Harry's Friend Might Have Tried To Warn Him Against His Marriage With Meghan

There is absolutely no doubt that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make the perfect couple. One can practically see the love radiating between both of them when they look at each other; especially now that the royal power couple is expecting their first child. Even though the couple has been married for less than a year, there is hardly a time when they are not with each other. It's like the whole world agrees to the fact that both of them were always meant to be, and that's why their wedding in May 2018 was a huge success.

It is therefore hard to imagine that what seems to be a fairy tale to the world was one time potentially discouraged by an individual close to the royal family. Is it actually true that Prince Harry’s best friend, Tom Inskip, tried to persuade him not to marry Meghan Markle? Here is all the gist we know concerning this topic.


Tom Inskip and Prince Harry first met when they were both in the elite school years ago. They were classmates due to their similar outgoing personalities, and a shared innate love for fun made it easy for them to connect instantly. The Prince through the course of their friendship stood by Tom steadily. Harry proved himself a faithful friend and support him in everything Tom was involved, including when he got married in 2017 of which himself and Meghan attended. However, come Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Tom became one of the few people that were not so happy.


While practically the world appears to love the Duchess of Sussex, it is quite a wonder that Prince Harry’s best friend seems to not so like her so much. The first likely reason out of very few would be because Tom must have felt that Meghan was trying to deviate the Prince’s attention from his former life. He believed she was changing him too much.

Harry frequently indulged in quite a number of habits for long before he met Meghan. Many of them she didn’t approve. Ordinarily, a change from some of these habits would be deemed for better such as encouraging him to stop behavior such as smoking. However, it looks like Tom views this from an entirely different perspective.


While the rumor that Tom Inskip warned his friend Harry against marrying Meghan Markle appears totally unbelievable, sadly, it is very much true according to a reliable media source. Tom felt that Meghan was not very good for his best friend, something most fans of the royal couple would strongly disagree with.

Ordinarily, one can easily say that Tom was looking out for his best friend because he felt he was about to make a big mistake. Tom must have thought that it was not the right thing for the prince to do and so he decided to discourage Harry from asking Meghan to marry him. Apparently, Tom is not the only one who doesn't like the decisions Prince Harry makes when it comes to his wife, Meghan Markle. Recently, fans were not too happy about the Prince taking a Paternity leave to be there for his wife.

Apparently, one should never try to dissuade a man in love without reason. As soon as Harry heard this, not only did he not take his best friend’s advice, he also chose to end their long friendship. It was unfortunate to see this years-long friendship come to an abrupt end as the best buds parted ways. However, it was a bigger relief to know the prince made the right decision instead as he went ahead to marry the love of his life.

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Apart from the feeling that Meghan drastically changed his friend, Tom also believes that the royal couple moved too fast. He apparently thinks that Harry and Meghan rushed into getting married. Perhaps this might be because Harry’s older brother William took all of his time before getting married. Prince William and Kate Middleton dated for about eight years before the prince finally proposed to her.

This wait was so long that it earned Kate the title "Waity Katie." Therefore, the very idea that Harry did not follow in the footsteps of his brother did not sit well with his best friend, Tom. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not wasting any time. They are awaiting their first child together this month or next, and fans are already wondering what the Sussex baby would look like.

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The possibility of the former best friends reconciling is still worthy of speculation. As of now the state of this possibility is quite unknown, but at the same time, it is definitely to be looked out for. If there is at all a tiny chance of Harry and Tom repairing their damaged friendship, it is definitely worth seeing.

On Harry’s part, however, it may be quite difficult because he feels what he did was the best for him. (Remember that we recently shared how they met and how he wooed her) It turns out that getting married to his Duchess is the best decision he ever made. Imagine having to reconcile with a friend who advised you against making what will turn out as the best decision of your life? It sure would be a tough thing to do.

Perhaps one might think that Tom was not too far off in his thinking of the royal couple, as they rushed their marriage considering they were not together for a long time. Well, it does not seem to matter much now as the couple appears to be truly happy. Hopefully, the prince’s former best friend would soon come to terms with the fact that Prince Harry was going along with his heart and this, in turn, told on his decision to marry Meghan Markle.

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It looks like some fairytales indeed come true, and there might actually be some truth to the concept of a soul mate. If you doubt this, the love story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will clear all of your doubts. Or do you believe Tom might have been right in some ways? Let us know in comments section. And don't forget to check out other articles about royal family - we've more amsuing secrets to reveal. 

Source: Cheat Sheet, Sun

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