‘Counting On’: Fans Believe Jessa Duggar Wants a Change For Her Marriage

Despite the rumors and the scandals, the Duggars are probably the happiest-looking family on television nowadays. They run around, taking care of their families with smiles on their faces, but that might Jessa Duggar might not be as joyful as she seems. Some people believe that she is not alright with her life for one particular reason. Let’s find out what it is!


In 2017, Jessa wrote a letter to celebrate her husband's birthday and posted it on their blog. She described how they first fell met and quickly fell in love later. 

"When first I laid eyes on you, a dapper seventeen-year-old young man, I never could've dreamt of what the future held for us. It was 10:15 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  I was late for church as I came scurrying through the door with a couple of siblings in tow. In the midst of this commotion, I spotted you, the "new guy", and our eyes met for a second,"

she added on her letter. The Seewalds were later invited to their home, and Jessa knew that he was the one for her. She did not know if Ben would feel the same way and was worried about their age difference as she was 2 and a half years older than him. They later found out all they had in common, and the gap did not feel like such an important thing. However, marriage is tricky. 


Michelle Duggar might be the most enthusiastic family member, but fans on Reddit think that her daughter, Jessa, could not be enjoying married life like her mother. They believe that she is bored with her husband and her children. According to Reddit user ladylovesrains, Jessa naturally loves her family but feels trapped in that situation.

 “I think Jessa loves her boys and Ben but is bored with her life. I just get the feeling she sees herself better than her sisters and could have done better than Ben.”

She is not the only fan who feels that something is going on with her. Another user went so far as to say that she looks at Derick Dillard’s social media to feel better.

“I agree she seems bored with Ben. I bet when she feels low, she looks at Derick’s Twitter… then feels better. Lol.”

That could reference the fact that Derick got fired a few months ago from TLC due to his homophobic tweets against Jazz Jennings. Derick is married to Jill Duggar, and speculation about them suggests that he might have cheated on his wife at some point.

Additionally, he was never that liked on ’19 and Counting’, despite Jill’s popularity. Regarding Jessa, other fans think that she likes being in control and maybe, that is how her marriage to Bob Seewald has lasted so long. Of course, their family is known for their devote Baptist beliefs, and she might hate the idea of divorce, although Baptists have shockingly high rates of separations.

On the other hand, some other followers of the show believe that Jessa is still with her husband because she is more of a leader than her sisters. Religion is always important to the Duggars but being able to speak out in her relationship could also be encouraging her to stay in it. However, none of that means that she is living a beautiful life with her husband.

Reddit user shifa_xx had some interesting opinions about Jessa’s marriage,

“I think she loves being married to [Ben] because she gets more control in her marriage than any of her sisters. Sure, Ben doesn’t seem as great on paper compared to the other husbands, but long-term there would be more benefits to him than the others.”


Reality television can be awfully misleading. There is a lot of editing that goes on to make a series interesting and exciting for viewers. Some things could be enhanced for ratings, but others might be hidden for the sake of the people on the show. Long-time fans of the ’19 and Counting’ and ‘Counting On’ think that Jessa was never happy about Ben Seewald.

She might not have been alright with anything that happened during their courtship. Substantial_Volume wrote on Reddit that Jessa was just uninterested through most of her relationship. The user also agreed with many who commented about her situation, agreeing that she seemed pretty apathetic while she dated her would-be husband.

 “I can see this! I recently re-watched the courtship and [Jessa] seemed so not into it. And now she basically has three kids at home. I think she’s a little resentful now that she can’t do it again and be the center of attention again,”

said the user. At this point, these fans think that they are just trying to stay together for their children.

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The viewers no longer believe that they are in a happy marriage at all, but just co-parenting. That is not great for any marriage. Even Michelle Duggar thinks that a couple has to have passionate feelings for each other. She also mentioned that her daughter is placing too much effort on her children instead of her husband.

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“I’m not sure I see Ben as a third kid, and if it is that way, I can see it being Jessa’s making due to her take-charge personality. I think she has more of a co-parenting situation going with him than she would have with most other husbands,”

Michelle said. She is persuaded that Ben probably "puts up with a lot from her".  Michelle continued, “I’ve wondered if the fact that he’s apparently beholden to [Jim Bob] is actually her preference because it keeps him under her control a bit as well rather than off in the world doing his own thing. It seems like he’s wanted to do things, but they don’t seem to go anywhere.”

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Life takes many turns, and they could just be facing a rough spot at this point. It seems crazy that people in love can often get bored of each other, especially because they were able to connect on a deeply level with their faith in God. 

"And the more we talked, the more I started to fall for you. It was as if I couldn't help myself. I didn't know many guys in their 30's with the passion for Christ that you had! I was amazed by the depth of the spiritual conversations we would have. You went deep with God. You loved the Scriptures. It wasn't for show or a facade. You weren't putting on to try to impress anyone. You were genuine."

Relationships are hard, but it is all about working together to overcome the bad stuff. Let us know if you agree with these Reddit users about Jessa’s unhappiness. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who have enjoyed both shows for years. See you next time!

Source: Cheat Sheet, ABC News, Fame10, Seewald Family Blog, Cheat Sheet


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