15+ Guys Share How It Felt At The Moment They Realized They Are Gay

Sexuality has undergone different forms of evolution over the years. Although so many cultures and religions still find it hard to relate and cope with these evolutions as they are not at all in sync with their beliefs and faith. It is for this reason that some sections of individuals of unusual sexuality have for a while now been feeling alienated which is why they decided to form this community known as LGBTQ.

A lot of people still don’t agree that homosexuality or a person’s sexuality can't be chosen. What these people do instead is living in the denial of the possibilities in terms of the causes of the uniqueness in sexuality. A particular gay twitter user decided to take to twitter and share his decision-making point of becoming homosexual in a sarcastic and funny way, and this has caused similar reactions from his other fellow gay individuals.

25. Simon’s story: His choice was influenced by the need he felt to offend every societal and religious value about homosexuality.

24. Totchos in a box: He decided to try being gay for a year and then stuck with it.

23. Bill Roberts: Bill merely loved being at risk. So he decided to take more risky actions by becoming gay according to him.

22. Alan Palmer: The stigma and panic of AIDs pushed him into becoming gay.

21. Toby Rothwell: Though he has never fully understood what being gay is, he decided to become one because his mates in school kept calling him gay.

20. Marky Bram: Marky was in a happy heterosexual relationship. He, however, chose to become gay to spite his perfectly normal relatives and be an uncle instead.

19. Cody Rothery: For Cody, he reacted to a shade thrown at Ellen’s show debut by his mom. He decided to make his family hate him as much as they hated Ellen and became gay.

18. Phil Mews: Phil was going to keep being straight initially. He then changed his mind because he decided he was not going to look good in a fleece.

17. Leon Brown: He was made to sign a form giving up his straightness in high school. After leaving theatre school after three months, the weird looks and hate grow on him, and he decided to sell his straightness to someone else.

16. An ant in the bath: This guy was gay in high school, but he chose to hide it. He thought he invented homosexuality due to his lack of sexual orientation. He later got to discover that it was already in existence after living in anguish for years.

15. The bad guy Lee: Lee caught the homosexual TV virus at the age of five. This was from an episode in the ‘Sailor Moon,’ and since then he has been a Moon Princess.

14. Davey Gray: The doctor gave him the checkerboard when he was little. He innocently marked the rainbow box without realizing the implication then.

13. Thomas West: He became gay by watching ‘Golden Girls’. To him, you could never really enjoy the movie if you were not homosexual.

12. The Geoffrey: It was the crisis of seeing gay guys ridiculed, accused of abuse and dying alone that spiked his own decision. He decided that he could use some of that.

11. Enchanted Hounds: Because he was being bullied and beaten at school, he decided to be gay. To him, it was his best choice ever that has helped shape his life.

10. Kathryn Nicasio: She felt that the feeling of being assaulted by straight men in her relationship with a girlfriend was missing from her life. She now considers being shunned by her family the best thing ever.

9. Zeil Reagan: He saw the weird girly boys in his school tormented and thought it was cool. He decided then to sign up for being gay.

8. Mike Wilkinson: Mike became gay on a Tuesday when he was bored. He apparently could not spell straight.

7. Andrew’s Addiction: He initially wanted to hurt the wife he was married to as well as alienate himself from his friends and family. It later turns out for him that sex with men felt complete and right.

6. Vianna Goodwin: Her trans son was getting bullied at school while her other kids were getting bullied as well. Since both the straight and gay were getting bullied, she saw no point in hiding her own bisexuality.

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5. Stuart Britton: When he was 24, he decided to come out about the fact that he was gay. It turns out the feeling of homophobia reached places in him where his other fears could not.

4. Tim with the oblong beard: Tim decided to be homosexual when he realized how fabulous it was to be himself. It was cool for him to not walk the path preferable to every other person back home.

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3. George the professor: His decision was made in his high school years. He chose a life where he would be picked on the media and would forever have to explain his choice of sexual interest.

2. For J.L.: It seems being a black person in America was no longer challenging enough for him. He thought to make it worse by being homosexual.

1. Stephen Jenkins: When he reached his 30th year, he felt his life was naturally perfect, maybe too perfect. He decided then to choose the life full of rainbows and glitters.

It would seem the world of homosexuality is more significant than you might think. It is more of a personal decision that can be influenced by anything at all including culture and religion. The LGBT community truly stands by itself. What are your thoughts on these reasons? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to share this article with your friends.

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