Harsh Restrictions Kim Kardashian Imposes On Her Surrogate During Pregnancy

While having a baby can be magical, being pregnant is not easy. Kim Kardashian did not have a great time when carrying North and Saint. Also, after Saint, it became clear that she could not go through another pregnancy again; so, they used a surrogate to have Chicago West. However, that was even more stressful for the reality star. Let’s find out why!


Kim is a control freak, and she made her surrogate follow a strict set of rules while carrying Chicago. Food is a big issue for the Kardashians, and Kourtney does not even use a microwave for fear of eating something contaminated. Kim is not that extreme, but there are several things she forbade the surrogate from eating: soft cheeses and raw fish. Anyway, those are restrictions already recommended by doctors to pregnant ladies.

Additionally, she made sure that folic acid, iron, fiber, and zinc were a part of the daily diet of the surrogate. This includes all kinds of healthy vegetables, especially green leaves. On the other hand, she was realistic about the crazy cravings of pregnancy as Kim couldn’t stop eating doughnuts. Therefore, the lady who carried her baby could sometimes indulge.


She might have had to give up on carrying her third child herself, but Kim was hands-on throughout the entire pregnancy. It was horribly hard for her to give up control in the first place; so, she needed to be there every step of the way. She was there for every single doctor’s appointment, and also when her child was born.

The reality star had originally agreed with her surrogate that she would be the first to hold the baby. Sadly, Kanye West did not attend that delivery but came later to meet his daughter. Luckily, the Kardashian women know a lot about labor and waiting in hospitals, which means that Kim was never alone.


Being famous can look glamorous, and the money is certainly appealing, but it also means that your life is never out of the spotlight. Before choosing their surrogate, they thought hard about revealing or not their identities. They did not want to have an obsessed fan carrying their baby, or someone who wanted to take advantage of them.

Therefore, the candidates had to decide if they could be involved while not knowing who the parents of the baby were. They would only know certain things about them, but not many details. Kim and Kanye could have remained anonymous for the remainder of the pregnancy but opted against it. They revealed themselves later on. Fortunately, the woman who carried Chicago was not a huge fan of their show.


The reality star praised the woman who carried her baby endlessly, and she says they became really close during the pregnancy. She also said that she was the perfect person to do this for her family. However, people were surprised to learn that Kim did not invite this woman to her baby shower. She had a reason, though.

The surrogate had already met the Kardashians, and Kim had tried to explain the concept of surrogacy to her children, but it was a sensitive subject. As a result, the whole family agreed that the carrier should not be invited to the event. The reality star did not want the party marred by any questions, and it needed to be just about Chicago’s upcoming birth. Kim also commented that the woman did not mind at all.


Kim and Kanye did not take any chances with their future baby. They moved the surrogate to a safe house and hired a team of guards to protect her. The house was apparently very nice but discreet. The couple also hired a driver so that the lady did not need to put herself in danger at all. It was said that they spent around $1.5 million to keep their carrier from harm. It is almost certain that they will do this again for their fourth baby.

This is also because Kim Kardashian was the victim of a robbery in Paris, and the entire family has upped their bodyguards and systems. They have a lot of money and are not shy about spending it. That is important to keep their family safe from anyone who wishes to take what they have.


Choosing a surrogate is hard, but they also had to consider a person that would not go to the press whenever she wanted. The media might have wanted all the details about Kim and Kanye’s third child, but that does not mean the carrier can just go blabbing to anyone. The woman who housed Chicago showed up briefly on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’. Her name was Lorena.

They did not show her face, but the reality series showed her meeting several of the Kardashian sisters. She praised Lorena greatly, and some fans were surprised to learn that someone else was chosen to carry her fourth baby. However, it seems that Lorena was pregnant with her own baby at the time Kim and Kanye were looking.


All pregnant ladies deserve some pampering during that uncomfortable situation, but Kim was strict about her surrogate not doing certain things. The carrier could not use a sauna during the gestational period for the sake of the child’s safety. 

 Another restriction Kim imposed was not using hair dye, which seems a bit hypocritical since she is known for spending a lot on her hair. Some research indicates that the chemicals in hair dye do not affect the baby, but the reality star decided to err on the side of caution.


There are many dangerous things out there for pregnant women, and one of them is cat poop. Cat droppings can carry a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis, an infection that can transfer from the mother to the baby. The good news, however, is that it is very rare. Most cats do not carry it, and sometimes people infected are actually immune. Just to be safe, the surrogate cannot change litter boxes.

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Naturally, surrogates get paid for their time, but what they gave Chicago’s carrier might surprise you. They spent a lot more on her security. She was paid $45,000 in ten installments of $4,500 over ten months. The lady could have earned more if she carried multiple babies, as the couple would have added $5,000 per installment per baby.

They would have given her another $4,000 if the pregnancy took the wrong turn or hurt her. This probably seems like nothing to people who make such huge amounts of money, but celebrities have to pay the same rates as everyone else to ensure that the person is doing it for the right reasons. Fortunately, the carrier enjoyed some extra benefits like a nutritionist and trainer.

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One thing that Kim prohibited was smoking, which is obvious for pregnant women. Drinking is also bad for a growing baby; so, it was not allowed at all. Fortunately for the surrogate, Kim did allow her to drink one cup of coffee a day. According to doctors, women can have around 200 mg of caffeine per day without problems.

They might seem pretty hard to follow, but these women know in advance what they are signing in for. It is a job for them. Let us know what restriction seemed like the worst. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who have been pregnant before. See you next time!

Source: Youtube/TheTalko


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