The Plain Reason Princess Diana Had to Agree On Breaking Up With Prince Charles

Camilla retorted and told Diana, "Why do you care? You are beautiful and you can have anything you want" to which Diana replied, "I want my husband"

In July 1981, the world witnessed the most talked about wedding ever in modern history, the marriage between the Delectable Diana and Charles, Prince of Wales. The wedding was watched by 750 million people all over the world and had all the makings of a royal wedding. Collector cups, stamps, towels all embossed with the image of the couple were seen all over the country.

The marriage lasted for more than a decade, produced two Princes and was the talk of the century, before a series of issues led to a divorce. What happened and why the divorce? This and more is what we would uncover in this article.


The marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles was surely a fairy tale wedding, but it so happens that Diana wasn't the fairy.  According to some sources, the wedding was not supposed to have taken place because apparently, Prince Charles was not really into it. Why do you say? Well, here's the reason.

It was a simple case of unrequited love and arranged marriage. The Prince was in love with another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles, who had gotten married to another man when he went away for 2 years on official duty. That didn't stop their love affair though as it was said that the Prince and his lover still kept very much in contact.

His lover, as reported, encouraged him to get married so as to have an heir to the throne and the sacrificial lamb happened along which was Diana. He had only met Diana a few times before the marriage, with the first meeting being when Diana was 16 and the Prince was dating her sister.

They got married anyway, with the Prince hoping that he will grow to love her. Diana was also praying that her love will trigger his love but it didn't quite work out that way. It was also reported that on the night of their wedding, the Prince was crying. Diana mentioned that she saw him wearing a cufflink that had on it "CC" which supposedly stands for Charles and Camilla, and when she probed, the Prince replied that they were still friends.

At another time, stories were that Prince Charles had broken his arm in a polo match, an occurrence which Princess Diana didn't know about. She then came home to meet Camilla tending to the Prince.

Also at another time, she had confronted Camilla and said "I know what's going on between you two" Camilla retorted and told her, "Why do you care? You are beautiful and you can have anything you want" to which Diana replied: "I want my husband".

It was quite a tumultuous marriage with many setbacks which included the fact that Diana wasn't fully accepted into the household. Princess Anne, her husband's sister, disliked her and would always make a cutting remark to her. What is more, she had frequent mood swings and suffered from Bulimia. And on top of all that, she had to deal with a husband who cheated and didn't deny it.


In 1994, the Prince actually admitted to having extramarital affairs which proved to be very scandalous for the Royal house. The admission came two years after they had separated in 1992, and by that time it was reported that the Princess was engaged in extramarital affairs too.

Situations leading to the divorce were made worse by her actions in the early 1990s as Diana had already started speaking with members of the Press in a no-holds-bar interview. She spoke to Andrew Norton, and the interview later turned into a phenomenal book titled 'Diana, her true story in Her Own Words'.

There were lots of scandalous details about the Royal Affair and other in-house issues involving the Royal family as at that time. There were also leaked tapes which were evidence of continuous contact between the Prince and Camilla. At a point, while describing her marriage, Princess Diana said; 

"Well, there were three of us in the marriage so it was a bit crowded"

The events became so stressful and highly embarrassing for the Royal house. This eventually prompted Queen Elizabeth to write the duo a letter mandating them to divorce as soon as possible.


Hell no, she didn't. The fact was, she loved the Prince. She was willing to stay and work out their marriage, a fact which was confirmed by her personal trainer, Jenni Rivet who said that;

"Given the choice, she would have stayed and made a happy marriage"

She was ready to work it out with the man she loved even though she wasn't loved in return. Despite knowing that she wasn't her husband's heartbeat, she would have opted to stay in the union.


It turned out Diana had gone through a broken home, she had seen firsthand the effect it had on children and also grew up with a stepmother who she had a difficult relationship with. This experience was what encouraged her reluctance to accept divorce. What is more, she still harbored hope in her heart that her love will turn the Prince's heart over to her. She was also thinking of her two children as she desperately wanted to save them from the emotional trauma and bad publicity that would come with the divorce.

All her efforts couldn't save the drowning ship, and the situation was not helped due to the media frenzy that came after her interview in which she bared everything about her husband. After that interview, it was all so obvious that things had fallen apart and the center cannot hold. 

The final separation happened in August 1996. On the prompting of the Queen. A palace statement said,

"After considering the present situation, the queen wrote to both the prince and princess earlier this week and gave them her view, supported by the Duke of Edinburgh, that an early divorce is desirable,"

This statement was issued after a series of communication had taken place between Diana and Prince Philip, her father in law. There, the Prince begged them to work on their marriage but it turned out that his advice had no effect on the sinking ship that was their marriage as both had already lost all affections for each other.

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The Princess was still allowed to live in Kensington Palace, the same place where Prince William and Kate Middleton now live with their 3 children. She was also allowed to retain other privileges like using the Royal jet and even the apartment for entertaining guests only on the permission of the queen. However, the title was taken away from her on the insistence of Prince Charles and she was only left to answer Princess of Wales instead of Duchess. 

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Both still had equal access to the children and co-parented them effectively up until the death of Princess Diana in 1997 in a car crash in Paris while being chased by the paparazzi. Her death shocked the nation and the entire world, but it freed Prince Charles to be able to marry his one true love, Camilla Parker. All in all, it was a sad ending to the beginning of their fairy tale.

Did you enjoy the trip back memory lane? We'll love to hear your thoughts about that sad story. Do you think Princess Diana would be alive today if they had stayed together? We'll love to read your takes in the comments, so, do share. See you soon!

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