5 Most Desired Physical Traits Women Seek In A Man

When choosing a partner, there’s various different traits and things we look for. For both men and women, it’s important for us to be with someone we have great compatibility with, and somebody who has the same interests and values as us too. And, of course, having a deep connection that just keeps drawing you in, is something we all long for.

This connection usually has to do with our emotions. It’s important for us to be able to have that deep, emotional connection with our partner. Somebody who makes us feel safe, and allows us to truly open up about our feelings, fears, and how they feel about us. It might come as a surprise to our male readers, but women love a man who’s able to open up to us emotionally.

But, there is one thing we can’t deny. Although it sounds shallow at first, a connection between two people has a lot to do with physical attraction. Usually, this is the one thing that makes a guy stand out from the others, based on first glance - and first impressions mean everything. So, what is it exactly that us women are looking for? Emotional connection or physical traits?

Truthfully, it's not that simple! Every woman is different and each one is searching for the one who’s going to compliment her life accordingly and fit into her lifestyle. However, there are some common traits which the majority of women want and need in a man.

So what exactly are the most attractive physical traits that women typically look for in a man? Thanks to scientific studies, we’ve narrowed down some of the most relevant traits that most women look for in a man.


This is the most obvious one! According to researchers from Northumbria University, women believe that a good sense of humor is directly correlated with intellect and social intelligence. In addition, Kristofor McCarty, the head of the research project, added that any sign of social intelligence in a man is a major attraction factor for women.

The reason behind this is that women perceive a social man as someone who can provide for her and her children in the future. Women love it when a man doesn’t take himself too seriously. It’s important to them that they’re able to relax and crack some jokes and even laugh at yourself in the most embarrassing situations. In a way, its super sexy because it shows her that you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin.


Honestly, women simply love facial hair on a man. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a full-grown beard or some stubble - it’s usually a huge turn on for most women regardless. Women love it not only because it's physically attractive, but it carries a super sexy confidence with it. A survey was done by Australian researchers from The University of New South Wales, which focused on this exact hypothesis.

According to the results, over 350 women said they preferred a man with facial hair. Furthermore, most of them agreed that a bit of stubble was their favorite type of facial hair. Other studies were made which supported this fact. According to researchers, women stated that they were more attracted to men with stubbly chins, over men with clean-shaven faces and full beards.


This is the ultimate magnet for women, and all because it has to do with confidence as well. Men who have deep voices come off as intimidating, which, surprisingly, is exactly what reels women in. This trait makes men appear more sensual, confident, and powerful.

Researchers from University College London made a study based on deep voices in men. According to the results, women perceived men who had a deeper voice as someone who was big and strong - and all the women agreed that they find this extremely attractive.

The scientific explanation behind this focuses on judgment; deep male voices are more attractive because they create the perception that the man is physically larger. Also, the “breathiness” in a man’s voice plays a huge role too - it's simply irresistible to women. Why? Because it suggests that the speaker has a low level of aggression, despite his intimidating, larger frame.


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A man’s height has been the topic of many controversies lately. But, despite what the internet tells you, height apparently does matter. A man who towers over his women is undeniably sexy - women simply feel more protected with a taller guy. And, as an added bonus, we can actually wear our heels and have someone reach things that we can’t!

Rice University and the University of Northern Texas conducted a study based on a man’s height. According to Wingman, researchers found that out of 1000 Yahoo! Personal Dating ads, almost 50% of women said they preferred to date a man who’s taller than them.

And researchers believe they found the reason why. The University of Utah completed a study, which stated that “a woman’s preference for taller men actually dates back our caveman days.” Back then, a man who was taller was a man who is able to protect others - and women, apparently, have carried this same mentality into today’s world.


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This one really isn’t surprising. Most women simply can’t resist a man and his furry best friend. Petsies conducted a survey which found that men who were holding puppies were rated as nearly 24% sexier in comparison to men with no puppies. Apparently, this makes them appear more attractive and trustworthy. Essentially, men who have dogs as pets are way hotter than men who don’t (although all my fellow cat lovers might disagree).

If you find a man with all of these traits, that's great! But don't fret if you don't. Just find someone who you are comfortable being yourself around, and who show you compassion, respect, loyalty, and kindness. Never settle for anything less than you deserve.

With only five traits on this list, it doesn’t seem like women are asking for too much...right? But in all seriousness, puppy or no puppy, stubble or clean-shaven, what matters most is being with someone who you’re comfortable around. Somebody who shows you compassion, respect, loyalty, and kindness. The rest is truly trivial. Do you agree with the results of these studies? Let us know some of the most important factors you look for in a man! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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