An Artist Reimagines Modern Celebrities By Transforming Them Into Cartoon Characters, and the Results Are Way Too Good

The cartoon effect on pictures is a creative act. Perhaps conventional photos are becoming boring, and people have decided to spice things up. And turning these pictures into caricatures and cartoons is creativity at its peak. Although some artists are yet to try their hands on this type of art, it seems as though this artist from Austria, Xi Ding, has mastered the skill.

Every cartoon work that Xi Ding has done displays a high level of creativity, and his recent creation is no exception. The artist turned photos of famous people into cartoons, combining portraits and caricatures. Unlike other cartoon images, Xi Ding carves out these celebrities with such finesse and makes them look so real.

20. Karl Lagerfeld

The never-aging late designer Karl Lagerfeld looked every bit of his pompous self in Xi Ding’s creation. He even managed to capture Karl’s thin lips perfectly.

19. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Duet in ‘A Star is Born’

It's almost like watching a love story when looking at the cartoon picture of this duo. The artist brought a spark of life to the original image.

18. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The painting of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day was enchanting. Their smiles were perfectly detailed in the cartoon photo.

17. Marilyn Monroe

If you have not seen the real picture of this diva celebrity, you would believe the cartoon to be her real image. Xi Ding was able to creatively combine the beauty, talent, and tragedy of Marilyn Monroe’s life in one photo.

16. Tony Stark

Xi Ding’s cartoon photo of the "Iron Man" star would give any real picture of Tony Stark a run for its money. He even made the suit fit better on Tony. Can you imagine?

15. Vanessa Kirby

The cartoon picture of this star sure made us drool. You can't help but notice the details in all her facial features in the cartoon work. What an excellent interpretation of the “White Widow.”

14. Stephen Hawkings

Hawking's legacy lives on, as will his cartoon work painted by Xi Ding. This photo is indeed a wonder to behold. Stephen would be so proud of this if he were looking at it from above.

13. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is known for her smile and the hope she gives us all. Xi Ding didn’t hesitate to show that part of her in his creation. Her cartoon picture says it all about her personality.

12. Bruce Willis

Even Bruce would be thankful to his cartoon painter. He did a perfect job in showcasing his brutal facial disposition and countenance. He also made the forever bald Bruce feel like a young man again with an added tuft of hair.

11. Macaulay Culkin

If you ever feel nostalgic about the "Home Alone" sequel, then Xi Ding’s cartoon of the child star is exactly what you need. This picture says it all about his troublesome role in the comedy movie.

10. Lupita Nyongo

It is all about subtle details with this photo of Lupita Nyongo in the superhero movie, "Black Panther." Xi Ding managed to add some more grinch to Lupita's photo. How awesome!

9. Benedict Cumberbatch

To all the Marvel fans out there, we present to you the awesome Dr. Strange. This creation is nothing short of cartoon ingenuity at its finest. Kudos Xi Ding!

8. Rebecca Ferguson

For lovers of the action sequel "Mission Impossible," Xi Ding did the impossible by making a flawless cartoon impression of Ilsa Faust which was played by iconic actress Rebecca Ferguson.

7. Henry Cavill

While many might not be able to reconcile Superman when his flashy red cape isn’t on, Xi Ding made sure to portray his superpowers in a photo of Henry Cavill dressed in regular clothes. If that’s not awesome, then we don’t know what is.

6. Jason  Momoa

This is truly the definition of cool. Although Jason Momoa always makes us feel some type of way with his jaw-dropping gorgeous looks, his cartoon version causes even more damage. How could someone look so attractive despite being a cartoon?

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5. Audrey Hepburn

Both in real life and photographs, Audrey Hepburn has proven to be a real beauty. Luckily, Xi Ding didn’t forget to depict her timeless beauty in her cartoon picture. Such a masterpiece!

4. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman will always be a star that shines so brightly. And even a cartoon photo of her is not enough to dim that light.

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3. Scarlett Johansson

This cartoon picture stands out from the rest. Xi Ding was able to flawlessly capture the intensity of “Black Widow,” a character played by the fierce Scarlett Johansson. Only a genius would be able to achieve that gaze perfectly.

2. Alice Bénézech

The iconic actress played the role of the fierce French policewoman in the 2018 sequel of the action film "Mission Impossible." Her cartoon picture was able to sum up her personality perfectly.

1. Micheal B. Jordan

While many know Michael B. Jordan as the villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film "Black Panther," Xi Ding has shown to the world that even when Micheal is wreaking havoc, he is not evil to flash a seductive grin.

While some folks believe they are deceptive representations of people, others genuinely appreciate the creativity in this work of art. So, which are you? A fan of cartoons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, share this article with you friends.

Source: Brightside

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