Astrology Predicts What To Expect In April: Some Zodiac Signs Are Going To Like It

April has just arrived, which that some Aries are celebrating their birthdays, and Taurus will start the party on April 20th. The Sun may move quickly through this month, but it is the perfect time to reflect on the past and work on what can be bettered. Retrograde is going to be amped this turn of the Moon with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.

Thanks to the New Moon of April 5th, most signs will be able to analyze their past mistakes and look towards the future to start over. However, you must also consider the Mercury retrograde of March, which turned straight right before Aries. The planets have severe plans for each Zodiac sign this coming season. The results are shocking. Let’s find out more!


Mercury went into retrograde right around the New Moon in Pisces, which was out with Neptune direct, and therefore, conversations were stilted and confusing. Sometimes, misunderstanding could have happened, but the New Moon in April is a chance to get over those. Pisces and Neptune have always been associated with spiritualism but also with problems, lack of reason and uncertainty.

This turn of the moon, things will begin to clear up once Mercury leaves Neptune, and Jupiter will enter January just to begin retrograde on April 10th. Saturn will come retrograde on April 29th and up to September 18th. This is the chance to work harder for your goals and plan what happens next. Capricorn will be in Pluto, and its retrograde starts on April 24th and finalizes on October 3rd.


This is the perfect time to get back to basic morals and enjoy the independence that the Moon will have in store in early April. On the 5th, you will be able to work on your ideas for the future. By the middle of the month, your self-assurance will sky-rocket. The Moon and Venus will square Jupiter around this time, which means that taking risks could be fruitful. Once Pluto begins retrograde, group gatherings will be unstable.


Mars will be affecting debates at the beginning of the month, and so, you have to watch the things you talk about at that moment. The New Moon will tell what others want, which could lead to a need to help others. Pluto’s sway will enhance this and assure you that it is the right path. Furthermore, it is time to take chances and complete that idea you have been thinking about for some time.

The Earth sign means that the small things in life will bring infinite happiness and appreciation for every good thing that surrounds you. The Full Moon on the 19th is the perfect time to adopt a pet like a dog or a cat. The juxtaposition of the Moon and Neptune will also augment your medium skills, and you will feel more insightful.


This turn of the Moon is perfect for achieving goals thanks to the power of Mars, and the fact that Venus is going through your career path. Even your coworkers will be thankful for the influence. Leading is just part of who you are, especially now that the Moon combines with Mars. However, watch out for others’ opinions by mid-April because they might not match your own mind. The Full Moon will influence your romantic house.


Thanks to Neptune, you will become much more intuitive this turn of the Moon. You will also be tempted to take risks early this month thanks to the Moon squaring with Jupiter, but the 5th’s New Moon is all about your professional life. Uranus will help you see new opportunities, while the New Moon of the 19th suggests a change in your family. The end of the season could influence your choices.


Your objectives will be a priority at the beginning of April thanks to Mars, but on the 4th, the Moon will make you think about mysticism. This is because of Jupiter, who wants you to think beyond what the eye can see. The Moon will enter your birth sign in the middle of the month, which is the chance to be yourself. Your ethics might come into question by the 26th, and you will feel a bit lazy by the end of the season.


Thanks to the Pisces Moon, things will start on a humorous note this month, but it is essential to follow your instincts. Mars will influence your career and want you to achieve more early this April. Jupiter’s retrograde will affect your home and your family, meaning that problems will arise and need immediate solutions. Pluto and Saturn will negatively impact your love life, and Jupiter on the 28th is a chance for renewal.


Pluto’s influence will bring you clarity early this April, and thanks to the Moon and Saturn, your family life will be much better. Read that book you have wanted to on the 8th, 9th, or 10th. The fire sign will affect things by mid-month, but it is all about strengthening friendships and going out. The Full Moon will help complete a project, but Mars by the end of April means that you have to watch your mouth.


You will have time to rest at the beginning of April, but it is important to check your health by the 5th. The Sun and the Moon will influence your career positively by the middle of the month, and the Full Moon will make you feel anxious on the 19th. You might end up regretting your latest purchase on the 21st or 22nd; therefore, it is best to save your receipts. Spirituality will be relevant by the end of April thanks to the Moon and Neptune.


April begins will the Pisces Moon aligned with Mars, which could lead to arguments within the family. The New Moon will bring spare time; so enjoy it. There is a considerable chance for relationships as well. By mid-month, you might be bored and pick up that novel you bought some time ago. The 19th is great for working on your goals, and your charisma will be heightened by the end of April thanks to the Moon in Scorpio.


Conversations might be affected this April; so, avoid getting into arguments or becoming emotional. Mars will increase your assurance, but be careful not to be arrogant. The New Moon early this month is a great time to spend with your family. By mid-April, the Moon will bring people who need your support. Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn by the end of April means that you have to know when to stop.

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Mars will influence romance and emotions at the beginning of April, and by the 3rd, Pluto will make you want to forgive past wrongs. The First Quarter Moon is great to group projects at work, but you might question your morals by the 13th or 14th. The Sun on the 20th is all about remembering important things. The Moon, Pluto, and Saturn will affect your end of the month as they are in your house of fun.

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The beginning of April brings a strong influence from Mars that will increase your money-making abilities. The New Moon on the 5th is about your economy and looking ahead. Saturn will affect your friendships on the 6th or 7th. Mars and the Moon are in your region of housing, which could mean moving to a better place by mid-April. At this time, Venus will make you socialize more, and the Full Moon on the 19th will make you spiritual.

The Last Quarter Moon by the end of the month will influence your giving nature. The planets will affect all signs differently. Let us know what you think about your sign’s predictions. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love reading horoscopes every month. See you next time!

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