How To Detect A Person Who Is Lying, According To Their Zodiac Sign

We all have a Pinocchio inside us, and no one can deny that. The main difference is that while some people can lie about little matters, others tend to do it about everything. And, of course, we gotta confess - not everybody is good at this "art." 

Some folks have easy tells, but with others, it can be tough to know whether they are telling the truth or not. You might be pretty shocked to learn this, but there's a "tell" in the personality traits of each zodiac sign that could help you spot when someone is untruthful. All you have to do is thank astrology and check out the horoscope below. Let's get started! 


Our little rams in the zodiac can really be nonchalant when lying, which makes them good tricksters. But that is when they are not lying to people who know them! Besides, another interesting detail is the way this sign acts when he's caught red-handed

These natives will always try to be casual and shrug off any questions about their fib. It's like if they were telling you, "Oh! Did I say it was last Friday? Sorry, I meant last Tuesday. I must have gotten the days mixed up then!" We all make mistakes, right? (Not in the case of Aries, honey!)


The bulls are very attentive when it comes to being economical with the truth because they will give the right amount of detail to make it credible enough. And what is even better about these folks is that they'll recount everything in the same rehearsed way when people inevitably ask them again. You can catch them if you listen carefully because they might recycle some of their excuses!


Sorry for the natives of this sign, but they suck at lying. It's pretty easy to tell when a Gemini is stretching the truth because he gets overly careful with what he says. However, his stories might sound too bizarre to be believable regardless of all the details he puts into it. And things get even messier when this sign tries to reconstruct his tale if he's caught in a lie. 


The crab cannot help but be honest all the time. Well, we have to give him some credit for this trait, but it's not good when you try to get him to say a white lie around your friends. The greatest tell of this sign is that he cannot look you in the eyes when fibbing. 

Of course, he is entirely aware of his lack of ability, so it's very probably he might pretend to be busy or move around when lying to make it more "believable" (according to Cancer, of course). "I am not lying!... Would you like some coffee? Let me go make some!"


Oh, the lions of the zodiac! As in many aspects of life, Leo is pretty confident when stretching the truth. He can also be influential, so it's effortless for him to convince people of any story. Besides, he might try to make you doubt yourself and what you know. A Leo can totally make you look like an idiot if that can help him get away with a lie, so don't get surprised! This a very dangerous skill to have, right? 


For this Earth sign, just like in Taurus's case, attention to detail is vital. But the tiny problem is that Virgo might add too many points, most of them being absurd, ridiculous, and irrelevant. That's how he gets caught! He truly digs himself into a hole with his "casual" facts, but it might be fun to watch


There is no doubt that Libra doesn't like being untruthful, but when he has to, he'll avoid you as if you had a contagious disease. Why? Because he knows he's terrible at lying and knows he will give himself away in a matter of seconds. Don't even try to text him because he won't answer. For this zodiac sign, it's safer to clam up until things cool down or you discover the truth, and you certainly will!


This zodiac sign hates lying because he likes to think he is the most honest person on Earth. However, that doesn't prevent him from actually doing so. And when he stretches the truth, he might be convincing. But that's until you start interrogating him because he gets really nervous and even defensive. If he took it easy, he could even get away with a fib! 

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The archer is an excellent liar because he doesn't spend too much time on a lie. He knows that getting overcomplicated with details would only make stuff more far-fetched. Instead, he just keeps things casual. If you question his honesty, he might look you in the eye, shrug his shoulders, and tell you that's your business if you don't believe him. A pretty ingenious strategy, huh?


The goat's ability to put on the perfect poker face is what makes him so good at lying. Apart from that, this sign keeps things simple and straightforward. So, if you get to know a Capricorn, it could be almost impossible for you to tell whether he's honest or not. He truly knows how to cover his tracks and set up credible stories. Sad for the rest of the world, right?

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The water bearer cannot help but show all his emotions on his face. And that's precisely why he'd never get away with a lie. When being untruthful, Aquarius internally freaks out and cannot hide it. But if you ask them a question about it, he'll try to give an easy answer and start a completely unrelated conversation. "I told you I was with some friends last weekend... Oh, did you see that squirrel eating a nut?"


The fish is a compelling case because he can be a pro at lying or suck at it. It all depends on the situation and what he's untruthful about. If he gets to be a good liar, no one can really notice it. On the contrary, when he's terrible at it, he becomes manipulative and plays the blame game. He might even victimize himself to try to convince you. 

So, next time you think a friend or your better-half is stretching the truth, just try to remember his zodiac sign, and things will get easier from there. What do you think about the tips on this list to spot a liar? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure you check some more articles with interesting info. Till next time!

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