6 Zodiac Signs That Just Cannot Stop Stalking Their Exes On Social Media

Everyone feels the need to check up on their ex’s every once in a while. It is almost natural to wonder what a person you cared about at one point is doing with his or her life. Social media has been the greatest instrument of our times, especially for relationships. We have all been tempted to stalk the feeds of past boyfriends, and there is no shame in it.

However, there are several reasons why you might be doing this. Maybe, your breakup was unexpected, or you miss that person. You might not have moved on yet, and you could have discovered that he is dating someone new. Your personality greatly influences this, and so, your Zodiac sign can indicate why you cannot let go of him. Let’s find out which of these signs are more likely to stalk their exes!


Taurus is a sensual sign and filled with beautiful emotions with a heart of gold, but they tend to get jealous often. When they fall in love, it might be forever. They have one hell of a time breaking up with a particular person, and their stubbornness will come out ten-fold. If their significant other bails on the relationship for whatever reason, they will spend a lot of time keeping tabs on them.

They need closure, but more importantly, they need to discover why their partner decided to end the relationship. It is hardest on Taurus than on any other sign in the Zodiac. Some things do not make sense to these people. How can an ex move on so quickly? How could they be dismissed like that? It’s all a puzzle they need to solve. But, we often cannot speak openly to our past lovers; so, stalking it is.


Cancers are passionate, loving people but getting into a new relationship with someone can be difficult. They are shy about opening themselves to new loves or disappointment, and even more so if they have been hurt by a past partner. The ruler of this sign is the Moon, which means that they are extremely emotional. When relationships do not go the way they expect, things get hard for them.

The disappointment is too overwhelming because they have already planned for a future with this person. Therefore, letting go is almost impossible. They might get over their heartbreak at some point, but they will never forget the good times and will want to check up on that person every once in a while. However, they also keep their hopes up about a possible reconciliation, which is why they check social media often.


While Virgos might not be the most hopeful people in the world, especially regarding relationships, they do not let go quickly. Things can turn really blue for this sign. The reason is that they tend to blame themselves for the end of the connection, over thinking everything that happened between them. Furthermore, they will always assume that they did something wrong to the other person.

Sometimes, relationships do not work out because both partners are not compatible or the other person is not sure of his or her feelings. Anything can happen, and it might not be anyone’s fault, but that is not how Virgos see it. They need to find out all the details, the reasons, and what they can do to make up with their partners. One way to find out more about a person you cannot see every day is through social media.


Scorpios are known for their aloofness but do not let that fool you. When they get into a relationship with someone, they are all in with lots of passion and commitment. That is why when a breakup happens; they tend to break down. They might seem like tough people, but often, their emotions will get the best of them, and they will not know how to cope.

Another issue with the people of this sign is their pride gets in the way of seeing arguments. Pain can bring out the worst in these folks, which leads to jealousy. In extreme cases, it could also end up in obsession. Social media is fantastic in many ways, but it is also used by people that do not care about your privacy. Some Scorpios could cross the line between innocently checking up on your ex and creeping on them.

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Leo is another sign that might let their pride get the best of them sometimes. That might make them hesitate about stalking their exes, but in the end, they will do it. Curiosity will win always, but they won’t like it. Leos do not like being ruled by emotions and want to move on quickly in case of a breakup. However, this is a mistake because everyone needs time to recover from the heartbreak of separation.

Furthermore, they are also known for being incredibly nosy, which is where social media comes in. Their vanity will win and will be used as a way to satiate their inquisitiveness. They want to know if their ex has already moved on to someone, who that person is, and if she or he is better than them or prettier even. They might also want to see their past lover going through a hard time.

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Some people make the mistake of thinking that Capricorns are cold and uncaring, but that is just because they keep their emotions hidden from the world. They are almost the complete opposite from Cancer, who tend to show their feelings to the world. They can keep everything a secret so that no one will ever know how hurt there were by a breakup.

This indicates that they are great social media stalkers because prying into someone’s life through your computer or phone can be done anonymously. They might not even tell their friends that they have checked up on their past lover. No one needs to know. They will be sneaky. Doing it in their rooms at night and carefully avoid “liking” anything so that no one will suspect.

There is nothing with using social media to check up on someone, but obsession can be dangerous. Let us know if you have ever stalked your ex before and why. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who never close Facebook. See you next time!

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