25 Celebs Who Got Fame On Weird Reality TV Shows

When a lot of people hear reality TV, what comes to mind is the unscripted lifestyle documentation starring both regular individuals and celebrities. Facing its own share of significant criticisms, a lot of people believe that reality television does not accurately present or reflect reality as the case may be. Quite a number of these shows have been accused of rigging the favorite and exploiting the participants involved in them.

Despite the several levels of criticisms against reality TV, the fact is that it has served as a mounting platform for a lot of celebrities, some of whom the world has come to love, accept and appreciate. It is, therefore, undebatable that reality TV bears an amazing level of influence. Here are 15 stars who got their breakthrough from reality television

Emma Stone

Kicking off her journey into the world of TV as Emily Stone, the iconic actress competed in the VH1 competition ‘In Search of the Partridge Family.’ The big break for Stone came about when she was cast in the movie ‘Super Bad.’ Emma is now popularly known for her roles in movies such as ‘Easy A’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ She even won an Oscar for her role in ‘La La Land.’ For Stone, there are no regrets for starting her career with reality TV.

Jennifer Hudson

Although Jennifer Hudson did not win the American Idol, it definitely gave her a significant push into the music industry. While in the show, Hudson was able to make it to the top seven before getting eliminated. It is quite amazing how she has been able to diversify into acting while upping her musical career at the same time. This is evident as she has won both a Grammy award as well as and an Academy award, solidifying her foot in both entertainment industries.


It looks like, for Kesha, her real push into stardom was not precisely from a reality show. The intense legal battle she had with her producer who she sued for sexual assault could be counted as the propeller for her music career. It was the motivation for her big break album in 2017 and her powerful performance of ‘Praying’ at the 2018 Grammy awards.

Lucy Hale

Before her transition into acting, Lucy was first on ‘American Juniors,’ a short-lived spinoff of ‘American Idol’ for kids. As a 13-year-old, she made it to the top five before they were turned into a music group and released their one album. Hale began her acting career in 2005 rising to fame with her lead role in ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole’s feature on ‘Popstars’ resulted in her becoming a part of Eden’s Crush. With the group lasting for only a year, she began her solo career after auditioning for a new band known as ‘The Pussycat Dolls.' Currently, Nicole is a judge on UK’s ‘The X-Factor,’ she has also featured in a number of movies including the voice of Moana’s mum in the movie ‘Moana.’

Analeigh Tipton

Starting off in the competition on ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ Analeigh came up third in the 11th season of Tyra Bank’s modeling competition. She later was signed to Ford Models before she entered the world of acting. Starring on ‘Hung,’ Ana is set to feature in ‘The Long Home.’

Katie Stevens

She began her career by competing on ‘American Idol.’ Asserting that she felt forgettable after finishing eight on the ninth season of the competition, Katie was glad that she was able to make something of herself through her hard work during the show. Well, it seems the hard work is paying off for Katie as she later starred on ‘Faking it’ and is now on Freedom’s new hit show ‘The Bold Type.’

Britney Spears

Dropping off her debut album in 1999, she dominated the charts until the early 2000s. While shuffling acting and singing, Britney was able to land a lead role in ‘Crossroads.’ She also took a shot at ‘Star Search’ but did not win. She joined the cast of ‘The Mickey Mouse Club.’

Laverne Cox

Before becoming a part of ‘I want to work for Diddy,’ Cox featured on ‘Orange is the New Black’ but with only small roles. After working on the VH1 show, she became a main part of the TV series ‘TRANSform Me.’ She later became the first openly transgender individual to be nominated for an Emmy for her acting role in ‘Orange is the New Black.’

Lauren Conrad

Starring in the reality show ‘Laguna Beach’ during her high school years, Conrad got her own spin-off show ‘The Hills’ afterward. The show ran on for six seasons of which she featured in four and a half. Currently, she runs a lifestyle website as a fashion designer.

Jacinda Barrett

Barrett started off as a model before becoming a part of the cast of 'MTV’s Real World: London.’ She went on to attend the British American Drama Academy and then kicked off her acting career. Jacinda is well known for her top roles in the series ‘Suits’ and ‘Bloodline.’


Great careers always start with humble beginnings indeed. This can be said of Queen B before she ever became the talented icon influencing the world of music. Beyonce competed on ‘Star Search’ as part of the girl’s group then known as Girl’s Tyme before it became Destiny’s Child in 1996. She proceeded into the world of acting by featuring in the Oscar award winning movie ‘Dreamgirls’ as well as voicing Nala in the movie ‘The Lion King.’ The rest is history.

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NeNe Leakes

Her debut on the show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was in 2008. She later proceeded to feature in shows such as ‘Glee’ and ‘The New Normal.’ Her field is surely versatile as she was a co-host on ‘Fashion Police.’ NeNe returned for the 10th season of the ‘Real Housewives’ after leaving at the end of the 7th season.

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Josh Henderson

After winning a spot on the band, 'Scene 23,' the group lasted a year. Josh then started pursuing roles in acting and landed projects such as ‘Step up’ and ‘Desperate Housewives.’ He is currently starring on the series ‘The Arrangement’ after featuring on ‘Dallas.’

Justin Timberlake

His successful music career began with him competing on the show ‘Star Search.’ Though he didn’t win, he became a part of the hit boy band NSYNC, but became solo and released his first album by 2002. Justin ventured into acting with Disney’s ‘Model Behavior.’ He also recently starred in Woody Allen’s ‘Wonder Wheel.’

The influence of reality TV is all-encompassing and spans across every genre. There is hardly a part of the media world that cannot be related to reality shows, and that is most likely why the artists that have been through reality TV have been able to diversify their gifts. Do you believe in the power of reality TV? Or is it just a hoax that damages one's career? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: Business Insider

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