Things You Better Not Say To or About a Capricorn

There's lots of material out there about personality traits of the zodiac signs, and most of these references tend to dwell on their positive traits much more than their negative. While this is good in itself, it is also important that we find out about the negative parts too. Why? To help maintain a proper balance.

Have you ever been exposed to your biggest fears? Have you ever looked up the negative traits of your personality? Or are you careful to know that you don't say certain words to certain zodiac signs? Well, after reading this article you'll know it all


Capricorns tend to want to prove themselves more to other people compared to the status quo, even if they are already doing everything that they can. The reason behind this is because they typically feel very unworthy in everything that they usually do.

Do you know what you have to learn first? To love YOURSELF before worrying about what other people think of them. This is necessary because this is the only way to the door that leads to the other side of life, where fun and pleasure can be experienced.

Capricorns also feel the need for material and financial security. These two aspects are important for them to be able to succeed in every step that they make, whether it's about their career or about their personal lives. Usually, Capricorns need to feel that they are being appreciated by people around them because they have the tendency to become loners if they feel worthless around other people.

What else? Capricorns are go-getters and tend to achieve a lot of things during the course of their life on earth. People who are born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn are life achievers. So WHAT shouldn't you say to Capricorns? Let's take a look!


Capricorns are conversant people who hold intelligent discussions, so if they drop a dry joke during a conversation, you might want to refrain from telling them that you don't find it funny as they get offended easily.


They might feel you are indirectly telling them how to run their emotional affairs and that is an idea Capricorns don't take likely. They often go through mood swings, so, they focus on taking notes of their moods and act accordingly. They might smile now and frown later.


Capricorns are very hard-working people, and telling them they are lazy might be seen as you belittling their efforts. Therefore, they will definitely feel hurt - so it's better to avoid using this term when addressing this sign.


Capricorns are known to be lovers of things pertaining to tradition. They are known to prefer old ways of doing things and will find it very annoying if you tend to talk down on their beliefs.


Do not say that to Capricorns! They are law-abiding people and do things ONLY by observing protocols. They hardly go against methods or guiding rules when doing things. Telling them they are not careful or responsible is an insult they will most likely raise objections to.


Capricorns have a mind of their own and as self-willed people, so they WILL NOT BOW to your commands. If you try to force them, they will not hesitate to rebel. They tend to do things their way and avoid running on other people's ideas or opinions. Forcing them to obey you is another way to piss Capricorns off.


Capricorns are very sensitive people. Pushing them away might make them leave and never come back to you again.  Avoid lashing out at them when you are angry as they hardly change their minds once it's made up.


Capricorns are secretive! They might find this question annoying and can switch to the defensive side pretty quickly. No matter if you mean well or not, they will see these questions as an invasion on their privacy and will not hesitate to show their displeasure.


These three words are a combination you don't want to use while talking to a Capricorn as they will feel insulted. Capricorns are known to avoid conflict and stick to the rules. They are not likely to be rowdy so this statement might cause an argument which can degenerate into a verbal altercation.


Oh, you better not say that, my friend. Capricorn simply will not ignore this. They believe they are intellectual beings so the phrase can be seen as an insult. To be on the safe side, avoid discussing their level of knowledge if you don't have compliments to offer.

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Calling them a liar will seem like an accusation. That will earn you nothing other than an argument or even worse!

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They hardly complain or issue warnings - only when they are pushed to their limits will they finally express their aggression. They will criticize until their opponent is left with emotional wounds. Capricorns know the right words to use in breaking their opponents' emotional defense.

A Capricorn is the type of person who will say something like “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” in order to cut someone deeper than they need to. They can make people feel terrible about themselves when they are angry. What do they use to do that? Silence! It's a powerful weapon for Capricorns, who are also master manipulators. When angered, they can be extremely mean and unruly, and they can go to extremes when their emotions are not balanced.

Are you a Capricorn? Or was your boyfriend born under that sign? Let us know which of these examples above totally piss Capricorns off. And yes, we have MORE articles for you so don't miss out on them. 

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