Does Harry & Meghan’s Double Hand-Hold Mean Something More?

Ever since their May 19th wedding last year, it has been public appearance after public appearance for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This fast-paced life that Meghan Markle is still settling into can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. This is why it comes as no surprise that her husband is usually not too far away.

The Duchess of Sussex almost always has Prince Harry in a tight double hand hold whenever they are out together. A body language expert's claim that they reveal a lot about their relationship from the way they hold each other's hands.


Author of ‘Persuasion Point,’ and body language expert, Traci Brown says,

“It looks like when they’re in more private moments, she’ll do the double hand hold… she’s reaching more into his space, looking for a deeper connection.”

Speaking to Hello Magazine, another body language expert, Judi James, explained that perhaps the Duchess requires encouragement as she continues to settle down into her new world.

“With her royal role profile firmly established, she has adopted a more stand-alone look, either attending events by herself or taking the lead when she is with her husband,” said Ms. James. “This hand and arm clasp suggest a less secure trait though as she tucks behind Harry’s arm, holding both his hand and placing her free hand on his lower arm, gazing up at him as though seeking attention or reassurance.”


Meghan and Harry holding hands in public may not seem like much to the ordinary world, but again, most of the common world is not cultured in the way of being a Royal. For decades, there has been an unspoken rule against public displays of affection in the royal household. Mostly for the reason that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip themselves have hardly ever been seen hand in hand outside Windsor Castle.

Body language expert, Robin Kermode, said that:

“The Queen rarely holds hands with her husband in public and this seems to have set an unwritten precedent for the other royals.”

There is no official law against PDA, but Meghan and Harry often find themselves straying from the norm when it comes to holding hands. They have never shied away from publically showing themselves love. The couple is regularly attending engagements in each other’s warm embrace.

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It is not just about the adorable double-hand-hold, Meghan and Harry cannot seem ever to let go of each other. Sometimes, in certain situations, we have seen the mother-to-be and her Prince in a regular single hold. Traci Brown was asked to study pictures of both, to help get the tiniest feel of what their connection is like.

After careful study, it is as though Meghan saves the double hand hold for situations where she’s happy and comfortable.

“Here’s that engagement announcement pic,”

Brown says.

“She can’t get enough of him, and he’s doing that thing he does to protect himself a bit from the cameras —putting his hand over his solar plexus and weaving his hand between his buttons. Looks like this is a much more unofficial moment,”

the body language expert says.

“She’s pulling him in and seems happy going wherever they are together. He’s a bit concerned about something… but what? Body language tells us what’s on someone’s mind, but it doesn’t tell us why.”

Although we may never know what Harry was worried about, it is heart-warming seeing that he’s happy escaping with his wife in her signature double handed embrace. “Overall, their relationship is great, and they are solid as a rock.” Concludes Traci Brown.


On the subject of the couple’s tour in Morocco, Judi said,

“The pose focuses the attention back onto Harry while making him look rather more alpha as he walks ahead with his chest splayed,”

and of course, most people remember their engagement interview, when according to Judi,

“…Meghan even used her left hand, so this pose could be more about boosting his confident profile than her own.”

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Don’t get us wrong, even when they’re only doing the single hand hold, Harry and Meghan present themselves as a happily united front. They never cease to remind us how happy and in sync they are with each other. Brown said,

“When they’re in some kind of ceremony or formal procession, clearly they are there as a team holding hands. And Harry is the team leader, walking slightly ahead. They’re both focused on whatever catches their eye in the surroundings,”

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As hard as it may be to believe, there have been some recent reports which suggest that British citizens have had enough of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s hand-holding, arm-linking, and overall public displays of affection.

According to ‘The Sun,’ a relationship expert and family lawyer has concerns about how the public perceives the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s noticeable affection, especially Meghan’s. The publication reports that Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart said that the constant hand-holding is beginning to "irritate" the British public.

Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart told Express,

'‘Modesty can translate to quiet authority, and this is a powerful tool for winning over the public,” she added that, “This image is overshadowing Meghan’s extensive charity work…”

There is no sweeter gesture than a person unashamedly acknowledging their love for you in front of a global audience, but for the Royals, these public shows of affection—although very comforting to watch— may be too pricey. What do you think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s intimacy? Do you think they need to dial it down, or is it the rest of Buckingham Palace that needs to tone it up?

Source: Cheat Sheet, Hello MagazineExpress

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