be the most common traditional royal names but the happy parents may decide to go new age as they are far away from the line of succession to the throne. The farther away they are, the most unlikely that they will follow a traditional naming pattern even though we still expect the normal 2 to 3 names that the Royals bestow on their newborn


Like we said earlier, it could take up to 6 months. The Duchess is expected to be back by October, which means that her mother will be staying longer to take care of the baby since the couple won't subscribe to having a nanny unless they change their minds anytime soon. We wish the Duchess a safe delivery and exciting motherhood.

We'll love for you to weigh in your opinion on this. When do you think Meghan Markle will resue from maternity leave? Do share your thoughts in the comments. 

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