Donnie Wahlberg Might Expect Help From 'Blue Bloods' on His New Show

American singer and actor, Donald Wahlberg, was born on August 17, 1969. As someone who now wears diverse hats in the media in Hollywood, Donnie, as he is popularly referred to, has definitely had one of the most intriguing journeys leading to his career today. As one of the pioneer members of the all-boys band, ‘New Kids on the Block,’ Donnie started as a musician, and his diversion to acting began with roles in films such as ‘The Sixth Sense,’ ‘Righteous Kill,’ and ‘Ransom.’

In 2003, he starred in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s alien invasion thriller ‘Dream catcher,’ and in 2006, he played the role of the Lieutenant Commander Burton in the military/boxing drama ‘Annapolis.’ As of 2011, Donnie became the host for the internet radio show on Friday nights on Cherry Tree Radio, and he also appeared in the 2011 comedy ‘Zookeeper.’

Donald is a passionate fan of the Boston Celtics; he has been spotted at many of their games. He even got to narrate a documentary called ‘The Association: Boston Celtics’ about the team’s 2010 to 2011 season that was aired on ESPN. It may seem a little unusual, but Donnie also owns a restaurant in Boston together with his brothers Paul, who is the head chef, and Mark. With all these achievements to his name, many people know Donnie because of the iconic role he plays on CBS’ ‘Blue Bloods.’


If you are a fan of the series ‘Blue Bloods,’ you must be used to seeing Donnie Wahlberg play the character Detective Danny Reagan. However, he now has a new show with its central theme focusing on true crime. Wahlberg’s new show is called ‘Very Scary People,’ and he typically gets to talk about cases which differ from his role as a detective in the series ‘Blue Bloods.’

The new series consists of six episodes which focus on stories about notorious criminals, with each two-hour long episode going deep in the details of each criminal. Well, if you are yet to catch an episode of ‘Very Scary People,’ you're missing out on some quite some scary people. In the show, Donnie leads his audience through the lives of some notorious criminals in history starting from Charles Manson to the Zodiac Killer.


It might be quite difficult to say that Donnie’s role in ‘Blue Bloods’ didn’t play a role in his interest in having a crime show. Many believe that if Donnie had not been playing his role as Detective Danny on ‘Blue Bloods’ for the past nine years, he would not have been inclined to begin a show like ‘Very Scary People.’ It is undeniable that ‘Blue Bloods’ accurate portrayal of law enforcement body must have been a primary factor contributing to Donnie’s dedication to his show.

Donald asserts that though he might be a TV actor and not a real cop or homicide detective, he works closely with a lot of them and he studies them intensely and this goes a very long way in helping him prepare to do his job on the show.

Wahlberg also proves the length at which the show goes to achieve realness, by the archival news footage it adopts to enable it to tell those stories in a way that they have not been really told before. ‘Blue Bloods’ has so much detail and authenticity than what some crime shows project.


With the firm intention to learn to walk the walk and talk the talk, Donnie spent quite a time in the cars, both off and on the streets, with the NYPD to learn how it is done. This was also the length taken by the other stars in ‘Blue Bloods’ to perfect their roles.

Filmed in various locations in the boroughs of New York, the show’s central landscape is that of New York City. The Sunday dinner scenes depicted in every episode are actually shot on set in the studio, as well as the scenes in the police commissioner’s offices.

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Dealing with the CBS show’s authenticity has of no doubt at all made Donnie more aware of the real-life crimes and their representation on TV. He explains that he takes his responsibility and the truth of the heaviness of the show seriously. The actor further opines about true crimes in general and referred to when his son was young and obsessed with Godzilla movies and toys.

He said his son was never actually fond of Godzilla - he was actually terrified of Godzilla, and his obsession was his way of controlling the fear. He believes that this is exactly what crime shows do for the audience; it helps to lessen the fear of the unknown quite a bit.


It is still not entirely clear what the future of the CBS show ‘Blue Bloods’ is. Since the show is in its ninth season, contracts seem to have shortened; hence, it is quite hard to say if the show is going to end soon or not. However, Tom Selleck, who plays a major character in the series, has revealed that there was no one under contract currently on the show. Nevertheless, the cast remains very passionate about staying on the show.

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The character that Donnie plays on ‘Blue Bloods’ has been dealing with the loss of his sons, and since the storyline is an essential part of the ninth season, it is quite likely that Wahlberg would continue on the show. The career of Donnie Wahlberg is quite a spectacular one, especially in terms of the different fields he has dived into. He is undoubtedly a versatile one, as he has been keeping busy behind the scenes by touring with the band ‘New Kids On The Block.’

If anything, the versatility Donnie possesses should be a pointer to follow up his show ‘Very Scary People’ as well as CBS’s ‘Blue Bloods.’ You would want to get familiar with these two. Have you seen Donnie’s ‘Very Scary People?’ Do you believe his character in ‘Blue Bloods’ had a role to play in the success of the show? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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