The Most Common Downside of Each Zodiac Sign And How To Cope With It

Some pills are usually hard to swallow, aren't they? It is always so easy to point out the errors of others, but when it comes to ours, we find it difficult to make corrections. Because of this, we make a lot of mistakes and decisions we shouldn't have. 

One of the advantages of knowing your zodiac sign is so it can guide you through life, through your decisions, through your relationships, and also sometimes, to tell you when you're messing up and how you can improve yourself. This exactly is what we are going to be telling you today, and believe me, it's going to be some tough love.

Aries / 21st March - 20th April

Aggressive, domineering and hyperactive. Take a chill pill, please. You just may be the reason your partner is getting frustrated. Try to get to know their frequency and flow with it. They can't all be the life of the party like you. And please control your insensitive and crabby nature. Your volatile and inconsistent moods can actually wear someone off. Be balanced. Don't be at the extreme of your feelings. Control it. Try not to go overboard with it.

Taurus / 20th April - May 21st

There are 7.1 billion people on Earth, believe me, it can't be all about you. Get off the "me" horse and stop making it impossible for someone to love you. I know you feel like your friends are trying to change your lifestyle to suit theirs, while all they want to do is flow with you. Loosen up, stop being paranoid and seeing others in a bad light. No one is taking your independence away from you.

Gemini / 22nd May -  June 21st

Ermmmm, can you at least be consistent in your personality so we'd know how to help? Today you are throwing tantrums and tomorrow you are all sweet. It can be confusing you know - who wants a partner that doesn't know what and how to feel? You make it hard to love you. Stick with one personality, stop changing your mind about who you are all the time. You will find love soon, just take this advice.

Cancer / 22nd June - 22nd July

Who defines mushy? It’s the sensitive and emotional cancer baby, whose eyes are overfilled with tears and ready to pour out any minute. Not everything is a big deal and not everything should be worried about. Your partner didn't text you? Text them instead. No calls? Call back instead of sulking and waiting for a trigger to cry. Talk about your feelings and stop carrying that long face around.

Leo / 23rd July - 22nd August.

Your ego is the size of a blown balloon. You are cute, we know, stop asking for compliments like its oxygen to you. It feels like you need it to feed your over bloated ego. Demanding constant validation can actually wear your partner off. At one point, everyone around will stop caring if your hairpin is Gucci and your handkerchief is Prada. And please don't force us to throw halfhearted compliments. Bottom line: We don't give a flying hoot about it.

Virgo / 22nd August - 22nd September.

You are the tough love crew. You are trying hard to be perfect and expect that from everyone else too. You are always demanding more from yourself and others. But no one is perfect, not even you. And the more you try to be, you will get disillusioned and so will others. Your partner may find it hard to love you because he/she will always fall short of your standards. Calm down and take life bit by bit and have some fun. No looking for flaws and nagging, no unreasonable standards, just enjoy life.

Libra / 23rd September - 22nd October

How long does it take for a Libra to make a decision? The length of time a toddler will take to crawl from one end of the Earth to the other. You're not just taking time to make decisions - you take emotionless steps. Love isn't logical, so sometimes you shouldn't rationalize actions. Just do what will make everyone good and feel loved. Try making a spontaneous decision one day and see how good it feels. Also, stop being so pushy - give people their personal space and get your "me " time too.

Scorpio / 23rd October - 22nd November

Blah blah blah, that's how you sound when you just won't stop talking. The person who will love you needs an extra dose of tolerance or they will probably smother you one day. Your ego is huge, and you are always complaining. And when you are not complaining, you are boasting. Cut the person some slack, please. Don't be a wimp.

Sagittarius / 23rd November - 21st December.

You are the definition of narcissism. Soooo selfish and self-absorbed. And if you are not ready to be committed to a single partner, don't even bother making them fall in love with you. You'd stress them with your unfaithfulness.

Capricorn / 22nd December - 20th January

Please read books on winning friends. You are really boring and it’s easy to lose you in a conversation. Try to develop a fun side because no one likes a moody person. Loosen up and stop making everyone uncomfortable. Be more outgoing and uptight. Go out of your way to make some new friends, make sacrifices and learn how to communicate.

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Aquarius / 21st January - 18th February.

You have a distorted image of yourself. Be honest, please. And next time you love someone, you should tell them on time. You always stall and then muster the courage to tell the person on the eve of their wedding to another person. Time won't always wait for you to grow up and face your responsibilities. You just have to start living or you'll look back at the years that have passed and regret the actions you didn't take.

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Pisces / 19th February - 20th March

Sleepyhead, wake up and live your love-filled dreams. I guess romance only exists in your head and thoughts. But in reality, you suck man. Like really. Live out the love in your head and love yourself because no one will love you better. And please go on a real date. Stop acting like a chicken all the time. You always allow people to treat you badly, but you deserve more than you are getting now. Demand more. Decide to give love a chance. You rock

Which of these personality types best fit you and where do you think you need improvement? Do take some time to think about it and take the necessary actions. We'll love to read what you think so share your thoughts with us and also share this amazing resource with your friends. Till next time!

Sources: Thought Catalog 


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