Guy Brings a DNA Test To a Family Dinner

Christmas celebration can mean very different things to different people. Individuals around the world do all they can to make Christmas memorable for their family and loved ones. Some do this by taking their family on a fantastic trip. Others stay home and invite the entire family together for a great time, and there are also those people who think in the best kind of gifts to make the celebration memorable.

Among those who believe in gifts is a man that felt that his presents for Christmas should be more scientifically inclined. It was to the great surprise of his family when they got DNA test results as presents from this man. However innocent this act may be, this son could not have foreseen what big implications would follow his big gesture.

A Mother’s look of terror

Usually, when mothers watch their children open their gifts, they smile and anticipate with the kids. Nevertheless, it was another story for this mother; who looked in terror as her big secret was about to be revealed to the family.

The matter of a simple DNA test

The issue of trying to trace one’s ancestry is no longer a thing of surprise nor is it a tedious process. There are user-friendly DNA test kits that are available in practically every drugstore. People can now be in the know of where they and their ancestors were from using these simple DNA test kits.

A Christmas of panic

These little harmless test kits have unveiled quite some interesting things over the years. This young man decides to get them because of their easy accessibility for his sisters. He got six of them, and these six would be instrumental to a particular revelation that could change their family forever.

Did he make a mistake?

After getting his two sisters, brother, father, and mother the DNA test kits as their Christmas present. Their reaction was not what he envisioned at all. His mother’s response was the most surprising; she opened her gift and suddenly dropped it looking around at others with a frightened look on her face.

The entrance of panic

The mother immediately entered the panic mode. She tried so hard to stop everyone from opening their gifts. She even went as far as saying the presents contained harmful chemicals. When they didn’t believe her, she tried to stop them by using other means.

Frustration sets in

Everyone noticed something was clearly upsetting her, but they could not figure out what it was. She did not back down but suggested only one of them use the kit since the result would be the same and that way they could return the other packages and save the money. Her kids refused to lose such thoughtful gifts, and it was at this point that she stormed away from them in frustration.

Updating his followers

The young man who has started sharing this experience on social media right from the start kept on updating his followers. He informed them that his parents were in the middle of a heated argument. According to him, himself and his siblings calculating the math concluded that at least one of them was not their father’s legitimate child. Unknown to them, their conclusion was a far cry from what was to come.

A system of support

As this man kept posting, he had friends that poured out great support for him, telling him they understood how difficult the situation must be for him more on the night of Christmas. He informed them that he and his siblings have not decided to take the test and that despite the outcome of the night, they would stand by one another as a family.

Their mom returns

After the man and his siblings chose to wait for their parents, they came downstairs after a long while with some level of calm written on their faces. It was quite evident that their parents have been keeping a secret from them. Nobody had expected Christmas eve to be the night of the big reveal.

An automatic turn

By the time their parents returned, it was the turn of the children to be very nervous. It was apparent to them that there was a bigger reveal. To the man and his siblings, they had no idea how they would handle their family if the secret had to do with one of their parents cheating.

The big reveal

Their mother decided to take the deep lounge while holding on to their father’s hand for support. It turns out the secret was that the boy and girls were from different fathers. Apparently, their father knew this all along, and he was cool with it.

All turns out well

The man later took to his social media to inform his followers that his family’s Christmas was not ruined after all. What the family thought was going to be the worst of celebrations for them turned out to be a Christmas miracle.

Their mom explains

This revelation might trigger the question of why their parents waited so long to tell the kids the truth since they both knew about it. Their mom, however, said to them that she and their father could not find the perfect way of breaking the news to them. The longer they waited, the harder it became, and so they decided to keep the truth to themselves.

The children understood

Although it must have been a tough thing to swallow, the man and his siblings chose to appreciate their parents. It might not have been the kind of Christmas they had imagined, but it would inevitably become a memorable one. They still decided to do the DNA test, which proved how loving the family is.

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It was no big deal

This family scaled through this situation fine. It turned out to be no big deal since it was not the case of a parent’s scandalous affair. Others who have used the test kits have not been so lucky.

Another story

Giving out DNA test kits as gifts is quite common. A certain man also got the test kits from as gifts for his parents. When he tried the test for himself, it turns out 22% of his genome matched that of a certain man named Thomas on the DNA database.

Interesting discovery

This man became curious as to who Thomas was and went ahead to ask his father. When his father told him that he had no idea who he was, this guy picked his father’s test kit to confirm any relationship. Thomas was seen to have a 50% genome compatibility with his father. Well, you can guess that relationship now.

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Another instance

It isn’t all DNA test stories that turn out to be about cheating spouses. Chassity got a test kit because she had no idea who her father was. When she took the test, she discovered her connection to European heritage. With this discovery, she walked up to her mother to find out the truth about her father.

A shocking revelation

Chassity kept on hounding her mother for the truth of her father’s identity until her mother gave in. She later discovered that she has been living a lie for 31 years and her father was never a dark-skinned man. She made up her mind to get something positive from the situation.

Daddy Search

The weird stories sometimes end in the most joyful. Chassity messaged her father with doubts of him replying. He later answered and told her joyfully that he had been looking for her all his life. A happy ending for Chassity.

You would agree that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; in this case, the DNA test kit that does not destroy a family certainly makes it stronger. It may seem dicey at first but who knows, trying out a test kit could mean a happy ending for someone you know as well. Would you gift a DNA test kit to your family? Let us know what you think about this in the comments. Also, share this article with your friends; you could be helping someone find closure.

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