The One Thing The Night King Wants Is Jon Snow And Daenerys’ Child

There are many heartless and evil characters in the 'Games of Thrones' series, ranging from Ramsay Bolton, Joffrey Baratheon, Aerys "The Mad King" Targaryen, and even Cersei Lannister. But, none can be compared to The Night King. He is a legendary figure, known by name among some noble houses in the North.

Now that the war between the White Walkers and humans is inevitable as the wall has been taken down, we think there is a reason why the White Walkers and the Night King, who was hidden in obscurity for thousands of years, suddenly thinks it's time to invade Westeros. Here's our theory.


The Night King is the leader and first of the White Walkers. The King, who is also the head of the Army of the Dead, existed long since the age of the First Men (human existence). The Night King also seems to have the ability to see the future just like the Three-Eyed Raven, among other magical powers. We know from legends that the Children of the forest created the Night King as a weapon against humans.

The Night King was one of the First Men who were captured by a group of the Children of the Forest. Leaf, who was among the pack, put a "Dragonglass-dagger" into his chest, which made his eyes turn blue and made him into the first of the White Walkers. Thousands of years later, Leaf revealed to Bran Stark that her kind created the White Walkers to defend themselves when Westeros was invaded by the First Men, who were slaying their sacred trees and slaughtering them.

Following a twist of events, the White Walkers soon turned their backs on their creators and began what was known as the Long Night. Although the White Walkers were defeated during the War for the Dawn when the First Men and Children of the Forest fought together, the Night King and other White Walkers survived and retreated into the Land of Always Winter. And they hid there for years.


We first saw The Night King in a vision that Bran Stark had when he was communing with a Weirwood Heart tree. He got a flood of images from the past, present, and future, many of which he was not physically present. Even though Bran couldn't comprehend the images, one of them featured the Night King picking up the last of Craster's sons off an ice altar.

After Rast got to the Haunted Forest and placed Craster's son on the ground, a White Walker who rode an undead horse approached him and took the baby, then carried it towards a shattered mountain in the Lands of Always Winter.

Once inside, the White Walker dropped the baby on an icy altar ringed by large icy spikes. Then the Night King breaks from the middle of their number and walks towards the altar. The baby calmed down as the Night King, who had a crown of horns on his head, picked him up. The King placed his index finger upon the baby's cheek, which caused the baby's eyes to change into icy blue and the skin became pale.

We believe the Night King took the baby as an exchange to let Craster and his family live; this is not the first child Craster has had to give to the King and his forces. Legend reveals the babies were turned to White Walkers through this process and that the Night King is the only one capable of doing it.


While Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane were coordinating the evacuation of Hardhome, the Night King appeared again. He seems unbothered on one of the cliffs above the town, as he keenly observed the fight between Jon Snow, with a Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw, and one of his lieutenants, whom Jon Snow later slew.

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As Jon Snow, Tormund, and the remaining defenders, departed on a boat, the Night King was seen on the dock and locked eyes with Jon. Just by raising his arms, the Night King raised the entirety of Hardhome's defenders as Wights and kept his gaze upon Jon as the boat goes away. Somehow we think the Night King left Jon Snow and his warrior crew to escape on purpose.


Jon Snow and a pack of warriors journeyed beyond the Wall to capture a wight as evidence to prove to the Lords of Westeros that they indeed exist. While fighting some wights, the Night King focused his attention on Jon Snow, remembering their encounter from Hardhome. They were soon outnumbered, and they sent for help. Then Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons came and attempted to rescue Jon Snow and his group.

The Night King hurled an ice spear towards one of the dragons, Viserion, which pierced the young dragon straight through the neck and made him crash into a frozen lake. The King tried to throw another spear at the second dragon, but Jon Snow urged Dany to take flight. The dragon flew away in time and escaped the spear.


It is almost certain that Dany will be pregnant with Jon Snow's baby in the upcoming season. Even though the baby will be born out of incest (Jon Snow is the Targaryen's nephew), the child seems to be of huge significance. Many believe the child, who will have both Stark and Targaryen's blood, is the Prince that was promised to the Night King.

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This theory suggests that the Night King, being a Greenseer and attacking Westeros during this period, isn't just a coincidence; he is out for something that he thinks belongs to him. Perhaps, Jon Snow will have to make a massive sacrifice in exchange for peace from the Night King, which could involve giving up the Mother of Dragons and her unborn child.

Knowing that the Night King intentionally chose not to kill Jon Snow and Dany when he had the chance, their baby, the child of ice and fire, could be the reason why the Night King has decided to invade Westeros at this time. Also, we know how critical introductory scenes are in fictions. The Night King was first seen turning a baby to a white walker, and this could be a pointer to what the Night King truly wants.

What do you think about our theory? Do you think the Night King is solely out for Jon Snow and Dany's baby? Let us know your thought in the comments. If you found this article interesting, share it with others who are fans of Game of Thrones.

Source: YouTube/Talking Thrones


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