15+ Things To Consider Before Going For A Boyfriend

Some women would do anything for the love of a man, but in every relationship, it is important to think deeply. Being with someone who does not treat you right can be incredibly harmful, and checking his social media can turn you into a toxic girlfriend. You cannot be the one who always chases him. Luckily, here we have a couple of tips before you decide to get into a relationship. Let’s find out more!

18. Want is not need

Any man loves being wanted by a woman, but they do not like it when they're desperately needed. Once you become desperate, they will start losing interest. Relationships are about balancing both lives into one, not being dependent on each other for everything.

17. No calls = no interest

Sometimes, we kid ourselves into thinking that he is not calling or responding to messages because he is busy with work or something else. However, the truth is that if a guy is really interested in you, he will find the time for you.

16. You need support

The purpose of finding a companion is to support each other. But if your man claims that you make him do too many things or require too much of him, he is not for you. This is not the kind of man you want for the rest of your life.

15. You do not need to chase

Normally, a man likes to do the chasing because once they desire a woman, they get laser-focused. However, if you are constantly the one asking to meet up for a date or you always have to initiate, then, chances are that he is not for you.

14. If you catch him

However, on the off chance that he allows himself to be “caught” after making you beg for his attention, you might not really have him at all. He could have grown tired of going for another girl and decided that staying with you was better than nothing.

13. You cannot become less for him

A good relationship will help you become the best person you can be. But, if you have to sacrifice things for a man, then he is not for you. The love of your life is not going to compromise your personality, integrity, or the things that make you who are for anything.

12. You might be missing out

While there is a lot of merit in going after your goals and earning the love of someone, there is also a chance that something better is out there. You might lose out on the love of your life because you are after what you think you want.

11. You might be disappointed

Maybe, you have built this guy up in your head, and when you end up getting him, things might not be what you expected. Sometimes, we love the chase too. If that was all to it, then you will definitely not want that man.

10. It could be a waste of time

Again, going after that guy could have been a huge mistake. If he is not paying you proper attention, then spend time with your friends and family. They are the people who really care about you. Making memories with your loved ones is way more important than going after some loser.

9. We make ourselves crazy

Some girls often get mad because men drive them insane, but in most cases, that is not the real reason. We tend to go overboard and make things up in our heads that could not even be true. This can happen especially if we do not know why the guy does not want us.

8. Do not overthink

It is hard for all girls to follow this advice, but staying in your head and reading into everything a man says is the worst thing you can do. They are mostly straight-forward creatures. They are not into mind games and politics like girls.

7. You should not have to work so hard

A relationship is something organic. It should happen naturally, and while there can be lots of passion, it should also be easy. If you are draining yourself to keep things going between you two, he might not be the man for you.

6. A guy cannot be your whole life

Once again, romance should happen naturally. Things cannot be forced. Finding a man should not be your top priority, and in the end, you cannot make yourself miserable for him. You need to find happiness on your own.

5. You might be interested in him for the wrong reasons

As mentioned earlier, you be might be more interested in a man because of the chase. Furthermore, your desire for him might have grown specifically because he does not want you. We often make that mistake, don't we?

4. There is no future there

If a man does not want you, but you keep chasing him, you will not get anywhere. It will be an endless loop of begging, sacrifice, and even self-loathing. You might lose yourself trying to be what he wants. That is simply not healthy.

3. Love is never forced

Liking someone is also organic, and it cannot be manufactured. Sadly, we cannot force someone to want us. It will not happen. It can be harmful to both parties, and resentment will build up in either of you. Let things flow.

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2. Do not be fooled

Guys never pass up on the opportunity to hook up, but that does not mean that he wants a relationship with you. Once again, it is important to know that you do not have to give him what he wants without using your head. Sex is not love.

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1. He is not worth it

If a guy is making you chase after him, he might just be playing with your feelings, keeping you around just in case nothing better comes up, and even manipulating you. That is not the man you want, no matter how handsome or charming he is.

Dating is tough, but ladies, we have to be smart. Let us know if you have other tips for girls in the relationship. If you liked this article, share with all your friends who need to get their heads straight about relationships. See you next time!

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